Easy Make-Ahead Cold Party Dips

Get your dip on with these easy make-ahead cold party dips. They’re totally tasty and perfect for your next party or potluck!

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An irresistible dip is a MUST for any party or potluck!

I mean, I can honestly say I’ve made some of the *best* friends mingling over a bowl of delicious dip.

These perfect party dips are a breeze to whip up whether you’re hosting the party or simply bringing a dish to share. (the best guests bring food – #fact) They’re easy to make and can even be prepped the day before.

Let’s get our dip on!

Easy Make-Ahead Cold Party Dips

1. Healthy Garden Veggie Dip

First up is my OG chilled veggie dip. Typically cold veggie dips are seasoned with an array of seasonings mixed with some dehydrated or powdered veggie situation to give it a burst of flavor. I like to take things one step further and season my veggie dip with fresh herbs, veggies, and a few dried seasonings to take the flavor up notch.

The combination always results in someone trying to dunk their hand (or face!) into the bowl. I’m surrounded by class acts, I tell ya!

This healthy garden veggie dip is perfect for your next party! Skip the store bought tub; you’ll want to dunk everything in sight into this tasty homemade garden veggie dip! Mayo-free and SO delicious!
Healthy Garden Veggie Dip
4.87 from 30 votes
This healthy garden veggie dip is perfect for your next party! Skip the store bought tub; you’ll want to dunk everything in sight into this tasty homemade garden veggie dip! Mayo-free and SO delicious!
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2. Healthy Avocado Cilantro White Bean Dip

This healthy veggie dip is crazy amazing! This is the kind of dip you wind up going back for “just one more bite” so many times that you finally cave and hover over the bowl like it’s your sole duty to protect it from double dippers.

Healthy White Bean Dip with Avocado and Cilantro is a speedy snack that's full of flavor. We love this easy appetizer! Gluten-Free + Vegetarian + Vegan
Healthy Avocado Cilantro White Bean Dip
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This Healthy Avocado Cilantro White Bean Dip is a speedy snack that’s full of flavor. We love this easy appetizer! Gluten-Free + Vegetarian + Vegan
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3. Veggie Tray with Chilled French Onion Dip Recipe

Veggie trays are hands-down my favorite party appetizer to make in advance.

Raw veggies can easily be washed, sliced, and stored in the fridge ahead of time plus cold veggie dip is so simple to make in advance and tastes even better the next day!

Veggie Tray
Easy Veggie Tray with French Onion Dip
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When it comes to parties and game night around here, I love whipping up an easy veggie tray with dip! They're colorful, healthy, and simple to make!
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4. Mediterranean Feta Dip

This delish dip always vanishes fast and has the most wonderful reviews from friends, family, and readers alike! It’s fantastic served with pita chips, tortilla chips, warm flatbread, cucumber slices, fresh/toasted baguette slices, or halved sweet mini peppers.

Mediterranean Feta Dip Recipe
Mediterranean Feta Dip
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This easy Mediterranean Feta Dip can be served as a tasty party appetizer with pita chips or as a flavorful salad topper!
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Spicy Feta Dip with carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, celery sticks, pita, and crackers
Spicy Feta Dip
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This flavorful and fiery Spicy Feta Dip features creamy feta blended with garlic and Calabrian chili paste served alongside all your favorite dippers for a perfect party appetizer.
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5. Spicy Feta Dip

This recipe yields a little over a cup and a half of feta dip. It can be easily doubled or tripled for a larger crowd and makes the most amazing addition to Mediterranean Mezze Platters, Charcuterie Boards, and Cheese Boards.

6. Fresh Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl

Love deli-style chilled spinach dip? My fresh spinach dip recipe is totally delicious! Try it in a hollowed out bread bowl for a fun party appetizer.

7. Creamy Cilantro Cucumber Dip

This Creamy Cilantro Cucumber Dip is quick, easy, and so incredibly delicious! Mayo-free and easily made ahead, pair this cold veggie dip with thinly sliced vegetables and crackers for a healthy appetizer or snack.

8. Harissa Yogurt Dip

Get ready to jazz up your veggie tray and swirl in a little spice with this zesty Harissa Yogurt Dip!

9. Cold Veggie Dip in a Bread Bowl

This party-perfect Chilled Veggie Dip is served in a bread bowl with crunchy veggies for a tasty snack that will have your guests coming back for more!

10. Restaurant Style Tzatziki Dip

This Thick and Creamy Restaurant-Style Tzatziki Dip makes a great sauce, dip, or spread. Make extra because you’ll want to put it on everything! We love ours paired with fresh veggies and pita for dunking.

11. Spicy Dill Dip

This Spicy Dill Dip makes a fantastic snack or appetizer. Serve it with pita and veggie dippers as an easy make-ahead after school snack or bring it to your next party or potluck!

Both fresh and dried dill work marvelously here so feel free to use what you have on hand!

12. Jalapeno Tzatziki Dip

Jalapeño Tzatziki Dip is ready to rock your next party or potluck… or just revolutionize your current snack status, NBD. This delicious dip always leaves us coming back for more!

13. Knorr Cold Spinach Dip

This is my go-to recipe for healthy chilled Knorr Spinach Dip with EXTRA veggies! It’s perfect for piling in extras such as cucumber, zucchini, carrots and more!

If you get a chance to try any of these awesome cold party dips (which are all totally vegetarian by the way – love it!), let me know!

Leave some love in the comment form below or tag your photos with @peasandcrayons on Instagram so I can happy dance over your creation. I can’t wait to see what you whip up!

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    1. Hi Donna! There isn’t a book but each title for the recipes is a clickable link and will take you to the recipe with a printable recipe card — this way you can choose your favorites and make them for free! xo

  1. I came across your DIY Guacamole Seasoning, but I can’t find your “GO-To Guacamole Recipe. Please share it with me. Thank you!

    1. Hi Martha! The recipe is inside the DIY Guacamole Seasoning post. Here is the recipe for 2 avocado’s worth:

      2 ripe HAAS Avocado
      1-2 tsp of Mrs. Renfro’s Green Salsa (or your favorite jar of salsa verde!)
      1/4-1/3 cup chopped, ripe tomato (sometimes I add fresh minced jalapeño too)
      1/2 tsp of lime juice for a fruity burst of acidity
      fresh cilantro to taste

      You will also add the seasoning blend (I quadruple the recipe and just keep it in a jar for when I need it) and mix well.

      Combine all ingredients, minus the tomatoes. Mash to desired consistency, top with diced tomatoes and dig in! I like mine on the chunkier side — It sticks to the chips better.