[Thirsty Thursday] Strawberry Lime Spritzer

Thanks to grocery stores that sell local produce instead of imported, I was able to score a carton of the best strawberries of my life.  Ripe strawberries taste like candy and could stop even the most stubborn sweet tooth dead in its tracks.  Man these were good!
Naturally I had to corrupt them with vodka.  I mean, I did go to FSU after all.
light strawberry lime vodka spritzer with la croix lime
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Strawberry Lime Spritzer

one can of sparkling lime La Croix water [or lemon-lime soda]
 1-2 shots of strawberry vodka, chilled
as many slices of fresh strawberry and lime as you can fit in the glass!
slosh. stir. and serve over ice.
lightened up la croix strawberry lime vodka spritzer cocktail
Though maybe the sloshing comes last ;)  
Happy almost-friday!
Still thirsty?  
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  1. Kim Grotz says

    Yay, I can comment!

    I love strawberries and lime. There’s a pick your own strawberry farm here in town. A friend and I found it when we were lost, we rolled down the window to ask for directions, and the most yummlicious smell hit us like a happy, happy brick wall.

  2. Moo Eleven says

    Mine is definitely a spiked drink….!!  This looks gorgeous – I wonder if you can make strawberry vodka?!  Moo x

  3. says

    Delicious idea! I just bought some lemon-lime soda sweetened with stevia that I have been wanting to try out! I bought it with wine spritzers in mind but I love the strawberry vodka with strawberries idea. Thanks Jenn!

  4. Helennaturally says

    I can’t really say that I have a favorite spring beverage…..I usually stick with wine or beer.  I do love  a good peach bellini every so often :)  I am not a real “sweet drink” type of person, I think this one would be perfect!!

    Oh and virgin only if I have to, like when I was pregnant :)

  5. says

    I’m the same way! Though sub a screwdriver for the peach bellini and we’re good to go =) This drink is more tart and fizzy with the only sweetness coming from the berries you toss in the glass so hopefully you’d love it too! xoxo Happy Friday Helen!

  6. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    LOL  @  the FSU comment. So true. Totally how we roll.

    This looks sooo yummy and refreshing! I’m loving all the strawberries right now.

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