What I Ate Wednesday Par-tay #35 + PB&J Sushi

Yeahhhhh still no internet! 
I actually did manage to trick a company into come out to get us set up… But then they said my neighborhood was too new and they didn’t want to bother putting a cable line in for the boatload of peeps that are already living there.  Hmm… the only word that comes to mind is a naughty one… So i’ll behave.  But man is this redooonkuolus!  Does anyone want to adopt me?  I can’t guarantee that I’ll clean, but I’ll cook!!!! <3  
Seriously… adopt me.
We could party like its WIAW every day! <3 
what i ate wednesday wiaw
trilogy kombucha
black coffee
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi!!!
wiaw what i ate wednesday peanut butter and jelly pbj sushi
Annie’s Tomato Soup + Stars in my moo cow bowl
water and the rest of my kombucha
a larger than life carrot salad! [recipe coming soon! <3]
wiaw partial
Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!! <3
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Peas and Crayons

Peas and Crayons


  1. says

    PB&J sushi is on the kids menu at one of the local sushi places.  Brilliant idea… I don’t like fish, so it’s what I order when I am dragged along with the sushi-eaters. :)

    I can’t believe you are still without internet… I’d be clawing out someone’s eyeballs!

  2. says

    I can’t participate this week—your internet issue is kinda like my camera issue (except my issue is just me being lazy!). 
    It really is unbelievable the trouble you’re having getting internet!  I mean, really, is this 1993?

  3. says

    You’re like a virtual orphan.  I’d adopt you, but I my husband’s always dreamed of having a boy for our first child.  Hope things are up and running soon!  Happy WIAW!

  4. Tonja says

    I am going to have to make my kids the PB&J suchi. They would love it.
    And this is my first WIAW and I think it is awsome to see what other people are eating!

  5. Lauren says

    This is some party. I love finding new blogs and love how bossy you’ve become with the format (kidding) you tell um’.  

  6. thehealthycupcake says

    If I could send you some of my internet I would <3  I’ve done PBJ sushi with a whole wheat wrap.  Great minds think alike :) 

  7. says

    So sorry on the internet drama!!! :-( But the peanut butter and jelly sushi looks so fun, I need to try that! :-) I miss WIAW and need to get back into it, aw! Thankfully things are settling down and I’ll have time soon. :-)

  8. Julia says

    Wow – is Kombucha good? I’ve never had it. I’m super flattered that despite your internet malaise you still commented on my lil guest post at Jane’s. I think #99 sweet tooth runner is calling my name. Must go explore. – Julia

  9. Cara @ Chic Meets Healthy says

    that carrot salad looks amazing!! can you believe you are almost at 200 link ups?! i remember when 100 was a huge deal!! congrats lady

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