Crockpot Black Beans

Super Easy Black Beans... in the crockpot!For those of you that already prep your beans this way, this post is not for you. [but this one is]  This post is for everyone that is new to beans, strictly uses canned, or is just simply curious about a new way to prep these black beauties for quick and easy meals throughout the week.

Are you ready for it?  You’re going to laugh at yourself when you realize just how easy this is.  At least I did, but I’m always laughing at myself =)

Tips, Tricks and Recipes for Uber Easy Black Beans... in the crock-pot!

easy crockpot black beans:

step 1  grab a bag of black beans – rinse with water and pluck out any broken ones
step 2  pour into your slow cooker
step 3  fill with water to about 2 inches above the beans
step 4  turn on to HIGH and set a timer for 3.5 hours

Now walk away!

Your beans will be perfectly cooked in anywhere from 3.5-4 hours.  [Though it will take a little longer if you live at a high altitude.]  I check mine at the 3.5 hour mark and try one to see if they’re tender enough.  If they’re still hard, set your timer for an extra 30 minutes and curl up with a book or catch up on that pile-o-laundry!

So. Freaking.  Easy.

Still looking for a slow cooker? [click here] a few fabulous options!

You can also season them while in the crockpot if you’re making one singular recipe, like a pot of black beans and rice for instance.  I scoop mine out with a slotted spoon, portion into freezer safe containers and freeze them for the plethora of mexican dishes and savory stuffed sweet potatoes I’m always whipping up.  They’ll keep for 4 days in the fridge and for months in the freezer.  Kiss the cans [and that nasty BPA lining] goodbye! <3

Black Beans freeze absolutely effortlessly and reheat tasting as good as new!  To reheat frozen beans, simply plop them in the fridge overnight and attack them the following day, or slowly defrost in the microwave, heating in small intervals so the beans don’t burst.  You can also warm them up on the stove-top or take some steamy hot water to the container you’ve sealed them in.  So basically… any which way!  Take your pick and run with it! =)

So now that you have a big pot of beans to experiment with,  it’s time to put them to work!  Here are a few of my favorites: 

Healthy Black Bean Recipes
L to R

Savory Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Triple-Bean Veggie Burgers

Mexican Chop Chop

Mexican Pizza Lasagna

T-Flatts Tostadas

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Flautas

Savory Stuffed Sweet PotatoesMexican Chop ChopMexican Pizza Lasagna
Guilt-Free NachosMexican Lasagna PizzaBlack Bean and Sweet Potato Flautas
Pumpkin Black Bean TacosTijuana Flats Copycat Tostadas


  1. babykayramon says

    I do so love to make beans in the crock pot.  But one thing.  If you live at high altitude (like us here in Denver) soaking the beans overnight is a must and they still will have to cook for 6+ hours in the crock pot. Darn altitude is great for those olympic athletes and their training but makes for extra work in the kitchen.  Or extra cooking time anyway.  😉

  2. says

    I do my lentils on the stovetop since they are a little more delicate and take way less time than the black beans do. I heard red kidney beans are a little more temperamental than most and shouldn’t be cooked in the crockpot. So far I’ve only done the black beans in mine. Ooh and chickpeas I’ve heard work too but they take less time – only 2-3 hours I believe.

    How to cook dried kidney beans: Lentils:

    Hope this helps! LMK if you have any other questions love! =) xoxo

  3. [email protected] says

    I’ve been thinking about switching to dried beans. Based on how easy it sounds, I’m almost embarrassed I haven’t yet. Thanks for the post. I’m going to get beaning.

  4. busybee2 says

    Like!!  SO easy and I never thought of using the crockpot.  How great for the heat of summer when I don’t want to use the stove.

  5. TheMrsatSuccessAlongtheWeigh says

    I do mine like that all the time then freeze them until I need them.  I like to put a poblano pepper in there so the flavor seeps in.  YUM!

  6. says

    i knew you could do this but never that it was that simple.  i am sold. i love the freezing idea. i wouldn’t want my husband to tackle  a whole crock pot of beans at once. 

  7. says

    Chickpeas, but it takes less time! Other beans like kidney beans should be done on the stovetop according to what I’ve read about them.. and lentils are uber delicate and cook in like 15-20 min flat so I just do those on the stovetop! But you can totally crockpot some garbanzos and possibly white/navy beans as well! I’ll do some experimentation and get back to ya! =) xoxo

  8. says

    I buy canned beans right now but want to convert over to buying dried in a bag and ‘cooking’ them myself–I love that I could just throw them in the crockpot!

  9. says

    LOVE THIS!! I knew there had to be a way to make black beans from the bag. the bag is like $1 and you get SO MANY servings out of it, and not to mention, a lot LESS sodium. Totally getting a crock pot for my new place September 1st now..thanks lady for showing how easy this is!

  10. says

    As I’m reading this, I’m wondering, “How long do these freeze for?” Thanks for reading my mind and answering this for me. You’re the best! 😉 

    I have thought of another question. What is the best way to reheat, or cook these after you freeze them?

