Sesame Seared Tuna and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

Sometimes I honestly don’t know what I’m thinking.  Put me in a kitchen and I’m decisive and driven, but put me in front of a menu at a restaurant and I am the most indecisive person on earth.  I think it’s typically because I want everything on the menu and loathe the idea of having to choose just one dish.  Well, one dish and and several stolen bites off my friends plates when they’re not looking.  I’m sneaky like that =)
On a whim I ordered the special at South Beach Grill and found myself staring down a pile of wasabi mashed potatoes.  Um… I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I loathe wasabi!  It makes my nose run and my eyes burn and my face squish in absolute agony.  It’s not cute.  Or fun.  Or very tasty.  I truly just wanted the seared tuna.  So much, in fact, that I was willing to put up with a plate of wasabi torture in the process.  You can imagine my surprise when I looked down at my plate only to realize it had been licked clean.  Oh yes, I devoured every last bite of wasabi madness — and loved it!  I guess the starch took the edge off?  Whatever the case, they rocked and I wanted more.
[Restaurant Recreation] seared sesame tuna and wasabi mashed potatoes

Sesame Seared Tuna & Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

Sesame Seared Tuna and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: entree
Cuisine: seafood
Serves: 2 servings
  • 2 russet potatoes, scrubbed and peeled
  • 1 large sashimi-grade tuna steak, fresh from the seafood counter
  • 4-6oz of unsweetened coconut milk [or dairy/non-dairy equivalent]
  • dried parsley/chives, salt, and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic, smashed and minced
  • 1-2 teaspoons of toasted sesame seeds + chia seeds
  • coconut oil [or equivalent] for searing
  • wasabi powder or paste, to taste
  1. Cube and boil potatoes in a pot of water for 10-15 minutes or until the starchy little cubes mash easily with a fork. I like to season the water with black pepper and a pinch of salt, totally optional!
  2. Once fork-tender, reduce heat to low and strain the water from the pot.
  3. Next add coconut milk, garlic, salt, pepper, and parsley and mash with a wooden spoon... fork... whatever you feel like abusing your potatoes with. Maybe not your fists though? I'd hate for you to burn yourself!
  4. Now break out the wasabi. I started with a teeny pinch... then added a little more... and then even more wasabi! I suppose I was feeling ballsy!
  5. Taste as you go to reach the perfect level of intensity to suit your tastebuds. Same goes for the salt, pepper, garlic and parsley! You could also add cream cheese, butter, buttermilk, greek yogurt, or any other mix-ins to the mashed potatoes if you'd like, but just the coconut milk alone whipped mine into a tasty mountain of fluff.
  6. For the tuna, add a spoonful or two of coconut oil to a cast iron skillet and heat to high.
  7. Heat the oil for a minute or two, but not so long that the oil smokes.
  8. Using a pair of tongs, test the oil with a corner of the fish. If it starts to sear and bubble you're good to go!
  9. First sear the edges of the fish; about 30 seconds per side will do.
  10. Once the edges are done, sear the front/back of the fish for about 30 seconds each.
  11. The longer you sear the tuna, the less rare the inside will be, so adjust accordingly!
  12. Remove from skillet with tongs [safety first!] and dredge in sesame/chia seeds.
  13. Slice into ¼ inch strips and serve atop your fluffy wasabi mashed potatoes.

t-rex chefs feel free to use milk and/or butter in your mashed potatoes

vegansaurus chefs the potatoes are vegan! simply skip the seared tuna + veg it up!

feeling saucy?  serve with a side of sriracha chili sauce or low sodium soy sauce!

[Restaurant Recreation] seared sesame tuna and wasabi mashed potatoes
 Once again I was left wondering…
Who licked my plate?”


  1. Rachel Layfield says

    Oh my gosh!!!!!YUM!!!! I love tuna and love mashed potatoes!!! i cannot wait to try this one! And I am with you…wasabi and I don’t make a good match, usually. But I am willing to give it another try:)

  2. C S says

    I’ve never been a wasabi fan, but I keep coming back to this post to drool over your amazing tuna pictures. I might have to believe you and try the full recipe!

  3. says

    Aww thanks!! I wont let wasabi NEAR my sushi [or my face] but it’s allowed in my mashed potatoes. You can even make regular mashed potatoes and then pull a little aside to mix with wasabi to test your tastebuds — this way if you still loathe the green stuff you have regular mashed potatoes to console you =) haha! Though you might surprise yourself and love em! <3

  4. Meg says

    I love wasabi anything! I’ve had wasabi mashed potatoes before too and they’re so good! I am so proud of you for ordering them AND enjoying them :)

  5. says

    I can’t stand Wasabi either! I feel exactly the same way about it you did too. I might have to try it again b/c your recipes are always tasty. Also, when it comes to tuna this is going to sound absolutely insane, but have you ever had the tuna from Outback?!? I’m sure you’ve never stepped foot in the place, but let me tell you (and this is coming from a Charlestonian who lives 5 miles from the ocean), the tuna at Outback is the freshest, most delicious, absolute divinest tuna I have ever eaten in my life. For realz. And it is that good every.single.time. I’ve been told it comes in fresh every single day and is never saved overnight. If you ever get the chance, seriously try it! It’s amazing. Here’s a picture to prove it!

  6. Allison says

    This is.. the most amazing recipe I’ve seen in months!! Two of my absolute favorite things I could never imagine together.(I’m from Canada so I’ve never been to the restaurant). But the recreation looks amazing.

  7. Donna says

    Stunning offering!..Could I possibly use a celery rave mash to sub for the potatoes? Trying to stay in Paleo-mode…but I want to do justice to your recipe! Thanks for any suggestions!

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