Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Spinach Spaghetti Squash

Aiming to eat more veggies? This Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Spinach Spaghetti Squash recipe packs an entire package of spinach swirled with an easy cheesy cream sauce.

Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Spinach Spaghetti Squash

I’m a really big fan of using an entire package of fresh spinach in a single recipe.

Whether it’s on a tasty flatbread pizza, stuffed into peppers, tossed into a healthy salad, or swirled into an easy cheesy dip, I feel an epic sense of accomplishment if I can fit the entire package into my face somehow.

Not that spinach ever really goes to waste here, but there’s much less margin for error if you use every little bit of that box-o-spinach.

No stray leaves to accidentally forget about, no 1/4 empty box taking up precious fridge space, and no baggies of spinach growing legs next to that partially chopped onion you also forgot about… haha not that I would know from experience or anything.

Ok fine, I’ve totally been there! We all have, right?

Besides, if you use the whole package you not only make Popeye proud, but I’m sure your parents can somehow sense that you’re eating a whole boatload of veggies and are super duper happy about it.

Do it for the parents! Eat all the spinach!

We can start with this easy cheesy stuffed spaghetti squash. YUM!

Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Spinach Spaghetti Squash

Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Spinach Spaghetti Squash

Mouthful of a title. Mouthful of deliciousness!

Okay that was excessively cheesy, even for me! My apologies.

Please forgive me and make this easy cheesy stuffed squash the second you step foot in the kitchen. Pretty please? With Parmesan on top!

Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Spinach Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

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Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Spinach Spaghetti Squash




Yield 4 servings

This crazy delicious garlic parmesan spaghetti squash is one of the most popular recipes on P&C -- and for good reason too! 


  • 1 medium spaghetti squash
  • 2.5 TBSP minced garlic
  • 1 tsp olive or avocado oil
  • 5 oz fresh spinach, chopped
  • 1/2 cup cream
  • 1 TBSP cream cheese (optional but deeeelish!)
  • 1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese, plus extra for topping
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • grated or sliced mozzarella for topping, to taste


  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Slice your spaghetti squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds.
  3. For easy cutting, feel free to stick your squash in the microwave to soften it up just a tad. Pierce it a few times with a knife (to help vent so it doesn't burst) and cook for for 3-5 minutes. The knife slides through way easier this way! Smaller squash will need about 3 minutes while larger ones will be good to go at 4-5 min.
  4. Next grab a lipped baking sheet or a rimmed baking dish.
  5. Rub the cut side of the squash with a teeny bit of olive oil and place on your baking dish/sheet and roast face-down for about 40 minutes, or until tender and easily pierced with a fork. Cooking time will vary a bit depending on the size of your squash, and larger squash will need to roast a bit longer to tenderize. Once ready, the once rock-hard exterior of the squash will be visibly softened with a tender interior.
  6. The squash can be roasted and stored in the fridge for a few days if you'd like to meal prep and plan ahead for a speedier dinner.
  7. While the squash roasts, start on the sauce.
  8. In a medium pot or skillet, bring a drizzle of olive oil to medium-high heat and sauté garlic until fragrant.
  9. Next add the spinach and stir until wilted. Add your cream, cream cheese (totally optional but totally tasty) and parmesan cheese and stir well.
  10. Season with salt and pepper to taste and remove from heat.
  11. Once squash is done roasting, allow to cool until easily handled or pop on an oven mit and use a fork to separate and fluff the strands of spaghetti squash.
  12. Pour your sauce over each squash boat, stir to mix, and top with a little mozzarella cheese and additional parm cheese, if desired.
  13. Bake at 350 degrees F for around 20 minutes or until hot and bubbly.
  14. For a golden cheesy topping, flip your oven to broil on high for just a minute or two until lightly browned. Dive in while it's HOT!


T-REX CHEFS: Feel free to add chicken if you'd like! Stir it in with the sauce and veggie noodles or serve it up on the side. Grilled, roasted, baked, poached, rotisserie... anything goes! Shrimp is also a tasty addition to the squash.

Recipe yields 4 servings (so about 1/4 a spaghetti squash per person) as a side dish or it can be split into 2 servings (half a squash apiece) as more of a main course, especially if you're adding extra protein and/or veggies! Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1/2 of a squash boat

Amount Per Serving

Calories 179

% Daily Value

Total Fat 16 g


Total Carbohydrates 4 g


Protein 5 g


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

If you give this recipe a try, let us know how you like it!

Leave a comment, share it on social media, and even take a picture and tag it #peasandcrayons on Instagram – I can’t wait to see your creations!

Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Spinach Stuffed Spaghetti Squash :: an entire box of spinach has never tasted so good!

Short on time? Roast it in advance! When I’m making them ahead of time I under-bake the squash by about 5-10 minutes and then finish them off with the easy cheesy filling when we’re ready to eat!

so . . . how was it?!

Deliciously dreamy! The creamy parmesan sauce basically turned the tender spaghetti squash strands into the most luscious Alfredo. Throw in some savory sautéed garlic and spinach and we have some serious magic going on here.

“I’m in love! I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!”

I’m perpetually looking for ways to get my oh-so-skeptical husband excited about having spaghetti squash for dinner and this recipe totally did the trick! The first time I tested this Cheesy Garlic Parmesan Spinach Spaghetti Squash I made it around lunchtime and told him he could have *just one bite* of my precious lunch. Next thing I know he’s leaning over, mouth open, begging for another bite. And another. And another…


Stuffed Spaghetti Squash-a-palooza:

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  • HA! You are so right right you’re reasons to use up al the spinach. We are either on a spinach Eating binge or a partial bag goes bad and forgotten

  • Cassondra

    LOVE this recipe!! I usually add about half the block of cream cheese to make it even more creamy (just tastes so good!). To bulk it up even more, I like adding cooked chicken and broccoli. You have to scoop the spaghetti out of the squash and put it all in a 9″×13″ pan if you do that though.
    Makes for great leftovers!

