Military Care Package Ideas – Care Package Lovin’

Need a few military care package ideas? I’ve got you covered!

Over the years, the pilot and I have gone through quite a bit of distance and a few deployments too. Sending care packages has always been a way for me to make him smile from afar and I love making them!

Since I know a lot of you have husbands, boyfriends, family, and friends in the military, I thought it might be fun to do a post on some of the packages I have sent to my pilot.

Care Package Lovin' - Military Care Package Ideas

Military Care Package Ideas, Inspiration, and Details

Let’s do this!

Valentine’s Day Themed February box of LOVE

  • Grab a box of kiddie valentines and write a sweet note on each one.
  • Write notes and inside jokes on red and pink paint sample sheets.
  • Love Grown Granola (they donated two boxes of love to P’s squadron!)
  • Warm Fuzzies (hello nostalgia)
  • Valentines Day Candy + other snacks
  • Individual packets of hot sauce and other beloved condiments
  • Command Strips (these come in handy for gear and uniforms)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face wipes
Care Package Lovin' - Military Care Package Ideas

Spring Easter Basket

  • Ground Coffee + a Portable Coffee Mug
  • Peanut Butter and Graham Crackers for snacking
  • Annies Pizza Bunnies (pizza party in a box!)
  • Assorted snacks
  • Emergency Chocolate, duh! (ship with ice packs around it to nix melting)
  • Easter Eggs filled with notes instead of candy.  (some sweet + some funny!)
  • Magazines + Books
  • I also added shredded pastel paper to make the entire thing look like an easter egg hunt!

care package tips and tricks

Never underestimate the power of a million little notes + letters! Most of the time it’s the things that don’t cost a dime that mean the absolute most.

Also, the likelihood of any of it coming back to the states is slim to none.  Though I did send him his fancy Contigo coffee mug — Paul if you’re reading this you better bring that thing home!

When they’re ridiculously busy they tend to choose their beds over the cafeteria and miss meals, so don’t hesitate to send an emergency stash.

I’ll never forget the day Paul told me he had nothing but a blueberry poptart to eat for pretty much the entire day. Now he gets food in every package.

Another ridiculously random thing I do is attack the magazines I send him with post-its and a sharpie.  I’ll leave random notes on articles telling him what I thought of them or cracking jokes.

I think there was one Men’s Health issue that I straight up COVERED in “That’s what she said!” post-its.  It’s the little things in life…

Leave your favorite care package tips + ideas in the comment section! <3

I can’t wait to hear about packages you’ve sent or received to/from loved ones!


Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while (I love your faces off!) have probably noticed that my posts have progressively been getting a bit more angsty… more sarcastic… more colorful even.  The longer I exist without my husband, the closer I get to impending insanity.  This might explain the countless ball jokes, the stories of pantslessness, and the overall inappropriateness that is carefully woven in between recipes and my standard post shenanigans.  I’d apologize… but I have a feeling that if you’re still reading, you kind of love it.

Laughter is undoubtedly the world’s best medicine and humor has been my deployment self-defense mechanism of choice.  So when my blog antics get a little out of hand, I’m simply refilling my prescription.  Plus belly laughs double an ab workout.  Win-win.

In other news, I started a tally of things that happened while P was gone.
Here are a few of my favorites:

Number of time I’ve locked myself out of the  house 3

Number of times I thanked my husband instead of god for installing the 8th wonder of the world, the remote control garage keypad 3

Number of nights I decided wine and chocolate were an acceptable dinner 2

Number of toes broken 1

Number of obscenities screamed when the aforementioned toe broke 8

Number of savory stuffed sweet potatoes I stuffed in my face  [insert obscene # here]

Number of times I’ve set off the smoke alarm 10

Number of new batteries I’ve had to put in that dang smoke alarm 3

Number of classes I’ve taken at the gym 130+ [in 8 months]

Number of books read 100+

Number of times I grey hairs I found 6 [$%&*!]

Number of times I dyed my hair b/c of those evil silver strands

Number of times I watched Despicable Me 25

Number of times I swore I would never make it through this without a straight jacket 20

Number of times I was wrong every. single. time.

And since we’re doing the numbers thing, thank you x1001 to everyone that left countless comments, tweets, texts, emails, and other forms of encouragement over the past year.  You guys are the absolute best support system I could ask for —  Love you fiercely!  At the risk of making this the cheesiest post ever… “You complete me!”


If you get a chance to try any of these military care package ideas, let me know!

Leave some love in the comment form below or tag your photos with @peasandcrayons on Instagram so I can happy dance over your creation. I can’t wait to see what you whip up!

