Quinoa Fried Rice with Broccoli, Peas, and Carrots

This flavorful quinoa fried rice with broccoli, peas, and carrots, is healthy and oh-so versatile. Your family will love this delicious gluten free dish!

Quinoa Fried Rice with Broccoli, Peas, and Carrots

After making this fluffy quinoa fried rice for lunch and then again for dinner, I’m certain its positively perfect.

It’s also healthy and oh-so versatile. On board? Yeah you are!

Fried rice is great but, what about fried quinoa?


Super Simple Quinoa Fried Rice

Quinoa Fried Rice




Yield 2 servings


  • 1 cup dry quinoa
  • 1.5 cups vegetable broth (or water)
  • 2 tsp low sodium soy sauce
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1-2 cups of frozen or fresh veggies! (peas, carrots, onion + broccoli)
  • garlic powder and S+P to taste
  • Love eggs in your fried rice? Crack one over the skillet and toss a little extra protein into the mix!
  • You'll also need a teeny bit of fat for frying. a splash of olive oil, a little scoop of coconut oil or even a tiny slice of butter - totally up to you! Also, a drizzle of sweet chili sauce may or may not rock on top of this. Just sayin'


  1. Rinse a cup of quinoa in a mesh sieve/strainer, drain, and allow to dry on a few sheets of paper towels.
  2. Drying time will vary, I usually rinse, strain, and just walk away.
  3. Once dry, toss quinoa into a pot and allow it to toast on medium heat for just a minute or so, while stirring. You don't quite want to brown it, just a light toasting.
  4. Next add 1.5 cups of water [or chicken/veggie broth!] to your quinoa and bring to a boil.
  5. Once the bubbles start flying, reduce to low, cover, and simmer for approximately 12 minutes. Remove lid, fluff with a fork, and set aside. If it's still a little liquid-y let it simmer for another minute or so until it's nice and fluffy.
  6. While you're waiting for the quinoa to simmer to fluffy perfection, prep your veggies!
  7. I used frozen peas, fresh baby carrots, and fresh broccoli since it's what I had on hand. Any combo of veggies, frozen or fresh will work!
  8. To get them all ready for frying, I blanched (boiled) chopped broccoli florets, diced carrots, and whole peas in about an inch of water in a small frying pan.
  9. Cook the veggies until tender and drain.
  10. Add your butter/oil and garlic into the skillet with the veggies and stir frequently.
  11. By now the quinoa should be ready... toss it into the skillet with the veggies along with your soy sauce.
  12. If you're adding egg, crack one over the side of the skillet while it's still hot and fry it up into your yummy quinoa fried rice.
  13. Season to taste and pan fry for a few more minutes.
  14. Serve hot with a side of soy sauce an sweet chili sauce if you have it!

Courses entree, side dish

Brontosaurus Chefs Dig in! + Add some General Tso’s Tofu if you’d like!
T-Rex Chefs Enjoy as is or add some protein.  Eggs, or Shrimp stir fried in sweet chili sauce ROCK.  I also especially love making my Faux-Fried Coconut Shrimp Cups and serving them atop a bed of quinoa fried rice.  SO ridiculously good!
 Quinoa Fried Rice with Broccoli, Peas, and Carrots
I’m kicking myself for not making the switch from rice to quinoa sooner. Seriously, I may never go back.  It was super light and fluffy and had all the amazing flavor of fried rice but with more veggies and way less fat than what the restaurants are offering up.

Seriously… YUM!

Want more quinoa fried rice?

Check out my Fluffy Keeen-Wahhh!? Tutorial + a snow pea-riffic Quinoa Fried Rice Remix!

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Katelyn Block

Uh you are hilarious. And you rock. Everyone is posting fried rice but you posted fried QUINOA and therefore youdabest <3

Alexis Kaye

YUM! I am so making this! By the way, I totally did a WIAW yesterday and forgot to link up! so sad!


Lauren @ What Lauren Likes

Now I know what to pack for lunch tommorow! THIS 🙂 I have quinoa and everything!! yippeee!!

Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}

This looks amazing! I love quinoa and what a fun switch up. Love it!

megan loar

this looks amazing! and healthy! can’t wait to try it 🙂


Wow this looks awesome! Such a healthy fresh twist on traditional fried rice and it looks a million times better than any MSG-loaded dish you’d get at a Chinese restaurant. I’m definitely making this next time a fried rice craving strikes 🙂


Oh man! Totally hitting up Trader Joe’s for ingredients tomorrow & making this! YUM!!