  • Stephanie

    Made this about a month ago and hubby and co-workers loved it….am making it again tonight…

  • Virginia Griner

    This was very good, and I feel good about a healthy dish. I should have cooked my squash just a little longer, since I had a little bite to them. I was short on cream so added some coconut milk. Worked fine! I will make this again. Chicken could be added to make this an almost complete meal. Add a salad or some fruit and it would be great! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Virginia! One great thing about an al-dente squash is you can always pop it back in the oven with foil over it (to prevent over-browning) and cook it longer <-- I'll sometimes have to do this when I get overzealous and buy the world's biggest spaghetti squash lol! So super glad it worked with coconut milk too - YUM! 🙂

  • Karen

    I just made this last night. Followed recipe exactly, but the measurements for the sauce are not correct, in my opinion. You DEFINITELY need to double the sauce, if you are using 2 spaghetti squash, which is 4 “boats”. After making the first batch of sauce and realizing it wasn’t enough, I then had to make one more batch of sauce, which took up more of my time 🙁 Also, in the recipe, under “ingredients”, you list only “1 medium squash”. But then you said that will yield “4 servings”. In the directions, under #3, you state “….each squash…”, so I am assuming you use more than one squash. Anyway, the finished product was VERY good. I did use the 1 Tbsp of cream cheese. Next time though, I will def saute some chopped mushrooms, which will add more flavor for sure.

    • Hi Karen! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe and I’d be happy to clarify the instructions! This recipe is indeed for 4 servings but each serving is half a squash boat. I listed the serving size a bit smaller than one full half of a squash b/c the cream sauce is pretty rich — The nutrition facts are calculated off 1/2 a squash boat (so 1/4 the whole squash) to help clarify. You would for sure want to double the sauce for two whole spaghetti squash! I’m going to further clarify the instructions to help anyone else who may have read it that way as well! xo

  • Erin

    I’ve made this twice in the past few weeks, love it! Thank you for the recipe

  • Juli

    This was a wonderful dish and so fun to make. Thanks for the extra explanation to cook the squash in the microwave before cutting it.

  • Sharon Doramus

    I made this tonight for my hubby and me and we loved it! So yummy, creamy, cheesy and delicious! I had some mushrooms and added them too, which made it even yummier! Thanks for the post! Definitely will be making this again❤️

  • Terri

    I made this tonight for supper and it was delicious. I used yogurt instead of the cream, omitted the cream cheese and it turned out very good.

  • Karen

    I really want to try this! However, I have NO idea what on earth to serve with it? I’ve never had a dish like this before. A salad seems weird (?) Please let me know what else you serve with this. Thanks.

    • Hi Karen! A lot of people have been treating it like a side dish (like a saucy pasta) and pair it with sautéed or roasted veggies and a protein of their choosing. For pescatarian I’d choose shrimp or to keep things vegetarian I’d serve it with some roasted broccoli or mushrooms.

    • Terri

      I served it with meatloaf.

  • Heather

    I can not wait to make this again! It was sooo good.
    My husband tossed chicken chunks with him for some protein and loved it that way too.
    Will most definitely make again!! I think I’ll add chopped up artichokes next time too.

  • Amazing dish! So yummy! A must try!

  • Jen C.

    DELICIOUS!! An incredibly fast and flavorful dinner!! I tripled the recipe one and opted for the T-Rex option with baked chicken. Thank you for another great meal, Jenn!

  • You make veggies look delicious. I can’t wait to try this. Your squash look like they’re loaded with flavor. And I do love anything cheesy so I know this is going to be a winner!

  • Was easy to make and very delicious!

  • Michelle

    I made this last night. BIG HIT! Used the cream cheese, and I also added cut up chicken that I sautéed in olive oil with light seasoning. My husband was skeptical; he ended up going back for seconds! I took the leftovers to work today and everyone was asking for the recipe.
    Next time, and there will be a next time, I am going to add shrimp!

  • Wendy McDonald

    Soo good!
    Thank you!

  • This was amazing! Loved it, so glad I have leftovers for lunch.

  • Kate

    This was way too rich for us. Also I cut garlic back to 1 tablespoon, still it was a bit overpowering.

  • Michal

    Found this while looking for keto -friendly recipes. I made it, but neglected to pin it. My daughter and I LOVED it and we had a mad scramble to find it again to pin it!

    • So glad you loved the recipe and were able to track it down again! 😉

  • Jordan

    This was awesome! My wife made it for us last week, and I usually complain if there are vegetables on the side, let alone as the main course. I ended up having thirds. Going to convince her to make it again this week.

  • Rhonda Platt

    I added some roasted cherry tomatoes, onions and italian seasoning to the recipe. Love, love, love it!!! Will definitely make again!

  • Starr

    Loved the spinach stuffed squash. I used the milk and cornstarch substitute for the cream, and it gave it the creamy ness without the extra calories!! Very yummy

  • Just tried this last eve. It was delicious!! Had cream cheese on hand and thought “if a tablespoon is good, than 2 will be awesome!” Not necessary and actually made it a little too rich…but Ohhh so good! Will definitely try again!

  • Wendy McDonald

    Delicious! One of the best recipes for Spaghetti Squash I have tried!
    Thank you!

    Plus I substitute what was on hand.. frozen chopped spinach,then had 2% milk and real butter for cream

  • Ashley

    This was INCREDIBLE! I added some pieces of my kids chicken nuggets on the top. Thank you Thank you!

  • Sarah

    Best spaghetti squash recipe I’ve tried! Next time I’m adding canned chopped artichoke hearts. Yum!

  • I am making this dish today. I can’t wait to taste it

    • I’m so exited for you to try it Deena!

  • Lisa

    When u say 1/2 cup of cream do you mean heavy whipping cream?

