36 Sriracha Recipes to Fuel Your Obsession

Oh yes, I went there. Today I’m excited to share 36 scrumptious Sriracha recipes that are guaranteed rock your plate!

Spicy Sriracha Recipes Collage

Sriracha (pronounced see-rotch-ah) is easily argued to be king of the hot sauces by foodies and hipsters alike.

Despite its trendiness, you don’t need to be a food snob to appreciate the zesty kick-in-the-mouth that this sauce provides because, let’s face it, no one wants to eat bland food! Sriracha’s spicy-sweet flavor gives it a leg up on the competition with a little help from its garlicky undertones and vibrant hue.

Add a little for a manageable zing, or spice things up by putting Sriracha on your Sriracha on your Sriracha.

I kid, I kid.

I like to take the middle ground and add just enough to have me fanning my face while diving in for another bite. I still want to actually taste my food, but a mild spice-induced assault to the tastebuds every few bites is a welcome experience.

Spicy Sriracha Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw

36 Sriracha Recipes to Fuel Your Obsession

I’m not even slightly exaggerating when I say that researching Sriracha recipes for this post made me want to lick my screen! The Sriracha love was everywhere and I couldn’t wait to try them all!

These dishes are spiked with a spoonful (or three!) of zesty Sriracha chili sauce and plate-licking good! Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Spicy Sriracha Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw

These Spicy Sriracha Shrimp Tacos are fast, flavorful, and topped with a zesty Sriracha Ranch Dressing and Cilantro Lime Slaw that will rock yours socks! These healthy shrimp tacos are one of the most popular recipes on my blog and have over forty 5-star reviews!

Sriracha Roasted Chickpeas

2. Sriracha Roasted Chickpeas

These spicy Sriracha spiked chickpeas are great for snacking and taste amazing on top of salads, tacos, hummus, and grain bowls!

3. Honey Sriracha Lime Dressing

Quick, easy, and full of flavor, this Thai-inspired Honey Sriracha Lime Dressing is sure to be your new favorite salad topper!

These quick and easy Sriracha Glazed Seared Scallops are finished off with a spicy + super flavorful homemade Sriracha pan sauce! Delicious!

4. Sriracha Glazed Seared Scallops

Quick and easy Sriracha Glazed Scallops are finished off with a spicy and super flavorful homemade Sriracha pan sauce that is finger licking good!

5. Sweet Chili Sriracha Salmon

Looking for a new way to jazz up salmon and make it taste GREAT!? This tasty glazed Sweet Chili Sriracha Salmon is quick, easy, and makes an impressive weeknight dinner that’s full of flavor!

Spicy Sriracha Lime Chicken Zoodle Soup - One pot and 15 minutes are all you need to make this delicious dish! 

6. Spicy Sriracha Lime Chicken Zoodle Soup

Short on time? Try this speedy and spicy sriracha lime chicken zoodle soup! Zucchini noodles have never tasted so good!

7. PF Changs Copycat Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This restaurant copycat is from An Edible Mosaic and a total must-try! If you’re a fan of PF Chang’s lettuce wraps you’re going to flip over how easy it is to make them at home!

Spicy Sriracha Green Beans

8. Spicy Sriracha Green Beans

One of my favorite recipes right now, these Spicy Sriracha Green Beans are fast and flavorful! Grab some garlic, green beans, and sriracha and meet me in the kitchen for this deliciously fiery side dish!

9. Homemade Volcano Roll with Spicy Sriracha Mayo

The spicy sriracha shrimp and cool cucumber in this homemade volcano roll are a match made in heaven. Whip up this delicious sushi restaurant copycat at home – it’s easier than you think!

Sweet and Spicy Sriracha Tofu Recipe

10. Sweet and Spicy Sriracha Tofu

This Sweet and Spicy Sriracha Tofu is fiery, flavorful, and totally vegan too! Skip the takeout and Sriracha it up at home!

11. Sriracha Chicken Tacos

These spicy sriracha-kissed tacos are from Will Cook for Smiles. Sweet sriracha marinated + grilled chicken is packed into crispy tortilla shell, and topped with avocado, greens, cilantro sour cream sauce and tasty honey sriracha.

Bacon Sriracha Potato Salad

12. Bacon Sriracha Potato Salad

Spice up your Spring and Summer barbecues, picnics, and parties with this zesty Bacon Sriracha Potato Salad! This feisty and fiery side dish is loaded with flavor!

13. Sweet Potato Fries with Sriracha Ketchup via The Lemon Bowl

Sriracha Ketchup, by the way, has absolutely changed my life! Seriously! I put it on absolutely everything lately. It can be whipped up with your favorite from-scratch recipe or simply swirled into your go-to brand of ketchup! I think I need to start carrying around a Sriracha Keychain so I can spike ALL THE KETCHUP!!!