  11. says

    This is great! These have been on my “list of things to add into my diet/menu” for a few weeks now… now that I know how easy it can be I can get my butt in gear :)

  12. cragsandveggies says

    I love fresh beans. SO much better than from a can! I hate mushy beans and making them fresh is the only way I get non-mushy! :)

  13. says

    I love black beans with sweet potatoes. I keep telling myself that I need to be making my own beans rather than eating them from the can. It has always seemed so inconvenient, though. This looks super easy….I’m going to do it!

  14. Austin says

    I cook dry beans on the stovetop but always soak them first for better nutrition and digestibility. I used to just cook them without soaking. My health and energy have really improved since I began soaking the grains, nuts and legumes I eat.

    There are a couple blog posts about why soaking your beans is beneficial. As an added bonus, it takes less than 2 hours to cook black beans after they have been soaked.

  15. babykayramon says

    The only other thing I can think of is we never add salt or tomatoes until the beans are completely cooked through or for some reason they will stay hard and basically inedible.  This may be true anywhere I don’t know the science of it.  :)

  16. says

    Yum! I just made some black bean hummus with canned beans, but really want to give the dried a go! What usually deters me is lack of planning on my part, but I know they probably taste better, are better digested, and cheaper in the long run. I’ve heard you can throw in some seaweed to help with, um, side effects… :-)

  17. Pat says

    Did garbanzos last night in crock pot- took 3.5hrs. They are all portioned into 2 cups and in freezer in vacuum zipper bags ready for my hummus recipe! I used to to lg quantities in pressure cooker but this is cooler and easier!

  18. says

    ooh I shall update the post! good question!!!

    if you cook them in a skillet before freezing them they reheat like CHAMPS! [if you freeze them raw they get a little too moist and fall apart]

    pop them out of the freezer and into the toaster oven or oven at 350-400F for like.. 20 minutes and you’re good to go!

  19. says

    yay!!!!!! It’s sooooo easy – you’ll love it! You can even soak them ahead of time if you want to amp up the nutrient factor + digestibility — but they work great even if you just beeline for the crockpot! =)

  20. says

    Do you think this will work fine with Kidney Beans also?? I have been doing my black beans like this since I found your blog!! I am ready to try some other beans now!! :)
    Thanks for the great tip!!

    • says

      Here is a complete guide to kidney bean cooking time and variations – they are a little different than black beans:

      There’s a toxin naturally found in dried kidney beans that you want to be careful of. Cooking fully and draining all liquid from them will help eliminate it — there are lots of tips in the above link and also on wikipedia on how to avoid the toxin. I haven’t cooked them in a crockpot yet since I’ve been a bit timid but hope to attempt dried kidney beans soon! Hope this helps! Thanks for your comment Amber! xoxo

  21. says

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve wanted to try dry beans for a while but it just seemed like they had there were a number of issues in cooking them. Can’t wait to try this.

  22. Jacqueline Roark says

    Just found this recipe….thanks for making this so easy! I have been afraid to move away from the convenience factor of cans, but now I know I need to go for it. Any tips on freezing? What type of containers do you use? Thanks so much!

    • Brooklyn says

      For freezing individual or smaller servings, I use Ball Wide mouth canning jars. I was standing at the store in the container isle, trying to figure out how I was going to afford switching from plastic to glass when I glanced 3 feet over and saw a box of 12 jars for around $10! They are freezable, and obviously heat-safe. The wide-mouth is essential for easier eating and cleaning. I have converted everybody that sees me using them. We all say the same thing- “how did we not think of this sooner!?!”

      • says

        So funny, because I was just thinking I need more glass jars for freezing soups and beans — I’m on it! Thanks Brooklyn! Great idea!

  23. says

    Hey Kim! I usually discard the cooking water from the pot b/c I heard once it holds a lot of the “gassy” compounds from the beans — but I’m not 100% sure it’s true or just a wives tale, Chicken stock typically does amp up flavor! I cook my rice and quinoa in stock all the time! =)

  24. says

    Hey Jacqueline! Thanks! I have a bulk set of all different sizes of glass pyrex containers with lids that double as cookware and storage. I’m obsessed with them and use them for all my recipes for the fridge and freezer. I freeze some of the beans in 1 cup containers for an easy addition to salads, tacos, any any other dishes and then freeze a few in larger containers too. There are a number of plastic freezer safe containers on the market that work great too as well as a good old freezer-friendly ziploc bag! I highly suggest the glass though, they’re so versatile and don’t get icky like plastic can over time =) Hope that helps! xoxo

    • says

      As long as it’s at least 4/5 quarts you’re good to go. I don’t know the exact size of my original one but the second one we bought [I cook a ton of stuff at once to stock the freezer!] is a 6 quart and It’s perfection! A smaller pot will work if you’re not using the entire bag of beans though! So it really depends on how much you need to make =) Regardless you’ll be saving a ton of money over time by not buying cans. Hope that helps!

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