  • Joanna C

    This dish was so good and easy to prepare! I brought it to our Christmas Day gathering and everyone loved it!! Some family members had never had spaghetti squash and now they want to make this recipe. Can’t wait to make it again!

    • Hope you had a marvelous Christmas Joanna, thank you! I’m so thrilled this sassy stuffed squash was a hit with your family 🙂

  • Mindy

    This is perfect! Thank you so much

  • Kathy

    Delicious, thank you!

  • Shellie D Presby

    Best dish! Doubled it and took to Thanksgiving and it was a hit. It was requested for Xmas too!

  • Kelsey

    Oh boy was this a WINNER! I did not have cream in the fridge so I opted for a can of coconut milk (did not change flavor in our opinions), added bacon, cooked shrimp in the bacon grease and voila! All of my friends want this recipe and the beau told me to keep this one on the “frequent” dinner list!

    • Kelsey I’m squealing over here! So glad it worked with coconut milk (totally trying it next time we make it – Yum!) and I’m thrilled y’all enjoyed it! 🙂

  • Oh wow, this looks so good!

  • Linda Throckmorton

    This was great!!! Making it for the fourth time tonight!!

    • Cue happy dance!!! So thrilled it’s on repeat rotation – Thanks Linda! 🙂

  • Donna

    Wow! I have made this recipe twice, and I love it. I have followed this recipe exactly and wouldn’t change a thing. Even my husband loved it…I did add chicken to his portion, but he said he likes it both ways…with and w/o chicken. I have a 4 pound squash and can’t wait to make this recipe again

    • Donna I’m so over the moon that y’all are enjoying the recipe! Thank you thank you! 🙂

  • Sunny

    This was wonderful, thanks for sharing the recipe! I added a couple of things….thyme, oregano, fennel & turmeric. Also cut up and used a few slices of precooked bacon, and spoonful of bruscetta I had on hand for a touch of tomato flavor. It was wonderful, thanks again for sharing!!


    Delicious! First time I made it I didn’t add the tab of cream cheese . This time I did follow it to adding the creme cheese. I must say, I preferred it better the first time since I added a little bit of grayed gruyere cheese. I love the spinach and cream. I also added a little nutmeg to the sauce. Since I’m French, nutmeg is a standard with cream sauces… It’s definitely a beautiful dish to bring out… especially after putting it under the broiler until golden BROWN….DELICIOUS!!! Thank you

  • KaTie

    Wow This was an awesome rec for spa squash!! Thank you! Instead of putting the spinach mix in the halved squash, i mixed it together with the Squash and put in in a dish and baked it That way. Amazing!!

  • Katie

    I’m making this for the second time tonight. The first time I followed the recipe, adding chicken, and it WAS delicious! This time, I’m playing a bit and have ADDED bell pepper before the garlic, sub’d habeñero shredded cheese for the mozzarella, a sprinkle of my homemade Cajun seasoning and a little crumble of bacon. it’ll be done in just a little bit and smells amazing!

  • Kat

    This recipe is such a gem. It comes together in a snap when you roast the squash ahead of time and it tastes so much better than I thought possible! A new weeknight favorite, for sure!

  • Haley

    I really liked it!! I didn’t saute my spinach, I just mixed it with the sauce and dumped it in the squash boats and it turned out great! Thanks for the recipe.

  • Jen

    This is out of this world delicious. I first tried this a couple weeks ago and my friend that hates spaghetti squash tried it and said I have changed her mind. Tonight I made it for my husband and 12 yr old son. They both went nuts over it. Thanks so much for sharing. 5 stars girlfriend

  • JennD

    Would this work with delicata squash as well?

    • Hi Jenn! Absolutely! All my stuffed squash recipes will work great with delicata, butternut, kabocha, etc.. 🙂 Happy cooking!

  • Jill

    This was delicious but I added Italian sausage and there were no leftovers!

    • Yay!!! Thank you Jill 🙂 Love the addition of Italian sausage!

  • Second time I’ve made this. I added 4 strips of bacon cut up, added sweet onion, chopped Portobello mushrooms, garlic and spinach. I also added some basil pesto into the squash before I added the spinach mixture. Topped with fresh Mozzarella! So delicious.

    • I just swooned into my computer screen reading this. DELISH Debbie, thank you! I’m totally giving these tasty extras a try when we make it next. YUM! 🙂

  • Peggy

    I have been wanting to try spaghetti squash for a long time and finely made this. OMG!! So, delicious!! I am trying all your recipes now. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. xo

    • Yay!!!! Thrilled to hear it Peggy! Can’t wait to hear about what you try next 🙂 xoxo

  • Emilia

    Could sour cream and cream cheesse be used instead? I do not have heavy cream.

    • Hey Emilia! You can use a combination of both if you’d like to give it a try, though the biggest most important factor here is to bring them to room temperature before adding to your sauce. Sour cream is super duper likely to curdle and separate so just make sure that you bring your dairy to room temperature. Instead of adding them after the spinach, in this case, I’d add it before the spinach + after the garlic is sautéed. Reduce heat first, and whisk in slowly, heating gently until sauce is creamy – then add your spinach and continue on with the recipe as written. I’m not 100% on this just because I haven’t had a chance to test that variation myself, but this is how I’d test it! 🙂 Let me know if you end up trying it out! xo

  • Can’t wait to try this tonight!

    • So excited for you to try it Melissa! xo

  • Peggy

    Just made this with all the produce from my garden! I grew the spaghetti squash from seeds I saved from a store bought squash last year. Used a combination of Swiss chard, lacinato kale and arugula, added a small onion with the garlic. Added some tiny tomatoes before the mozzarella. Soooo good!

    • Peggy you’re totally my hero! My goal is to grow some awesome spaghetti squash from seeds next year! Any tips? Love the combo of chard, kale, and tomatoes in the mix – such a healthy + delicious addition! 🙂

  • Christine

    Are nutritional info correct? Spaghetti squash usually only has 4 net carbs per cup and this is stating 31g of carbs for the half??

