What I Ate Wednesday #210

This is totally embarrassing, but I think somewhere along the way the heart and soul behind What I Ate Wednesday and why I started this little community to begin with got lost. Like middle of the desert with no gas, no GPS and an RV filled with stolen lab equipment…. wait, I’m thinking of Breaking Bad, aren’t I?

In all seriousness, I didn’t want to come here today with a set of rules. You guys have done your homework and read up about WIAW [& if you’re new, hi!!] and how this is a judgement-free party that’s more about meal inspiration and reflection than “Ohmygosh hi so I ate some chips and dip today, ok bye!” It’s not about the giveaways or the random protein bar reviews or anything of the sort; it’s about the food. So let’s stuff our faces, nourish our bodies, and celebrate it!

Slapping a set of rules on every link-up post feels kind of negative and redundant, so instead I’ll be moderating entries. If you linked up a WIAW post, you’re good to go. If you stopped by to link up a post from 3 weeks ago that has a random photo of one thing you ate at some point in your life and literally nothing to do with What I Ate Wednesday whatsoever, it’s a no go.

And with that, I bring you food. This was precisely the last day of meals eaten before a certain chickpea licked the mat at gymnastics and downed us with the flu.

 egg, spinach, an cheese breakfast sandwich

[breakfast] sloppy egg sandwich with egg, cheese, spinach, and ham

cabot cheese and crackers

[snack] cheese and crackers

cajun chickpea and sweet potato veggie burgers

[lunch] the last of the Cajun Chickpea Sweet Potato Burgers [recipe]

california chicken kitchen chop chop copycat

[dinner] P’s request: Chicken Kitchen Copycat Rice Bowls [recipe]

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