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Questions & Reviews

  1. Love this!! My hubs is currently deployed and I’m always looking for great things to send him! I posted a blog post the other day on ideas I have thought of!! This is great! Thank you for posting! 

  2. Thank you so much for the ideas! I’ll be book-marking this. I just found out my fiancé is leaving in January for a year so I’m already book-marking lots of care package ideas!!

  3. Seriously I save EVERY NOTE my husband has ever left me. Whether it’s a post it against the wall of the shower asking me to call him later and tell me about my day (in college) or a random card that says i love you tucked in some random place. He’s so not romantic but if i save enough of the tiny gestures over the past 6 or so years it SEEMS like he is =) bahaha! there’s a note he left on the mirror before deploying that I will not windex off until he’s home again!

    glad you get and appreciate the notes too girly! =) little things like that make life so much more amazing!

  4. Jenn, you are so thoughtful and creative. I proud to be a loyal blog reader! God bless your hubby and all his fellow men and women in arms.

  5. I studied abroad for a semester and the best thing I got in the mail from home was a few bottles of Mountain Dew (my favorite drink then) and a hand written cards from my parents and sister with pictures of them! 

    And when I fiance would go out of town for weeks at a time he would always leave me notes around the house/car/my scrub pants pockets and under my pillow. I would race home from work, the day he left, to see what it said!
    Getting a letter someone wrote and not just typed on the computer means so much more!! Love your post. 

  6. LOVE this. amazing ideas. Love the notes in the mags. You are a gem my dear 🙂 Paul is lucky to have you

  7. Hey Annie!!!! There are a few ways! Two of the largest care package for the operations for the troops are [ ] and [ ] and I know for a fact they 100% make someones day/week/month and help so so so much with morale over there. The stories I’ve heard make me bawl like a baby — There are so many young, single, men and women with little family that would be overjoyed to receive a care package or letter to know they are loved. Though I sent a lot to my hubs, I try to send some random ones out for everyone too — your post reminds me that my last group-package was in feb and I’m totally overdue to send another =) Thanks so much for your comment love! xoxo

  8. These are so sweet (literally and figuratively!)  I don’t have a significant other in the military but love the idea of sending care packages. Is there any way that someone like me can send something to a random person?

  9. This is so sweet!  I can’t even imagine how nice it must be to receive a package like that when you’re so far from home and your loved ones.  You guys are adorable!  🙂

  10. Hey boo!I love making care packages. great ideas! especially the one about writing notes in the mag. stealing that one. miss u!

  11. My goodness your care packages are AWESOME!! Such a sweet idea and they must take you ages to put together! Well worth all the effort though I’m sure! 🙂

  12. This is SO sweet.  Although he’s not in the military, I was long-distance with my boyfriend for a while, and I frequently sent him letters and left him surprises after a visit.  Your packages are so beautiful and sweet; I’m sure he (and his friends) appreciate them greatly!  Agree: it’s the little things 🙂

  13. OMG this really melted my heart.  I know that our men are strong in some ways but being away is probably even harder than they express.  You are so sweet and thoughtful to do this. It’s a great way to spend time together over distances and if you can’t read a magazine with each other in the room, this would be the next best thing.  I bet he just loves these things and is maybe even moved to tears with your love.  OMG if Yannick told me all he had was a poptart all day I’d send him food too!  Rules my patoot I’ll go feed him and I don’t care what his commanding whomevers say!  🙂 

    I just love how sweet you are.  Sending you hugs with this comment…

  14. Oh my gosh – what sweet packages — your husband must LOVE getting these!!! My husband is here, but he’s working 70 hours per week plus his volunteer position as minor baseball president is in overdrive right now – I think that I am going to do a little package for him to keep in his vehicle for days when he’s gone from morning til night! Here’s a link to a super sweet idea that I copied for my husband for Christmas. He LOVED it and it might give you some inspiration for your next package –

  15. Thanks for the great Easter box ideas.  My little sister is stationed overseas until December so I am gonna get this one ready and in the mail this week!

  16. Oh this is a wonderful package and Paul is such a lucky man (of course he probably already knows that).
    I think the hand written notes is a wonderful way to have a “conversation” with him.
    May he have safe travels and return home soon to you.

  17. Aw, you are such a wonderful person and wife. Really all the care packages are full of love and joy. The hot package just slayed me :).

    From the comments below I can see you are helping so many with their care packages. Big hugs to you and hubby for his service.