    • Hey Christine! That’s a great point! Let me go ahead and run it through again – I typically don’t include the nutrition info on recipes because they can be so inaccurate when programs do the calculating vs people. Be right back! xoxo

      • Girl I’m so glad you pointed that out! It should be 4 grams of carbohydrates if you’re dividing the recipe into 4 servings and 8 grams if you’re making it 2 portions. I updated the recipe card too. Thanks so much for your help! 🙂

  • Wrenn

    I tried this recipe today and I have to say it was a major disappointment. I was going to make this for a group but I decided to experiment with it before hand just incase… so glad I did. I love spaghetti squash but unfortunately the flavor of the sauce was awful and did not pair well with the squash. The smell of it actually gave me a headache. I took a few bites and threw the rest away.
    If you do end up making this, definitely add chicken, prosciutto, pancetta or anything to aid the flavor.

    • I’m terribly sorry to hear it Wrenn, as it’s one of my favorite spaghetti squash recipes to make for our family! Did you make any changes while experimenting by any chance? I shamelessly put that sauce on everything from pasta to veggie grits but we probably just have wildly different tastes. xo

  • Jessica

    Can you omit the cream, or substitute with chicken stock or something?

    • Hey Jessica! The end goal is a super creamy sauce for the spaghetti squash so omitting the cream would cause the sauce to loose it’s creaminess, unless you used a little extra cream cheese to mix with the stock/broth to compensate… That could work great, just taste as you go and add a little at a time as you judge the thickness of the sauce. Totally LMK what you end up trying! xoxo

  • KB

    Do you think I could double this recipe and freeze half of it right after I add the sauce. I’m all about stocking the freezer. If I’m going to make something I always try to double it and freeze what I can to save myself some time later.

    • I’m alllll about stocking the freezer! When I make pastas/soups/stews I double and do that too – isn’t it the best?! I’m still not the biggest fan of freezing and reheating spaghetti squash, I feel like the squash gets watery every time I’ve tested it (with a few different recipes) — that being said, if you’ve frozen spaghetti squash before and liked it upon reheating, totally go for it! LMK!

  • Morgan Salter

    I have made this many times since I first came across it. Just made it again last night and it was the best yet! We used two spaghetti squash from our garden, doubled the cream and used 5oz of parmesan and about half a cup of cheddar for added flavor. We also always cook the garlic and spinach with an onion and button mushrooms then mix that with the cream mixture. Even my boyfriend’s father who was raised on a meat and potato diet loves this dish!

    • Morgan you’ve totally made my day! Thank you so so much and I’m thrilled you’ve been loving the recipe on repeat <--- best compliment ever! Mushrooms and onion are a perfect addition to the mix - YUM!!

  • Liz

    I made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious and easy. My teenager loved it. Thank you!

    • Thank you Liz! So happy y’all enjoyed it!

  • Beth

    So what is a medium size squash? I would love some dimension. Some of my squash are probably football size

    • Hey Beth! I wouldn’t fret it too much. I use a different size squash nearly every time I make this (I pick up whichever ones look good regardless of size) and it’s all good each time! I’d say your football-sized ones are for sure a large. A medium would be about 8 inches long. If you’d like to use the football-sized ones, go for it! Double the spinach and sauce and dive in! 🙂

  • Jenn

    This is SO good. My husband and kids love it too. I’ve made it so many times this is just so yummy!

  • Judy

    Sooo…I tried cooking the spaghetti squash in the microwave and it exploded! So I ended up with a casserole version of this, and it was great! I put the SS down in a regular 9 x 13 dish, then layered diced chicken (maybe 2 chicken-breasts worth?) and then put the sauce on top. I doubled the cream and cream cheese, probably doubled the garlic (’cause I always just eye-ball it and end up with a ton), and probably halved the spinach (’cause I was tired of chopping–5 oz is a ton of spinach!). It turned out great! Thanks for writing up this recipe so I could have something to “mess up”! Haha. 🙂

    • Thank you Judy! A few months ago I had to add a note to all my squash posts b/c girl, I think we’ve all had one explode! Making a few cuts int he squash before microwaving can help but I figured it’s worth the risk because I can’t for the life of me get the knife through it otherwise! 😉 You totally sound like me in the kitchen, eyeballing lots of garlic and tossing in any protein I have on hand. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe and thank you so much for stopping back over to say hello! xoxo

  • Kristin

    Delicious and easy, thanks Jenn!! I can definitely see how shrimp would be great in this, so we may try it next time–and there’ll definitely be a next time! Some Panko on top would also give it a little crunch, so will try it that way too. Thanks again! xo

    • OMG yes! Maybe panko crusted shrimp on top? Divine! Thank you Kristin 🙂

  • HungryMom

    Recipe was absolutely delicious! Doubled it for my hungry family and it came out perfect. I added just a couple spoonfuls of ricotta cheese to the sauce as well and it was heavenly.

  • Donna

    I made this – it is soooo delicious!!! I added some cooked brisket to it.

  • Patty

    Oh-M-Geeeeeee…it was amazzzzzzing!!! I kind of cleaned out the fridge, used cottage cheese and sour cream, frozen spinach, lots of cheese and parm. I definately did NOT leave out the cream cheese. The indicated times to bake were bang on.
    Deelicious! Very happy! 🙂

    • Great call on the cottage cheese and sour cream – YUM! So over the moon thrilled you loved it Patty! 🙂

  • Jamie Fields

    I’m recovering from a heart attack and I’m looking for heart healthy menu ideas. Do you have menu ideas for low sodium/fat? Thank you!

    • I have some super tasty heart healthy recipes Jamie, I’m going to shoot you an email with a list of goodies! xoxo

  • Wanda

    Love,loved this dish….