Szechwan Shrimp and Broccoli

14. Szechuan Shrimp and Broccoli

This restaurant copycat Shrimp and Broccoli recipe is ridiculously tasty and ready in just 20 minutes. Skip the restaurant and whip up this healthy Sriracha-drizzled dish at home!

15.  Honey Lime Sriracha Cauliflower

These Cauliflower Wings by Cupcakes and Kale chips look AMAZING! I can’t wait to make them and try their sticky sweet honey sriracha glaze!

36 Recipes to Fuel Your Sriracha Obsession :: Honey Sriracha Hummus

16. Honey Sriracha Hummus

A delicious sweet and spicy combo of flavors makes this Honey Sriracha Hummus a hit! The recipe takes only minutes to throw together! Recipe via With Salt + Wit.

17. Sriracha Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

Homemade barbecue sauce is the way to go! I love that Sriracha is added to this sweet and savory sauce! Recipe via Barefeet in the Kitchen.

This Spicy Sriracha Crab and Cucumber Salad is refreshing and flavorful! This Japanese-inspired kani salad is my absolute favorite sushi restaurant appetizer. #crab #seafood #pescatarian #healthy #spiralized #spiralizer #cucumber #avocado #sriracha #restaruantcopycat

18. Spicy Sriracha Crab and Cucumber Salad

This Spicy Sriracha Crab and Cucumber Salad is inspired by my absolute favorite sushi restaurant appetizer. It’s even better when made at home and SO easy to make!

19. Spicy Sriracha Shrimp

These fiery Sriracha Shrimp are next level delicious! Make them as mild or as spicy as you’d like and get ready to toss them in everything! Tacos, wraps, salads, and more… they all taste great with these spicy sriracha shrimp!

Spicy Sriracha Green Beans

20. Spicy Sriracha Green Beans Recipe

These Spicy Sriracha Green Beans are fast, fiery, and flavorful! Hands-down one of my favorite side dishes ever! We love it with a side of fluffy rice and fresh steamed dumplings.

21. Sriracha Lime Chicken

This sriracha lime chicken skillet is an easy dinner that’s spicy, refreshing and cooked in one pan! Recipe via Running to the Kitchen.

Spicy Vegetarian Ramen

22. Spicy Vegetarian Ramen

This Spicy Vegetarian Ramen has the most addictive broth seasoned with sriracha, garlic, and soy sauce. Add all your favorite toppings and get your noodle on!

23. Sriracha Shrimp Ramen Noodle Soup

This spicy Sriracha Shrimp Ramen Noodle Soup is quick, easy, and oh so delicious!

36 Recipes to Fuel Your Sriracha Obsession :: Sriracha Deviled Eggs

24. Sriracha Deviled Eggs

Via Wholefully – “Kick up your appetizer game a bit with this recipe for Bacon and Sriracha Deviled Eggs. A little spicy, a little salty, and a lot flavorful, these deviled eggs will make you a star!”

25. Zoodles with Spicy Almond Butter Sauce

Via The Lean Green Bean – “This recipe for Zoodles with Chicken and Spicy Almond Butter Sauce is low-carb, high in protein and makes veggies flavorful and fun to eat!”

Spicy Chickpea Veggie Burgers with Jalapeño and Zucchini

26. Sriracha Aioli

This Spicy Sriracha Aioli is a breeze to make and tastes great on everything from veggie burgers to french fries! It also makes a pretty awesome drizzle on tacos and stir fry dishes. YUM!

27. Paleo Orange Chicken

This delish recipe comes from my friend Amanda’s blog, Fake Ginger! I seriously cannot wait to try it!

Bacon Sriracha Cauliflower au Gratin

28. Bacon Sriracha Cauliflower Gratin

This fiery and flavorful Bacon Sriracha Cauliflower Gratin is a spotlight-worthy side that is easy, cheesy, and crazy delicious!

29. One-Pot Spiralized Zucchini Noodle Soup

From stove top to table in just 10 minutes, you’ll love this super speedy One-Pot Zucchini Noodle Miso Soup!

30. Spiralized Thai Zucchini Noodle Salad with Sriracha Dressing

So… what are you waiting for!? Grab a bottle of rooster sauce and meet me in the kitchen to make one (or ten) of these tasty sriracha recipes!

If you get a chance to try any of these spicy sriracha recipes, let me know!

Leave some love in the comment form below or tag your photos with @peasandcrayons on Instagram so I can happy dance over your creation. I can’t wait to see what you whip up!

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    I have recently become Sriracha obsessed and I’m a little sad over all the years I spent not eating it.. I guess I should just make all of these things to make up for lost time. ;p

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