Meet me for coffee?

coffee with friends

photo via the lovely @emthegem

I’m feeling chatty this morning. Let’s share a cup of liquid awesome while I ramble a bit!

I’ve started mini-journaling in the margins of my daily planner and it inspired me to wax poetic a little more on the blog. Though there’s nothing remotely poetic about the inner workings of my brain [which is on rapid fire currently thanks to the ultra-strong coffee I just delivered to my face] I still feel like this little blog of mine is a perfect outlet to get personal from time to time. Instagram was originally my go-to outlet for snippets of my personal life but that’s mainly in photo form so, let’s chat!

Ohmygosh so // surgery! I dropped the s-bomb on you guys a few weeks ago and haven’t updated you! Everything wen’t well complete with ultra-loopy texts to the besties that I really hope they didn’t screen-shot for later! There was a minor hiccup when the surgeon realized things were a little worse than we originally thought but as far as I can tell now that I’m at the 2-week mark for post-op recovery, everything is a-OK! I cannot even begin to describe the weight that has been lifted by having this operation. It’s like the most gorgeous sun-filled day after a week of tropical storms. Only in this case it was nearly a year of storms, so I’m expecting one pretty effing big rainbow at the end of this! Bah-ring it!

In other news, I’m having a really hard time not blogging every day. I swear, a little bed rest will bring out the blogger in anyone! I’ve been feeling super inspired and reaching for my camera, notepad, and recipe book instead of my usual novel and unleashing  my inner food blogger whenever possible. I’ve got a couple great recipes coming up that I’m super excited about and should have enough energy to get through my zany song and dance of photo shoot Twister. Just don’t tell P when I start climbing up on table again; he’ll put me in time out.

As for hurricane chickpea, my super squishy little baby has turned full-blown toddler on me. She’s a riot!

She’s also apparently a huge U2 fan. She loves listening to music on my phone and will frequently run off with it for a multi-room dance party as she tears through the house. The other day I noticed there was a song playing I didn’t recognize. Turns out she purchased the new U2 album and downloaded it to my Itunes. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?

But seriously, who is this kid!? And how did she get past the password screen? I have no words! Just please don’t make me listen to that thing. I’d rather listen to the Hot Dog song on repeat, or at least Vampire Weekend, whom she also has a bit of a love affair with! Girl can rock OUT to some “Diane Young” when the chorus hits. Love it so.

Anywho! I’ll meet you back here this weekend for a yummy new recipe! Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve been up to lately!

[update] I’m le dumb. Yes I now know Apple forced U2 upon millions of unsuspecting ITunes users. My kid is still a frickin’ ninja; she ate an entire wheel of Gouda *and* pooped in the refrigerator.

I kid. I kid.