  • Kirsten

    Great recipe!
    This is my 2nd time making spaghetti squash. The first recipe wasn’t one that sold us on this new-to-us veggie. This one is golden, tho.
    I used half n half and the sauce turned out great. I added 2 cups shredded chicken and then discovered that
    I needed more sauce. Whipped up sauce with another 1/2 c of half n half and some cheese, added some oregano from the garden.
    So excited!

  • Katie

    This was great! The cream cheese made it!

  • Making this for dinner right now! I added some onions and tomatoes, too. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  • Charlee Fore

    How many calories are in this dish?

    • If you divide the above recipe into four portions/servings then it is 274 calories per serving, I believe.

  • Crissy

    This was amazing for dinner tonight! I loved how low in calories it was. I didn’t add the cream cheese and just used parmesan on the top! So filling and flavorful, can’t wait to make this one again!

  • KariJane

    Oh my goodness. This was absolutely delicious! We will be having this again soon. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

    • Yay! Thank you KariJane! So glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • I was looking for something a little different to share on my Facebook page when I ran across this recipe. I like squash and am excited to try a different way of cooking it. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I can’t wait to try it. Shared and pinned.

    • Thank you so much Amy! Much appreciated 🙂

  • Carrie

    Absolutely a keeper recipe! Love love love it, and I’m usually not much of a spaghetti squash fan…..but this is the BOMB! I think I said “mmmmm” with every single bite! 🙂

    • So ridiculously happy to hear it Carrie, thank you!!! 🙂

  • Diane C

    My first time making spaghetti squash amd it turned out delicious! !

  • Janet

    Wonderful! I might just have to grow some spaghetti squash again this year, just for more of this recipe. Thanks for suggesting the chicken. It worked great and I had the filling already bubbling in the pot, so skipped the second bake and just put the boats under the broiler. Yum!

    • Janet I’m so thrilled to hear it, thank you! Is it easy to grow spaghetti squash? I’ve been dying to try!

  • Deborah Rosen

    Printable page not found. 🙁

    • Ohmygosh I literally just gasped! Sending in a tech support ticket right now Deborah – thank you for the heads up! I’ll email you a printable copy right now as well 🙂 xoxo

  • Kaylin

    I decided to use less spinach — big mistake, I ended up rationing my spinach with eat bite, it was so yummy! Overall loved this way more than I had expected.

    • LOL! Hoping you get a chance to channel your inner Popeye and try it with LOTS of spinach next time, Kaylin! So glad you enjoyed the dish and thank you for popping back in to let me know! 🙂 It always makes my day!

  • Jess Tharp

    Made this tonight, so simple and So Good! Thank you so much for sharing!! My husband just started the keto diet…so you happen to have any nutrition info?

    • So thrilled you enjoyed it! Thanks Jess! I snagged this from my old recipe card’s calculator:

      Servings Per Recipe: 4
      Amount Per Serving
      Calories: 274 % Daily Value *
      Total Fat: 16 g 26%
      Saturated Fat: 7 g 37%
      Trans Fat: n/a
      Cholesterol: 40 mg 14%
      Sodium: 500 mg 21%
      Calcium: 310 mg 31%
      Potassium: 680 mg 20%
      Magnesium: 80 mg 20%
      Iron: 0 mg 0%
      Zinc: 0 mg 0%
      Total Carbohydrate: 31 g 11%
      Dietary Fiber: 1 g 6%
      Sugar: 0 g
      Protein: 11 g
      Vitamin A 78%
      Vitamin C 34%

  • Jackie

    I’m preparing a bunch of freezer meals for a friend who recently had surgery and can’t have pasta (!). I’m making things that she can put in her freezer, then pop out and re-heat quickly, so I thought I’d try this for her. My question is: Can this be frozen? Perhaps after the sauce is added but before the mozzarella topping is sprinkled on top?

    • Hey Jackie! She’s super lucky to have a friend like you looking after her – love it!

      I am super sad to say this, but this particular dish is best fresh because of the cream-based sauce and nature of spaghetti squash. I’d say for every 1 person that claims to love frozen and thawed spaghetti squash 3 are not a fan, and I’d hate for the latter to be the case! This is one of those dishes I’d make fresh and bring over that day when I planned to see a friend, and then I’d keep other goodies tucked away for stocking her freezer.

      My Vegetarian Tortilla Soup freezes like a champ (and is soooo good as leftovers!) and these Black Bean and Sweet Potato Flautas and Butternut Black Bean Burgers are always a hit with friends (you can even use sweet potato in place of the butternut – woot!) and freeze + reheat great! Hope this helps a bit! xoxo

  • Valerie

    Fabulous……definitely a keeper recipe i will make again and again! This was so good I will make it for dinner guests! I had already roasted and scraped a large squash so it was ready in the frig. If you have the squash done ahead, this is the quickest recipe to assemble……i think the most time consuming part was the peeling and mincing of the garlic! My two small variations were to add in with the garlic a cut up leftover baked chicken breast (I had roasted it a few days prior and it had a light coating of Italian panko crumbs). I also added a pizza hut packet of red pepper flakes, garlic seasoned salt and pepper. I used about a cup of cream, 23 cup parmesan shreds, and my bag of baby spinach was 8 oz. I put the squash in a 9×13 pan and popped it in the oven long enough to warm, then put the spinach mix on top. I did add a cup of mozzarella over the top the last 5 minutes or so. Delicioso! Easily serves 4-6 people.

  • Margie Laramore

    Baked in a glass bowl instead of the squash boat. Topped with pepper jack cheese since I was out of mozzarella. This is a keeper!!

    • So happy to hear it Margie! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Shannon Knight

    Delicious! My favorite spaghetti squash recipe so far. I use less garlic and for a larger size squash I double the amount of sauce.

  • Jo

    Excellent, thank you. I used rondelle garlic and herb instead of reg. Cream cheese and toasted the seeds to throw on top. Excited to play some more.

  • Mag

    Awesome! Directly in my favorite week dinner. Super easy to do and very tasty

  • Kay

    So yummy! I love that it made the spaghetti squash strands nice and soft.

