Purple Powerhouse Smoothie

Purple Powerhouse Smoothie

I toyed with the idea of posting this smoothie for days. Weeks even! I know not all of you are currently batting for team beet [give me more time — I love a challenge!] but some of my dearest friends have been asking for this recipe. You know who you are! Grab some beets, and some blueberries, and go nuts! <3

Ooh! And if you’re one of my darling friends that think “beet” is a four-letter word, let’s make a deal. I’ll refrain from calling you a certain five-letter word that ALSO starts with a B and will instead blog about chocolate and cookies if [and only if!] you refrain from saying beets are icky. Deal? 

That being said, I absolutely love beets!vAnd this smoothie! This really, really, ridiculously purple smoothie.

get blending! Since I don’t own a snazzy heavy-duty blender, I use cooked beets.  [I’ve only owned one blender my entire life + this one, while awful, refuses to die on me!]  Luckily I’m obsessed with fall-friendly Beet Carpaccio salads and almost always have perfectly cooked beets in my fridge.  I use [this] technique to cook them and then store them in the fridge for up to 4 days.  They also freeze extremely well and will last even longer chilling next to your ice cream.

Purple Powerhouse Smoothie
  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries
  • ½ a large beet or 1small/medium beet [make with the leftovers from this]
  • 1 ripe banana [fresh or frozen]
  • ¼-1/2 cup of plain coconut milk
  • a handful or so of kale leaves
  • a splash of orange juice for sweetness

  • optional add-ins & swaps
  • green apple, or orange sections for added fruit
  • orange juice instead of coconut milk
  • spinach instead of kale
  • flax or chia seeds for an extra kick of fiber
  • ice, if you're using all fresh ingredients
  1. Get Blending!
  2. Cook up some beets for a salad or side dish and then set a few slices aside for this smoothie!
  3. To make this bad boy, toss everything in the blender and let it do the work for you.
  4. Adjust the liquids and even add ice if needed, it'll just depend on your ratio of frozen ingredients to fresh.
  5. I always start with the recipe above and then just tweak as needed!
  6. While I don't typically sweeten my smoothies, feel free to sweeten with extra fruit, juice, or agave syrup if desired. Anything goes; empty that crisper and enjoy!
Purple Powerhouse Smoothie
Purple Powerhouse Smoothie

so… how was it? After taking my first sip of this smoothie, I immediately prepped enough ingredients to make another the following morning. I think it’s safe to say I loved it! It had a refreshing earthiness from the beet, a punch of sweetness from the berries/OJ/banana, and the kale added a bevvy of nutrients yet was essentially a phantom ingredient. I couldn’t even taste it! Just beets.. blueberries… and banana! But to answer the question that is prooobably on your mind right now… Yes. You can skip the beets. Just add more berries and maybe some extra spinach/kale too. Then go sit in the corner.

Whatever ingredients you choose to add to your smoothies are sure to make a delicious drink.  Surprise yourself by sneaking in a veggie or two and always remember to stick to whole foods, steer clear of sugar-bombs, and hurry up because it’s getting chilly outside!

Purple Powerhouse Smoothie :: drink. yo. veggies.


  1. says

    I tried beets in a smoothie once but it came out all wrong. I think I used too much, the texture was all messed up. I will be trying this one out though. I have great hopes.

  2. WillJogForFood says

    Yummy! I’ve had juice with beets but not a smoothie yet. I’ll have to try it. My latest trick to add sweetness is to add 1 date to my smoothie. It does the trick every time :)

  3. says

    I really love smoothies, but I’ve never been one to add in weird ingredients like beets, spinach, kale, etc.
    However, ever seems to say it tastes just the same, so I might have to try!!!
    That recipe does like really yummy though :)

  4. says

    Beets are the most amazing thing on the planet (next to you of course). I am glad to find others who like them so I don’t feel like such an old lady for loving them. :)

  5. says

    I’m no beet hater! I love the things (and how they dye everything magenta). I’ve been known to eat canned beets straight from the can before. I feel like this smoothie is probably a classier option 😉

  6. says

    One small caution about beets…sometimes if you juice them or eat them raw they can very quickly do a number on your need to “go.” Also, when you do “go” the color is representative of said beets and can scare whatever “go” you have left in you right on out! TMI? Better to be informed maybe…first time I juiced beets I about had a heart attack! LOL!

  7. Debbie says

    I have a vitamix so used raw beets and greens and stems. I added a whole Orange, chia seeds and some romaine with kale and beet greens.

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