Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi + What I Ate Wednesday

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!!

BREAKFAST: trilogy kombucha :: black coffee :: vitamins :: and…

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi!!!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi
I love making these for an unconventional breakfast, a light lunch, [I usually make 2-3 slices of bread’s worth!] or as a quick snack. If there’s fresh bread in the house I can’t help it! If eating PB+J as an adult is wrong I don’t want to be right! These little rolls of nostalgia are great for kids AND adults!

Simply slice the crust off your favorite bread and slather half the slice with peanut butter. Spread your favorite jam onto the other half and bonus points for anyone who adds ground flax seeds like I do [helloooo fiber!] :: Then simply roll it, slice it, and scarf it!

LUNCH: Annie’s Tomato Soup + Stars ::water :: the rest of my kombucha

DINNER: a larger than life carrot salad!


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Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

PB&J sushi is on the kids menu at one of the local sushi places.  Brilliant idea… I don’t like fish, so it’s what I order when I am dragged along with the sushi-eaters. 🙂

I can’t believe you are still without internet… I’d be clawing out someone’s eyeballs!

Jill @ Vegan in the Kitchen

Love PBJ Sushi!  And love that you “tricked” the cable company into coming out.  Hope you get i’net soon!

Kris |

I think…just think….I love your breakfast today!  Hello Peanut Butter – SWOON!



Ha!  Love the sammich.  I am usually a fan of “normal” sushi, but that looks even better.  😉

Jen @ Light Enough to Travel

Can’t wait for the carrot salad recipe!


I can’t participate this week—your internet issue is kinda like my camera issue (except my issue is just me being lazy!). 
It really is unbelievable the trouble you’re having getting internet!  I mean, really, is this 1993?

lindsay cotter

i love your pb&j sushi. You get extra points today, especially with the kombucha. ANd yes, that is reeeedonkulous! You ask, you pay, they need to deliver!

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

I LOVE that PB+J sushi idea! I’m going to have to remember that the next time I need to entertain small children,

And by “small children” I mean myself. 😉

sarah (sarah learns)

mwahaha – cutest thing ever – pb&j sushi! totally using that on my kids….you know, when i have kids in like 10 years! 😉 i’ll totally remember it until then.

Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats

Those internet people need their ass kicked it sounds like! Love the PBJ sushi idea! 🙂 so fun!


I’m glad you posted your PB&J sushi!  I’ve been wondering how you did those 🙂

Kristi @ Sweet Cheeks

that is the most creative sushi i have ever seen!! And probably the yummiest, too!! 

jillian dieter

the pb+j sushi rolls are TOO cute. i hope you get internet soon chickadee! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams


PB&J sushi could be the best thing I’ve ever seen! 😀

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode

You’re so cute and creative!   If I liked PB&J I’d totally try it.  Someday I’ll feed it to my kids 🙂


Great eats!! Happy WIAW girl 🙂


Yum! I used to do PB&J sushi in a tortilla!


You’re like a virtual orphan.  I’d adopt you, but I my husband’s always dreamed of having a boy for our first child.  Hope things are up and running soon!  Happy WIAW!


I love the idea of PB&J Sushi!!  Nom nom nom

Andrea @ Vegvacious

Everytime I see PB&J sushi, I vow I’m going straight home to make it, but I have yet to actually do so!!! I can’t believe you’re still without Internet ~ what has the world come to 😀

Lisa @ Healthful Sense

Definitely making the PB & J sushi tahday!!  omg what a great idea =)  I will for sure adopt you —  my boys love to cook so you would fit right in =)


I am going to have to make my kids the PB&J suchi. They would love it.
And this is my first WIAW and I think it is awsome to see what other people are eating!


This is some party. I love finding new blogs and love how bossy you’ve become with the format (kidding) you tell um’.  

The Realistic Nutritionist

COME LIVE WITH ME!!! It’ll be very fun!

Amy-Nutrition by Nature

I am so making those PB&J sushi rolls for my kids! Awesome. I sure hope they figure out your no internet thing. That is horrible in today’s time!!


I can’t believe they’re saying you can’t have internet! Not good 🙁
The sushi looks amazing… happy WIAW!


If I could send you some of my internet I would <3  I’ve done PBJ sushi with a whole wheat wrap.  Great minds think alike 🙂 




love the idea of pb and j sushi. so cute!

Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

Major bummer about the cable! You can come live with me if you make me PB and J sushi every morning 🙂

Ellie Kim

hehe proud of ya for having self control with your words! 😛 ahhhh hope the internet deal gets cleared up soon for you though.  Have a great week Jenn!


So sorry on the internet drama!!! 🙁 But the peanut butter and jelly sushi looks so fun, I need to try that! 🙂 I miss WIAW and need to get back into it, aw! Thankfully things are settling down and I’ll have time soon. 🙂


Wow – is Kombucha good? I’ve never had it. I’m super flattered that despite your internet malaise you still commented on my lil guest post at Jane’s. I think #99 sweet tooth runner is calling my name. Must go explore. – Julia


Just realized you are a fellow Nole. Very awesome. When did you graduate and leave dear old Tally?

Melissa (MelissaLikesToEat)

I still can’t believe you don’t have internet! You can live with me. 🙂

Lauren @ Sugar Coated Sisters

oh drats the collection closed! first week at the new job and i’m falling behind with the blogging… here’s my WIAW haha

Cara @ Chic Meets Healthy

that carrot salad looks amazing!! can you believe you are almost at 200 link ups?! i remember when 100 was a huge deal!! congrats lady


Pb&J sushie? Your a G 😉

jessica {creative index}

i still can’t believe your without the interwebs!! that’s just crazy!! 🙂
that carrot salad has me intrigued! can’t wait for the recipe!


The PB & J sushi is adorable!  I love it! 🙂 

Love and miss you! xoxo