    • Yay thanks! So thrilled you enjoyed it Kay! 🙂

  • Whitney

    This was my favorite dish that I have made in a while. I have been meal prepping for dinners for a couple weeks straight and tried this the other night. I added some cut up roasted chicken and tomatoes. Also I cook my squash on Sunday and put in a container to store in the fridge. I made this dish on Wednesday.
    After making my sauce I added the spaghetti into the pan to mix everything then poured it all in a baking dish for the oven.
    My husband and 3 year old son thought it was delicious. Can’t wait to make it again.

  • steve

    Made this for dinner! Delicious.Very rich and filling. 1 squash for 2people. ; we have leftovers. I will be making this again.THANKS

    • Super glad to hear it Steve! 🙂 I’m always blown away over how filling and satisfying squash can be – it’s awesome!

  • Genile

    I loved it!!! Great, and super easy!!!

  • Dawn Samson

    I am doing weight watchers and this recipe looks really good. Do you know what the nutritional info or smartpoints would be for this dish?

    • Thanks Dawn! I don’t have the nutrition write-ups for the recipes yet (my new recipe card will hopefully have some good ones – but it’s hard to find an accurate program!) Your best bet would be to map out any swaps you plan on making, if any (things like 1/3 fat cream cheese in place of regular or half and half in place of cream – those are two popular ones) and paste the recipe into to get the nutrition facts. That should give you a good idea for your smart points so you know how to fit it in with WW! 🙂 Hope this helps and for sure let me know what it ends up being if you calculate it, I’d love to know as well! 🙂

  • Ashley

    We’ve made this twice now and we love it! I give my 10 month old some with a little less of the sauce and she can’t get enough. Thanks for the recipe.

  • janet

    Made this last night. It was wonderful! I sautéed a sweet onion before I added the garlic and frozen (thawed) spinach. Onions and spinach just go together.

    Made it in a baking dish instead of boat

    Teamed it up with sweet Italian sausage. Defiantly a keeper.

    • LOVE onion and spinach together, and with some sweet Italian sausage in the mix? YUM!!! Great additions + I’m so stoked you enjoyed the recipe! Thanks Janet 🙂

  • Rae

    Hi! Just came across your recipe and plan on making it next week. Quick question- Do you think it would do well if I baked in a baking dish instead of the boats? I’m trying to double the recipe so I have leftovers and think it would be easier, but wondering Youe thoughts 🙂

    • Hi Rae! The recipe will absolutely be great in a baking dish! I do this a lot when I’m making enough for leftovers for the hubs and I, so totally go for it 🙂 Hope you adore it!

  • Nancy Schnee

    Absolutely delicious

  • Corinne

    Just gonna put this out there… Maybe microwaving for 5 minutes is a bit too long. Mine exploded at 4 minutes ?. Still trying to salvage it though. They’re roasting in the over right now. I’ll update after dinner.

    • OMG!!! Was it one of the small spaghetti squashes? I’ve had a little one crack on me at the 5 minute mark so little ones for sure maybe need 3 minutes? I’ve never seen one straight up combust and I make spag squash once a week usually. So crazy to hear that happened and thanks for the heads up Corinne! xoxo

    • Jean Hebert

      Corinne, I too exploded a spaghetti squash in the microwave. :O. You should pierce it a few times to allow steam release during any length of microwave cooking.

      • That’s a great tip, Jean! I’ll add it to the notes on the post 🙂

  • Laura S.

    I found this recipe on Pinterest when I was searching ways to eat more non-starchy veggies and I’ve made this several times since then. It is phenomenal, just as it is! But I love the suggestion of adding bacon 🙂 Also, as an FYI, I live with a lot of picky eaters who don’t like to try new things, so I tried freezing it so I didn’t have to eat an entire squash over 2-3 days and it tasted fine after it had defrosted. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

    • Ahhhh yay! So stoked they’ve made a repeat appearance! Thank you so much Laura 🙂

  • Brooke

    My anti-squash husband LOVED this! As did the rest of my family. Thanks for the great recipe.

    • Thank you Brooke!!! So so so happy to hear it!

  • We loved this! So delicious and easy. I misread the recipe and used frozen instead of fresh spinach, so mine was more spinachy but still scrumptious!

    • Great to know it still works with frozen spinach and I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it! Thanks Courtney! 🙂

  • Jenn

    Is this considered Paleo?

    • Hey Jenn! I have a few friends that do modified paleo with dairy thrown into the mix, but typical paleo fare excludes dairy I believe.

  • Melinda

    This is by far the best spaghetti squash recipe. Ever. My husband and toddler loved it! I didn’t have heavy cream so I used half and half. I also added sautéed baby Bella mushrooms. It was amazing! This may become a weekly meal for us!

    • So thrilled to hear it Melinda, thank you! 🙂 LOVE the added baby bella mushrooms!

  • Dani

    This is the first time I’ve ever cooked spaghetti squash and it’s bloody awesome!! Instead of spinach I used kale but you can use basically any vegetable. Next time perhaps broccoli. This recipe will be used many times over. So delicious and great for you. A New Year recipe sure to go a long ways.

    • So thrilled you enjoyed it Dani! Thanks for the super-sweet review and I cannot wait for you to try it every which way! For sure do broccoli next! I have a bacon broccoli spaghetti squash I basically want to marry! 😉 Happy 2017 Dani!

  • Jen

    I just came across this recipe today and made it immediately, without even reading the comments. I just had a feeling it would be amazing. SO. DARN. GOOD. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe! I used slightly less garlic (2 Tbsp instead of 2.5) and omitted the mozzarella because it tasted so good without it. I had spaghetti squash strands in the fridge already from roasting one earlier in the week so I just added it to the pan with the garlic and spinach to warm through before adding the rest of the ingredients. I can’t wait to make this again and add shrimp as other commenters suggested! And then make it again with chicken and peas. And then make it again with mushrooms and roasted red peppers. 🙂

  • Lace

    This recipe is amazing! I’m not really a big spaghetti squash eater, mainly due to not having ideas how to prepare it in the past. I made this a while back and even my two year old (read super duper picky eater) gobbled it up. I am making it again tonight for my husband and adding shrimp to make it a little heartier for him. I can’t wait to try your other spaghetti squash recipes too. Thanks for all of the great ideas!

