Healthy Vegetable Side Dishes for Thanksgiving + Holidays

Get ready to master your holiday meal with these healthy vegetable side dishes, perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all your family dinners!

Honey Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries and Feta - This sweet and savory side dish is perfect for the holidays and loaded with Fall flavor!

I’m a self-professed side-o-holic.

It’s my FAVORITE part of any holiday meal!

I’ll often breeze right by the turkey or ham in favor of loading my plate with the veggie side dishes. In fact,  I rarely save room on the plate for turkey.  Everything else is the star in my eyes!

Baked potatoes, green beans, sweet potato fries, hot corn, mashed potatoes side salads and even a plate of sauteed mushrooms… give me a few of those on a plate and I’m a happy camper!

For those of you that are side-centric like I am or for anyone that just needs something to sit pretty next to your main dish this Thanksgiving, here are some deeeelish options from my kitchen to yours! <3

This Healthy Cranberry Quinoa Salad is gluten-free and totally tasty! #healthy #glutenfree #quinoa #salad

Remember: nothing says “I love you” like a veggie platter!

Though the same goes for chocolate.

And cheese.

Always cheese.

Healthy Vegetable Side Dishes for Thanksgiving + Holidays

1. Cranberry Quinoa Salad with Candied Walnuts

2. honey roasted butternut squash with cranberries and feta

3. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries and Clementines

Greek Green Bean Salad

4. greek green beans

Looking to get a little indulgent with one of your vegetable side dishes?

My Broccoli Cauliflower Brussels Sprout Gratin is probably the most epic casserole of my life and I’m also super partial to my Spicy Southern Hot Corn which doubles as a dip AND a side dish! We make it every Thanksgiving and all Winter long pretty much, as our friends and family request it over and over again!

 I hope this tasty round-up of vegetable side dishes helps you find a few new dishes for your holiday spread this year!

If you get a chance to try any of these healthy vegetable side dishes, let me know! Leave some love in the comment form below or tag your photos with @peasandcrayons on Instagram so I can happy dance over your creation!

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  • What a beautiful array of side dishes!

  • Had to pop back and say congrats on top 9!

  • Cat Tan

    and now I’m starving.

  • Jen (A Girl and Her Carrot)

    I love roundups, and I love the inspiration here! All I need are a few side dishes, forget the bird! Mmmm. 

  • Sprigs of Rosemary

    Great collection!  I just did go out the other evening and ordered two appetizers and a side! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Lauren

    how cool! Lovee 🙂

  • Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

    well hello amazing list of sides 🙂

  • I’m with you, Jenn, veggies are all I need.  That’s why I’ve become the queen of the salad.  I’ve gotten into the habit of asking for an entree sized side salad.  It works most times, especially at steakhouses!

  • Yep the sides are the best. I cannot wait for the big day!

  • Everything on this list sounds delicious! Thanks for reminding me to make your cranberry quinoa – might have it tonight 🙂

  • Sides add color and taste to the traditional beige, bland Turkey Day meal. 

  • I really don’t like sprouts – but that gratin looks superb; I think it could change my mind! I’m the same; I’ve got more everything else than turkey on my Christmas dinner plate *drool* 🙂

  • Looks so amazing!

  • I love this!  It’s nice to have ideas for Turkey Day instead of traditional every year items!!!

  • Kara

    Um, these look delicious!  I’ve linked you on my blog, my readers will love this!

  • You know what, I can probably do without the turkey with these amazing sides! Awesome selection!

  • Ohmygosh she didn’t! That is hilarious! I would so babysit for a baller toddler like her! =) haha

    So glad you found my blog!!!! =) Its my little project and a half! You totally have me wanting bruschetta now. Its for sure one of my favorites!

  • Julie

    How is it that I’ve been following you on Pinterest and had no idea you had a blog? I’ll definitely be following! I’m a side girl too (and don’t really eat meat). In my Italian family it’s all about the ravioli. I also love the brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and bruschetta. Julie and Julia was on today and my mouth is still watering thinking about them eating bruschetta.

    * When I asked my 3 year old what green food we should have for St Pattys day dinner she threw her hands in the air and yelled, “Brussels sprouts,” ha ha!

  • yay!!!! LMK how you like it! I’ve tried different variations and it comes out best as written =) though one blogger substituted cottage cheese instead of the ricotta and said it worked out delish! wish i could crash your thanksgiving! hehe

  • So glad you posted this b/c I totally need to make the savory cheesecake spread for Turkey day this year!!

  • JM

    Yumm! great post!

  • I love all the sides too! Who needs turkey when you have roasted stuffing, squash and sweet peas smothered in a mushroom sauce……I can’t wait for Thursday!!!!

  • I love all the sides too! Who needs turkey when you have roasted stuffing, squash and sweet peas smothered in a mushroom sauce……I can’t wait for Thursday!!!!

  • Jen

    That pumpkin cheesecake spread looks gorgeous!

  • Jen

    That pumpkin cheesecake spread looks gorgeous!

  • Thank you Alaiyo!!!! =)

  • bahahaha! They probably were worried that you forgot. Helloooo the sides are WAY more colorful! they get the attention! hehe love it

  • Yay! Hope this helps! <3 xoxo

  • Professor Vegetable

    Cool post! I have a recipe I make every year. If I make it and blog it is that acceptable for teh link party or should it be someone else’s recipe that I share?

  • Mary @ Bites and Bliss

    Oh yum!! Thank you for posting these- we’re actually putting the menu together right now!

  • This made me giggle. I once went to my in laws and didn’t notice everyone staring at me while I was eating. When I asked why they said they were all stunned as I took only sides and didn’t touch the turkey or the ham. I didn’t even realize I had done it.  Everything looks wonderful. Wish I was having dinner with you! lol

  • I’m totally a “side-o-holic” too!  This post is making me drool right now…  Yummm.

  • Awesome pics of all preparations!!Love your blog 🙂

  • Awesome of all the preparations!Love your blog 🙂

  • Love, love these link ups.  Your pumpkin basil cheesecake spread was awesome!  I’m making it again for a party in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for the awesome idea!!!

  • Hi,
    I don’t have a link to share, but I wanted to tell you how fantastic your blog looks. I’m going to enjoy visiting. 


  • leahsthoughts

    Love this. I’ve had Thanksgiving recipes on my blog all week. I posted a link up and will also tweet it out.  I’m now getting hungry!

  • Great idea! I just posted a thanksgiving recipe round up today, now I’ll have to pick one! I want your green bean casserole on my Thanksgiving table. Can you make that happen please? 🙂

  • Gee’s you take great photos. I’m a sides girl too. It actually embarrasses my Dad and husband. Side salad, dressing on the side and side of steamed veggies and rice or whatever…love it. Or if I want to get to the point, I just order dessert. 🙂 My favorite Thanksgiving Day food is the relish tray, corn, potatoes, rolls and stuffing. I was a full on veggie for 7 years and didn’t miss the turkey one bit.


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