  18. So happy to help! This is our first, but I’m always an email away if you ever want to talk/vent/laugh/whine about the military =)

  19. You are so wonderfully creative my dear. Can you send me a package?? I will take your love notes!! haha.

  20. Aww your care package is so sweet and thoughtful! Pretty darn awesome! 

    Have a good weekend XX

  21. The care packages I sent my hubby last time he deployed were not nearly this adorable. Thanks for the ideas because he is deploying again in May 🙁 but you mentioned things I had never even thought of.. so hopefully this time his care packages will be more memorable. 😀 

  22. One of the wives in our squadron sent remote controlled toy cars haha.  GREAT for a laugh during their down time. 

  23. I don’t know what his laundry situation is there, but when my friends were deployed they had “issues” with the laundry coming back with an unpleasant odor.  So I would send those Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets and they would hide them in their laundry.  Worked like a charm.   And Old Navy flip-flops.  Hand Warmers (during the winter).  Oh, and Warm Delights which they used as birthday cakes.  And candles.
    The Kidless Kronicles

  24. Wow, thanks for sharing.  That is so amazing to see.  I love all of your little notes that are somehow related to the items you are sending. 🙂

  25. So cute! Bet you can wait to see him again. Also, we bought a few of those Contigo travel mugs and they are uber amazing. P lost one and I went bananas 😛

  26. I used to send soooooooo many baby wipes. I also sent a ton of horlick for my Chinese horlick loving hubs. I do NOT miss this.

  27. We send care packages thru the Anysoldier program to a group stationed in Afghanistan.   I try to send 1 package a month.   I wish I could afford to do more.  We send lots of candy, snacks, games, books, magazines, cards and letters.  It’s such a pleasure for me to do it and I know they appreciate anything we send.   My mom made homemade crocheted scarves for Christmas, then we gift wrapped enough presents for the whole group, and sent Christmas cd’s.  I made them play musical presents with the gifts to the tune of Christmas songs.  They had such a good time and sent me photos of their party.  I really enjoyed seeing that!

  28. Awww. I don’t know anyone over there now, but I remember when I was younger, during desert storm I think, we sent a box. It was basically what you said, wipes, nice soap, food, candy…and we each wrote a letter to a soldier. I remember feeling such a good feeling from that!

    I know when I am traveling, I miss: chapstick, peanut butter, and cheez-its! 

  29. AHHHHH I LOVE IT!!!! If we’re ever apart for another Thanksgiving I’m totally taking some tips from you! =) Brilliant <3

  30. Love you too chica! Coming from someone in an amazing relationship that is the best compliment! =)

  31. You are the sweetest/best wifey EVER! These care packages are the PERFECT way to stay connected to him while he’s a million miles away. You two are such a strong couple! Love it! And you 🙂

  32. I sent my hubby “Thanksgiving” in a box… with a note to explain the items.  I sent Jerky because it rhymes with Turkey.  Potato chips instead of mashed potatoes.  Craisins for the cranberries.  Little muffins to “stuff” in your mouth for the stuffing.  Green “jelly” beans.

  33. ahhh I love it! Thanks Kristen!!!! The poster idea is so happening in the future. Liquid shenanigans and all =)

  34. My Dad was deployed a few years ago and I sent him Christmas in a Box – complete with a dollar store stocking, snow in a can, cheap garland, a CD I burned with holiday songs, candy, cocoa, and a mug (that he brought home and still uses). He loved that one. Another great one – my Aunt hosted Thanksgiving that same year and put out a blank poster and different color markers. The entire family wrote notes and funny things. As the day went on and people started – um- having “more liquid fun” the notes/pictures got more ridiculous. She sent it in a care package and he hung it up and said that for the remaining six months (he was gone a year – sad face), he kept finding something new and laughing every time he looked at it. 

  35. The Raisin Almond Crunch is my all-time favorite — so so so good! I LOVE your idea for an april showers package! Thanks Julie =)

  36. Aww thanks schnookums! I’m with ya on the comfort front. We’ve sent him tons of blankets when it was cold and I’m def sneaking a pillowcase or two in there! I keep wanting to send books but he hasn’t had a hot minute of down time. Poor kid!

  37. You are the best wife ever!! These boxes are beautiful & I’m sure they put the biggest smile on your hubby’s face. I always tried to send my husband “comforting” things.. He was on a boat for 7 months, and I knew he was uncomfortable.. so I sent him pillowcases that smelled like me & lots of things to help him with boredom… movies, books, puzzles, exd… 

    xx Liz

  38. This is great. What’s your favorite LoveGrown product? I need to try them out. How about a rainy day/April showers care package?

    1. If you are a spouse or dependent of a military member and want to show him/her a bit of your support by sending a military care package. It is a nice way to stay connected. However, if you send the wrong items in a military package, you do more harm than good. So, please take care about what not to send in a military care package, that are big things, prohibited things and perishable goods.