    • Thank you Lace! I’m so happy y’all enjoyed it and omg a tot’s stamp of approval is EVERYTHING to this momma! Totally beaming right now 🙂 You’ve got to try the pesto veggie one next – SO GOOD!

  • Ashley

    So this was my first time ever making spaghetti squash and both my husband and baby loved it! I did add some ground turkey to it to make it go a little further (seasoned with Italian herbs) and I needed to run some errands so I cooked the squash in the crock pot before hand. Only other thing I modified was adding a little bit more cream and parmesean to compensate for the turkey. The spinach did have a good bit of juice but I just drained when I drained the turkey before I added the cream etc. (I also cooked it in a casserole dish because there was too much to fit back into the shell ?) It was perfect and I will definitely be making it again! With the 1lb of turkey added it fed me and my husband and we had plenty left over for another meal!

  • Chelsea

    This. Recipe. Is. Amazing. For anyone wondering if they should try this the answer is yes. I’ve been wanting to get more creative with my veggies and this was the perfect dish. I cooked for a friend and she ate the entire thing. I eat small portions and was able to have my leftovers for lunch the next day! I made sautéed mushrooms as a side dish and this was the perfect dinner. Thank you Jenn! I am trying your Buffalo squash recipe tonight.

    • Chelsea you made my day! Thank you for your kind words and I’m so stoked you loved the recipe!!! Hope you love the Buffalo Stuffed Squash as well! 🙂 xoxo

  • Ashley Laumbach

    Absolutely amazing!!! My boyfriend said he wasn’t hungry until I made him try it lol then he ate more than half! l

    • Bahaha that’s exactly what my husband tried to pull and then he attacked my plate and then polished off his own. Wooot! High-five girly – we won! 🙂

  • Maggie

    Mmmm this was so good-I made it for supper tonight! This came together super quickly which I love and I couldn`t stop sampling the sauce before the squash came out of the oven! I added rotisserie chicken which was really good. And I would say, as another reader suggested, to not skimp on the spinach, and I did not measure out any ingredients as this recipe is forgiving in that way, reducing clean-up. Also, instead of leaving the squash in their rinds I scooped them out into a casserol dish and added the sauce on top and then baked which made it easier for me to clean up leftovers. Thanks for a great recipe!!

    • Thank you Maggie! I’m totally with you – the more spinach the better! 🙂 Love the casserole tip too!

  • Anne Marie

    Made this tonight it was awesome, my husband loved it and said it was Chef quality. Such a nice compliment, he usually drowns everything in Red Hot or Ketchup but didn’t put anything on this dish. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

    • Anne, you made my day! So happy to hear it, thank you! 🙂

  • Melissa

    This was so easy and absolutely delicious! Thanks for the great recipe!

  • Lawren Wooten

    I made this recipe x5 for a potluck dinner. I used 2 cups of half and half though and no cream cheese. I did have to boil off the water from the spinach and had to boil off a lot of the liquid from the cream. Overall although people took small portions everyone loved it! I also broiled them to get a nice char after adding mozzarella cheese to the top. thanks for the great recipe!

    • So happy y’all enjoyed it Lawren! Thank you! The heavy cream and cream cheese are for sure what keeps the excess liquid factor down, so I’m beyond trilled to hear you were simply able to boil off the spinach water and the milk portion of the half and half — a great fix and I can’t wait to try the lightened up swaps! 🙂 xoxo

  • Jessica

    When you say cream, do you mean heavy whipping cream, sour cream or something else?

    • Hey Jessica! Heavy whipping cream 🙂

  • Alyssa

    Hi Jenn,
    I’m super excited to try this recipe out! Just wondering- if I am planning to roast the squash ahead of time, you mention undercooking it 5-10 minutes. Does this mean I shouldn’t shred it before adding the sauce? Should I pop it back in the oven for 10 mins when I’m ready to start dinner and then shred? Thanks a bunch!

    • Hey Alyssa! Great question! When I advance-prep my squash I typically toss it in the oven while I’m making the sauce/stuffing, then shred and stuff. I feel like the undercooking in advance and then finishing up closer to serve time gives me the best al-dente texture so I don’t get mushy squash. It’s pretty flexible though so don’t fret it 🙂 I’ve been known to also make the entire thing start to finish in advance when I’m taking photos then re-bake the fully stuffed squash at dinnertime, and I still think it’s fabulous. I hope you love this recipe as much as we do!

      • Meloni

        Absolutely yummy, we added quartered artichoke hearts, soooo good!!

  • Lois

    I made this last week for my family and it was a big hit. I’ve been trying to incorporate more meatless meals and this was a winner. I didn’t have heavy cream so I substituted half and half successfully and used neufchâtel cheese to lighten it up a bit more. Can’t wait to make this again and add maybe some broccoli along with the spinach. Super delicious!!

    • Thank you Lois! I’m so happy y’all enjoyed it and that it will be popping back up on the menu! For sure add broccoli and even mushrooms if you like them — it’s glorious! 🙂

  • Emily

    The sauce came out as thin as milk, and seeped out everywhere. I used cream and everything and followed the directions.

    • Oh no! This is the first time I’ve heard of that happening with the recipe, as dozens of friends have made it so far. Any subs or swaps made with other ingredients by any chance? Swap for fat free products? I wonder if maybe it needed more time on the stovetop to thicken for you? Typically once the cream cheese and parm is mixed with the creamy spinach it thickens right up, so sorry to hear it Emily!

