Love Your Leftovers: Spotlight Spinach!

My last post involved a hugh jass bowl of spinach artichoke deliciousness that literally yielded 6 CUPS of dip.  Chances are unless you threw a party, you had some leftovers.  I did!  Well, had leftovers that is.  Though I will throw a little par-tay if you want to come visit and give me an excuse to dance around like a maniac in the kitchen.  Anyways!  I have leftovers, lots of them.  Most went into the freezer for later but a bunch hung out in my fridge waiting for a heavy dose of creativity!

I’m a huge fan of revamping and remixing leftovers into new dishes, it saves money, saves time time, and makes my life oh-so-easy when I don’t have to start from scratch with every single dish I make.  You can expect to see this little Leftover Schmeftover installment quite frequently on the bloggie so I hope you like it!  There’s only one rule — No boring leftovers!  Ever!

Our first installment?  Leftover Spinach Dip, of course!

Love Your Leftovers: Spotlight Spinach!

Omelettes are the perfect vessel for leftover veggies!  Especially spinach dip!  My tips for a perfect omelette?  I use an 8-10 inch non-stick green pan and bring it to medium-high heat before adding the eggs.  Then I drizzle a little olive oil on the pan to further prevent sticking [a healthy spray oil works great too!] and and my whisked eggs.  I typically use 2-3 egg whites for every one yolk and beat them with a fork until bubbly.  After whisking I add a little bit of full-fat milk to the eggs to add back in some of the protein bonds that where broken when the eggs were beaten.  This addition yields fluffier eggs!  After adding the egg mixture to the pan, I wait until the eggs become opaque and then use a silicone spatula to lightly lift the side of the egg.  Then I til the pan and let any of the uncooked egg run off the top and under the cooked portion to prevent runny eggs.  The next step? Add the spinach dip!  Pile on as much as you’d like and feel free to add some extra torn spinach leaves or any extra veggies you might have on hand.  Fold the omelette with your spatula and reduce heat to low to heat the center.  Flip if desired and top with a sprinkle of garlic powder, salt, pepper, and paprika [or cayenne pepper if you like heat!].  Garnish with parsley and crumbled feta and dig in!

Let me know if you want step by step photos and I’ll get my butt back in the kitchen =)

I think we need a closer look…
Fluffy Spinach Dip Omelette
Much better.

Quiche is another fabulous vessel for spinach dip.  [Click Here] for my go-to recipe and simply replace the veggies with your spinach dip.  Or add the spinach dip to the veggies.  You’ll earn a gold star if you do.

Won-ton Cups While we’re talking about quiches, you can have the deliciousness of a homemade quiche in under 10 minutes by making these mini quiche cups.  Use leftover spinach, creamed spinach, or spinach dip as your veggie and top with anything from feta to tomatoes!  The best part of these is that they’re not only super freaking speedy, but they’re portable too!  [Click Here] for the recipe.
Speedy Spinach and Egg Breakfast Sandwich
Baller Bagels Mix leftover dip into your favorite cream cheese and spread on a bagel for a schmear that’s anything but boring.  You can also mix the spinach into your eggs and whip up a jazzed-up breakfast sandwich.
See? Eggs and spinach.  Best friends forever.
Let’s move onto some lunch + dinner leftover re-mixes:

Sandwiches, Paninis, + Fancy Grilled Cheese Whether you have leftover hot or cold spinach dip, you officially have the makings for an impressive sandwich!  For a cold sandwich, spread hearty whole grain bread with the dip instead of mayo, pile high with crunchy raw veggies [zucchini, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, bell peppers, sprouts, onion, etc…] and dig in!  For a panini or a veggified grill cheese sandwich, simply pile on the spinach dip to your favorite bread, add some extra cheese [the meltier the better –  try muenster, brie, gouda, or mozzarella], and press using a george foreman grill, a panini press, or fry it up with buttah on your stovetop.  They’re all quite glorious.

Stuffed Chicken or Chicken Roll-ups T-rex chefs will be all over this one!  Stuff or roll spinach dip into raw chicken breasts and bake/grill to perfection.

Whole Grain Mini Pita Pizzas

Pizza! Yes, spinach artichoke pizza!  Do it.  Especially on mini whole grain pitas.  Especially with roasted red pepper hummus.  I’ll be making these all weekend long.  You can also use thin crust dough, whole grain english muffins, french bread, or even bagel thins for all your pizza needs.  *drool*

Pahhh-sta! Pasta even =)  Pretty much any and every combo you can imagine.  Add it to stuffed shells, swirl it into confetti mac and cheese, and even make a shrimp pesto pasta bowl with a medley of veggies for good measure.  It’s also ridiculously yummy on/in veggie lasagna!

I’m tapping out.  The possibilities are clearly endless for this stuff!  And the best part?  No one will know they’re made with leftovers!  That leftover snob in your family?  I won’t tell them if you won’t! =)

What’s your favorite thing to make with leftovers?

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Kristen { Hello Monday Design }

Scratch the pork chops that are now baking in my oven, I want to make a Spinach Dip omelet! lol Looks delish!


Your mini-quiche idea is AWESOME! I love spinach. So many good ideas… thanks!

I love quiche!! I like to use sweet potatoes in leftovers


Spinach is my all time FAVORITE! I put it in almost everything I make. Loving the idea of spinach dip omelettes. Eggs make everything better too 🙂

Divya @ Eat.Teach.Blog

Um, I’m drooling


There is too much delicious in this post; I don’t even know where to start, other than the fact I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and now I’m salivating for leftover spinach dip in pretty much every vehicle listed above. By the way, I’ll come join your dance parties only if I can shake my bon-bon too.

Liz @ I Heart Vegetables

Yummm!!!! Your recipes look amazing as always darling! I love me some spinach!

Carli Alice

Love the way you are using your leftovers! And yes, spinach and eggs are terrific together.

Avery @ Southern Belle Living Well

Oh. My. Gosh. I just had dinner 2 hours ago….now I starving. These look so incredibly amazing!


No, no nonono. The thing to do with leftover spinach dip is send it to your adoring readers;)

Greg White

I am running out of ideas in cooking eggs. Glad I bumped into this.


your SICK adoring fans need yer spinach…

Ali @ WHOLEistically Fit

Haha, I’m with Ellen and Miz. We’re hungry and NEED your spinach dishes. If you could see me now, my big puppy dog eyes would be irresistible and you’d be sending me your quiches asap. 😉 Happy New Year, girlie! I’m excited to see what 2013 has in store for Peas & Crayons.


Shrimp pesto pasta bowl? Love it!! Great idea for leftovers…I’m hookied!

Gina @ Heath, Love, and Chocolate

I love using eggs as a vessel to stuff a ton of veggies in, especially when I have a lot to use up. Spinach and artichoke go so well together that I’m sure the dip (which looks amazing by the way) would go with any type of savory food!

LanaJoseph @ Server Encryption

Nice trick to make the children eat spinach, thanks a lot. Tried out the Quiche and they turned up great.

Michelle Anson

My favorite ‘creamed spinach’ recipe is a pasta dish.
2 bags frozen cheese tortellini – par boiled
1 jar alfredo sauce
1 package creamed spinach – thawed
1 can diced tomatoes OR chopped fresh

Combine and heat. Great side with any meat