Creamy Cilantro Cucumber Dip

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Nut Thins. Aka the most delicious gluten-free crackers of my life!

Creamy Cilantro Cucumber Dip :: mayo-free and SO GOOD!

I’m a sucker for a good dip. It’s without-fail the first thing I beeline for at a party or potluck and my go-to snack on the regular. My tiny human shares my dip-thusiasim and will come running at the mere mention of dip at snack time.

Not just any dip though, in this case fresh is most definitely best!

Next time you start to eye one of those fancy dips or spreads at the grocery store, do yourself a favor and beeline to the produce section instead. Your wallet [and waistline] will thank you for it. It’s super simple to whip up a delicious dip that’s full of flavor and free of sketchy additives!

When the super-sweet folks at Blue Diamond sent over their new Artisanal Nut Thins to try, I basically beelined for something to dunk them in. It seemed only fitting that these salty, nutty, protein-packed crackers be paired with the most delicious of dips. Well folks, I think I outdid myself with this one because it’s literally all I can think of! Fragrant cilantro mixed with cool cucumber and a whipped medley of cheese and yogurt and garlic and onion onion and *THUD*

That was me faceplanting into the bowl. What I lack in self control I make up for with VEGGIES! Let’s dive on in shall we… 

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36 Recipes to Fuel Your Sriracha Obsession

Oh yes, I went there.

36 Recipes to Fuel Your Sriracha Obsession :: sauces, dips, snacks, soups, lunches, and dinners... these recipes are ready to rock your taste buds!

Sriracha [pronounced see-rotch-ah] is easily argued to be king of the hot sauces by foodies and hipsters alike. Despite its trendiness, you don’t need to be a food snob to appreciate the zesty kick-in-the-mouth that this sauce provides because, let’s face it, no one wants to eat bland food! Sriracha’s spicy-sweet flavor gives it a leg up on the competition with a little help from its garlicky undertones and vibrant hue. Add a little for a manageable zing, or spice things up by putting Sriracha on your Sriracha on your Sriracha.

I like to take the middle ground and add just enough to have me fanning my face while diving in for another bite. I still want to actually taste my food, but a mild spice-induced assault to the tastebuds every few bites is a welcome experience.

I’m not even slightly exaggerating when I say that researching recipes for this post made me want to lick my screen! The Sriracha love was everywhere and I couldn’t wait to try them all! Here are a few of my favorites… 

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