  • Kelsie

    I just found your blog and I am obsessed!! I can’t wait to try all of your spaghetti squash recipes, but I’m definitely starting with this one! It looks delicious!

    • Thanks Kelsie! So happy you found me 🙂

  • Meg

    I am trying to figure out how many weight watchers points this would be if I used fat free cream and fat free cream cheese.
    Any ideas on how to calculate?

    • Hey Meg! I’d plug the ingredients with all the swaps you plan on making into and see what they give ya! My friends always say that their calculator is the most accurate of the bunch 🙂

    • Constance

      Hi Meg– did you calculate the points?

  • Sarah

    I just made this tonight for myself and my husband who hates it when spaghetti squash is used with red sauce. We made two of them (four halves), and we love that it was just as easy to make two so that we have lots of leftovers. I think the amount of spinach can be increased quite easily, and even just roughly torn spinach worked nicely. The recipe is really forgiving if you guestimate on amounts. We absolutely loved this, and as a rarity, one of my veggie dinners had us both leaving so full!

    Thanks for a wonderful, easy-to-follow and delicious dish!

    • Sarah this made my night; thanks for the sweet comment! I’m so glad y’all enjoyed it 🙂

  • Anne

    I added crumbled bacon on top…it was so good~!

    • A fabulous addition! Thanks Anne! 🙂

  • Jill

    Hi Jen – what do you mean by cream in this recipe? Heavy cream? Looking forward to making this for dinner this week!

    • Hey Jill, I’m super excited you’ll be making it for dinner! Heavy cream is perfect and exactly what I used as well 🙂

  • Happy Friday! Just letting you know I featured this recipe in my weekly Low-Carb Recipe Love on Fridays (and these comments help me remember I’ve featured it, in case I come across the recipe again in the future.) I hope it will be a hit with my readers!

    • You’re the sweetest Kalyn! Thank you so much — off to check out the post <3

  • Yum! This looks SOOOO good!

  • Heather DeFrancesco

    Tried this tonight…
    It was soooooo good !
    Absolutely yummy !

    • So so glad you enjoyed it Heather! Thanks! <3

  • Km

    I just made and ate this. Delicious!!! I had an extra red pepper from the farm stand I wanted to use so I mixed in with the spinach and it was just perfect!!!
    Thank-you, I’ll be sharing this one!
    ps I totally went with the cream cheese 🙂

    • So thrilled to hear it! Thanks for the glowing review! <3 And heck yes cream cheese! It's so luxe, I just love a little swirled into the sauce!

  • Jo

    Absolutely delicious and love the fact that I can do the the first step ahead of time! I will definitely be making this again as well as the other variations. Great recipe!

    • I’m so thrilled you loved it! 🙂

  • karen

    How many carbs in this?

    • Hey Karen! I’m not sure, but you could enter what you add to the squash in the calculator on and it should give you a pretty good read of the carbs and nutrition content! <3

    • Keto Gains

      Each cup of spaghetti squash is 5.5 net carbs, so start there per serving.

  • Kari

    I’m with you on using the entire box of spinach at one time! And actually, the entire box is one serving! I’m going to make this ASAP, it looks divine!

    • Yay! Thanks Kari! <3 Hope you adore it!

  • Jo

    Looks awesome! Would it be too dry if I added only a few tablespoons of cream. I’m trying to lighten it up a bit. Any suggestions ?

    • Thanks Jo! I think you could add less and it would still be great! you could even add some sautéed mushrooms or broccoli to bulk up the filling which would taste stellar too!

      • Jo

        Thanks Jen. Just left a comment on how delicious it was ?

        • You’re the sweetest! Thank you Jo!

      • Anne

        I didn’t have any cream but I had plain Greek yogurt so I thinned it a bit with milk and used that for the cream. There was the mild Greek yogurt tang but the recipe worked fine in my opinion. Plus that gives it a shot of protein.

        • Ooh good thinking Anne! That sounds like a great swap!

  • Laura

    Looks so good! Totally making this tonight! Do you have a rough idea how many this will serve?

    • Hey Laura, thanks! For my husband and I it was perfect as 2 main courses (pair with a small cup of soup, salad, or roasted veggies!) and as a hearty side dish this could easily serve 4. You could cut each squash half in half again or just serve with utensils for everyone to scoop our their own serving. Easy peasy! <3

  • Janice

    This dish is fabulous!

  • This looks and sound delicious! I have a spaghetti squash on the counter that I have been trying to decide what to make with it. I think I found it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank yo Stephanie! This is the perfect use for that lone spaghetti squash 🙂 Hope you love it!

  • Beth

    Made this tonight and added sautéed shrimp…OMG. So freaking delicious. Even my Alfredo-hating husband liked it.

    • Day = Made! Thanks Beth — Totally trying it with shrimp this week! 🙂

      • Nicki

        When you made it with shrimp did you put the shrimp in the sauce/squash or serve it on the side? Sounds delicious 😀

        • Hey Nicki! When I tried it, I sautéed the shrimp separately in a teeny bit of butter and seasoned with garlic, paprika, salt, and pepper and then poured it on top of the spaghetti squash itself! It would probably be great in the sauce too (I make a shrimp spinach dip like that and love it!) or even just on the side 🙂 Dishes like this are so super flexible; love it!

          • Nicki

            Thank you so much for the tips, Jenn! Looking forward to making this for a date night! 🙂

  • Jo

    This might sound silly but what kind of cream? Heavy whipping?

    • Hey Jo! You’ve got it 🙂 Heavy cream will make the sauce nice and thick!

    • Rebecca Mattox

      That was my question too…..thanks for getting my answer 😊

      • Happy to help! I hope you love this sassy stuffed squash as much as I do! 🙂

  • Morgan

    One of the best dinners I’ve had in a long time!

    • Yay! So thrilled you enjoyed it Morgan!!! 🙂

  • I am so in love with this, Jenn! It looks so good!