I am obsessed with quinoa and its a problem its like all I ever blog about! this looks fantastic and I am totally adding to my recipe list


I have yet to try quinoa…but after reading this post…I am so going to buy some! That looks yummy:) It would be a perfect work lunch. Thanks, dear. Keep ’em coming:)~Jessie @ Cupcakes and Craziness


Not going to lie, my mouth is literally watering right now haha.

Is that weird?


This is so pretty…and so up my alley. Why oh why have I never made “fried rice” with quinoa before? Quinoa is my fave—hot, cold, plain, dressed up…thanks for inventing this. I will copy it!

Lindsey @ Happy or Hungry

LOVE it. Quinoa is my FAVE. I am always looking for a new stirfy. Trying this for sure!

Your photos of it look amazing too!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

I don’t know why restaurants don’t serve stuff like this.. at least here they don’t! man! for sure make it — its so delish its ridic

Gina @ Running to the Kitchen

Brilliant idea! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that either. I love this idea, totally stealing it 🙂

Erin Shipe

Oh man, get out of my head! I just bought a big back of quinoa and making a quinoa salad is on my to do list for tomorrow!:) This looks awesome.


Yum!  Made a quinoa chickpea salad for dinner with chopped spinach and tomatoes–we’ve been riding the quinoa wave here too.  Fried quinoa–brilliant–have to try that!

Kristin & Megan

That looks so much better than regular fried rice!

Heidi @ Food Doodles

That looks awesome!  I love fried rice and just made some not too long ago but I definitely need to switch things up every once in a while.  I’m going to try this next 😀


amazing idea!! love this!! I’m a huge quinoa fan 🙂 Brown rice too. This would be fab with some tofu.

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

yum!!! very similar to the “fried rice” i made with wheatberries last week!! i agree, super hard to come up with a title, but delicious none the less 🙂

Emily Sweet

I made almost that exact same meal last night.  I’ve been using quinoa in place of rice for a couple months.  Don’t know why I didn’t make the switch sooner!


Amazing idea! I’m actually not a huge fan of rice so I’m all over this recipe 😉


I’m not a big fan of rice but I often make barley instead. I haven’t had quinoa in ages and I’ve never made it myself!


I like.  lots of quinoa in my kitchen with a new idea how to deal with it


You know I love quinoa! I will be making this!! YUMMMM!!!



This looks so good! I’m a huge fan of fried rice 😀

Kristina @ spabettie

heee – I remember when I first made a fried “rice” with quinoa I kinda did a HMM with the name too. only for a second, though, because YEOM it is SO good. I make mine with the egg… and no peas. (sorry!).

and again, girl, these photos are GREAT! I’m emailing you now…


Looks amazing! I have all of these ingredients atm so will defs be making this soon! Also, a small drizzle of sesame oil would be great on it as well! (and maybe some chopped cashews?!?).


ooh yea…gimme more! 

quinoa is on the top of my current cravings list. it’s so good!!!

Carly Moorehead

This is so dang good!! I have never made quinoa before, but this looks bomb.com!



Try soaking your keen-wa before hand {the night before} with 1 T of bragg’s apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.  It deactivates the nasty phytic acid and seriously ups the fluff factor.

This combo sounds awesome…I just have to use GF soy sauce is all.  Thanks for planning one of my lunches for next week…


Cassie Lee

Looks so good–I need to jump on the quinoa train, I’ve only had it once at the Whole Foods cold bar, that’s just sad haha. 

Sara Stewart

Mmm fried rice is pure comfort food, making this HEALTHY comfort food. Love it! Simple recipes that call for “I have it on hand” ingredients are the best! I want to try making this with coconut oil and sprinking a dash of coconut on top. 🙂


I’ve never had fried rice, you’ve inspired me to try it. 


I love quinoa- so nutty and fluffy! This looks really yummiii Jenn!


I much prefer quinoa to rice too: I’m having some for dinner today 🙂

I find rice to be quite bland and uninspired texturally, where as quinoa is so much more versatile in my opinion and also has that slight nuttiness whereby you don’t have to add a lot of extra flavouring to it.

Great recipe 🙂


I finally made your veggie fried rice last night and enjoyed it.  Now I need to try this version.  Finding quinoa in my town might be a bit of a problem but we’ll see!

Persnickety Hall

I’ve been dying to try quinoa. Think i’ll get some later today and follow your recipe. Sounds delish!

Laura Agar Wilson

I love quinoa and this sounds like such a lovely simple meal, I would love to try it with some cubed tofu!

Laurita .

