About Moi

 Hi!!! Welcome to my crazy [or is that crazy awesome?!] corner of the internet.

Food is Art.  
You are what you eat.
Eat Happy.  Eat Healthy. Eat Pretty!

Peas and Crayons is a fusion of two of my passions: food… and art!  To me, everything is a potential canvas, especially my plate!  Poke around this site and you’ll find a few artsy fartsy DIY projects and a boatload of edible masterpieces.

With so many food blogs that focus on sweets and meats, this blog is here to shift focus and give vegetables their time in the spotlight. Some dishes will be vegetarian, some vegan, and some to quell that voracious t-rex in our lives [or our bellies!] but all will start with produce. I’ll be whipping up recipes that are so fresh, colorful, and delicious that you won’t think twice about eating your veggies. Even better? You’ll start to crave them!

I guess it would be a bit rude if I didn’t introduce myself so…

Hi! I’m Jenn!

I’m a Boston-born, South Florida-raised veggie addict that the USMC transplanted next to a cow farm on the East Coast of North Carolina.  My husband calls me bird, my friends call me Jenn, and pretty much everyone else calls me crazy, but that’s to be expected when you whip out your camera every time food is present.  Or so I’m told.

I’m always writing, or reading, or painting, or eating something and will, without fail, be found doing the exact opposite of whichever task I’m supposed to be doing.  If I need to write, I’d rather read. When it comes time to run, I suddenly get really, ridiculously hungry. Imagine that. I’m a group fitness junkie that loves zumba, loathes burpees, loves [and sometiems loves to hate] CrossFit, and cannot keep a straight face around anything globular.  I could go on, but I’d rather hear more about you, so introduce yourself sometime!  I’m on twitter, instagram, pinterest, facebook, and all that jazz.

Seriously – I love hearing from you!  So don’t be shy; introduce yourself sometime! 

Until then, here are a few more facts about moi:

I recently became a momma to a crazy little chickpea.

I graduated with a B.S. in Dietetics from Florida State University.

I’ve cherished my experiences working for the Florida DOE School Lunch and Breakfast Program and also as a Nutrition Educator for WIC but, since moving to the middle of nowhere, I decided to take a break and try my hand at freelance [and cookbook!] writing, recipe development, and anklebiter-wrangling.  I miss nutrition counseling fiercely and hope to pick it back up after our next military move.  So far my dream list of locations includes Northern Virginia, DC, California, and good old Florida!  Fingers crossed!

Speaking of the military, My other half flies helos for the United States Marine Corps.
wedding dress optional. aviators? mandatory!

 I’ve been writing/blogging/peas and crayon-ing it up for a several years now + love it!
I hope you have as much fun with this blog as I do! 
Kick your feet up and Enjoy!


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