Madness? This. Is. Thursday!!!

Don’t judge me for that title. I’ll quote that line forever and ever because it’s a well-proven fact that life is more fun when you converse in movie quotes. I can’t even fathom having a conversation without slipping one in! TWSS. Ack! No! Let’s not take this conversation in that direction.

Alright. Alright. Alright.

So anyways, as I was trying to say earlier, things have been sheer madness over here lately. Quick recap for anyone who hasn’t been following my escapades: I moved from Blogger to WordPress, then from NC to FL, and now I’m having surgery. Yeah. That. 

For the past 11+ months I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office, ad naseum, trying to figure out why on earth I’m in constant pain. Without getting into not-so-fun details, that crazy morning sickness I had all pregnancy long? It never went away! On top of that, my stomach freaking hurt. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but when the feeling of a tiny leprechaun slashing my insides began to amplify, I basically threw my hands up in the air at the docs and said “PLEASE CAN YOU JUST FIND OUT WHAT’S BROKEN AND FIX IT!?” I was a bit exasperated to say the least. For months [months!] they have been telling me my crazy abdominal pain and nausea was stress related, or maybe I ate something spicy, or have a bit of reflux, or should try a daily regimen of pain pilling myself into liver damage. Um, no thanks? I grew a pair, demanded a CT scan, and long story short: my intestines have been kinked like a garden hose since giving birth to hurricane chickpea. Apparently she was a category 5. Though she was my storm, that little ball of giggles is certainly my sunshine through all this. It doesn’t hurt that she’s flipping cute.

So! Surgery! It’s nothing catastrophic [hopefully!] but wont be able to lift anything over 20lbs for a while which unfortunately includes the bebe. What the what?! I can’t not hold my chickpea! Nevertheless, post-op it’s über important I comply for at least a little while, and thankfully I’ll have Paul’s madre as a live-in baby lifter. [I still call dibs on baby snuggles!] Of course this is all going down during P’s second deployment, which I’ve also been keeping from you for a little while now. It’s a safety thing; you know the drill! I think I waited a few months last time to spill the beans, but I figured you would pick out my erratic behavior pretty quickly this time around since you know twitchy Jenn = dirty secret. I’m not sure which I loathe more, having my guts poked at with sharp objects or deployment sooooo let’s just say YUCK to both and get on to the fun stuff!

This blog has so much room for activities!

I’m working my butt off to dig through the archives and update all the recipes into neat little recipe cards that can be saved and printed without wasting an entire brick of printer paper. Blogger was seriously sketch in that department, but here on team WP we don’t waste time *or* printer paper!

And on Wednesdays we wear pink.

We also apparently ramble on incessantly. I think I just hit the mid 500′s with my word count and I’ve probably lost at least 95% of you, eh? Lo siento! I’ll save the rest of the fun updates for the next time we chat. And with that, I’ve hit 600 words. Don’t hate me! I have lots of yummy recipes in store for you! Need proof?

DSC_0263 edit!!!!

You're Kale-ing me Smalls!

You’re KALEing me Smalls!

Be back soon!

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