I’ve never had quinoa! What kinda texture/flavor is it?? Also- your picture looks beautiful! I want your camera please! I asked for one for my birthday, but seeing as how that is next week…I think I may be waiting till Christmas, boo

KT @ KT's Refinishing School

This looks delicious!  I bet the quinoa added a little crunch too which would be missing from regular fried rice 🙂

Liz @ Iheartvegetables

that looks so good! I love quinoa. I’ve been playing with teryiaki sauce lately, trying to get that “take out taste” without the take out grease.

this looks delicious! I’ll have to add this to the rotation 😉


Yummy 🙂  I like quinoa as a rice alternative, but I don’t usually eat a ton of either – I’m much more of a pasta girl!


Oh that looks really good, ive never tried Quinoa whats it like? cous cous? rice? 

hope your having a good day. 
Jess xx

Alyssa @ Life of bLyss

you are such a genius. give me your skills. then make this for me when you come to VB to visit. 🙂


Totally making this this weekend!!!

Emily @ Write Twenty Eleven

I’m loving Quinoa lately! I’ll have to try this recipe. Thanks!


such a great idea, I can’t wait to try.


What a great idea! Josh always raves when I make fried rice and I’ve never thought about switching up the grain used! Deliciousness and so colorful! happy weekend


That is awesome Jenn!  I love the idea of subbing the rice for quinoa.  So funny that I have done that in several dishes but would have never thought to do fried rice!


Love this! I am not a rice fan but fried rice always looks so darn good! I can have fried quinoa instead! ha!

I love you to pieces! I should get on pintrest, is that what its called?! lol!

Happy weekend love!!!! I am still on cloud 9, we wish we could relive it all over again!!!

Cait's Plate

Mmm that looks fantastic!

Laura @ Adventures In WIC

This was from me 🙂 Obviously I got very confused by this new comment thing…but I figured it out.


I’ve never tried quinoa before, but boy does this sound delicious!! My tastebuds think you’re a genius haha 😀


I’ve never cooked with quinoa before. I’ve had it, but never tried it. I think I need to.


That’s exactly how I make my stir fry. I put quinoa in the rice cooker and veggies in the steam basket so they all cook at the same time. Fry up some chicken or fish or steak that has been marinating in soy sauce. Throw it all together and top with a little Sriacha sauce. Fabulous.


That. Looks. Amazing!! I love stir fry dishes 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


ok. brilliant idea!! must try this 🙂

happy weekend, doll!

Girl In The Pink

Mmmm.. this looks great! Right up my alley… I love quinoa! I would ditch rice all together, but my husband prefers rice – I don’t get it?!

Sweet Potato Sarah

Wowee that looks so good! I’m guilty of getting fried rice from the takeaway about once a month but this would be a much healthier (and probably tastier!) way to satisfy my cravings 😀
Can’t wait to try it out!


Wow, the quinoa dish looks wonderful – great alternative to rice and I love the mix of veggies. Very clever!

Sarah @ Food and Love Diaries

Fo’ realz probably making this tonight.

alice davison

I’m definatly gonna rustle this one up this week… looks perfect for dinnah and cold for me ol pack lunches!  xxx


Heck yeah, I’m on board!  I love fried rice and this looks fantastic, Jenn…great use for quinoa!


Yum!! Why have I never thought to use quinoa for fried rice before?? I am LOVING that last pic girlie! I’m a sucker for angles!

Ahhh, gotta go! Late for work! :-/

PS, can you believe they blocked your blog on the work computer?? Bastages!


I made this for dinner last night! YUMMY! Since I had leftovers for lunch today, I used it for WIAW! 🙂 Sooo good!


Yum!! I love the idea of using quinoa in place of rice. I’ll have to give it a try with some tofu or chicken 🙂


LOVE quinoa! I’ll definitely be making this, there are so many fun variations for it 🙂

Juliette Chalmers

Totally obsessed with quinoa – I have about 10 bags of it sitting in my pantry and I have it at least 3 times a week, it goes great with just about everything!


Super good. Thanks.

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Thanks Amanda!!!! You have GOT TO MAKE THIS. I make it at least 1-2x a month. and in a giant batch! love it so!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

oh thats how i make it! is it not in the recipe? lol now i have to re-check it!

Amanda @ Semi-Health Nut

Hmmm these are going on my friday favorites this week! <3

Amanda @ Semi-Health Nut

I think it would be good with eggs?  mmmmmm


Can’t wait to try! If I may, add chopsticks to the photo~

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Its delicious!!! I hope you love it too — I think I’m going to make a batch up for dinner tonight so I’ll be sure to sneak some chopsticks into the photo! Thanks for the tip! =)

Have a great weekend!!

Xanthe Belsky

I added a bit of sesame seed oil, made it more savory, and canned straw mushrooms.