Cheesy Baked Black Bean Flautas

Seasoned black beans and corn smothered in cheese, rolled in a flour tortilla, and baked to crispy perfection. These Cheesy Baked Black Bean Flautas make an easy (and tasty!) meal, snack, or appetizer!

Cheesy Black Bean Flautas :: cheesy black beans and corn rolled up in a flour tortilla and baked to crispy perfection!

Every once in a while I’ll come up with a recipe that can be eaten for literally any meal of the day and it truly is a thing of beauty. Even better is the fact that not only are these tasty flautas great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but can pull their weight as an appetizer too!

Flauta Fiesta Friday FTW!

Add scrambled eggs to the filling for a breakfast flauta that’s sure to rock your plate, pair it with a side salad for a balanced lunch, or go all out with a taco night spread featuring these feisty flautas.

Hellooooo most versatile recipe ever!

Start to finish, you can have these baked tortilla rolls on the table in twenty minutes and you’re absolutely going to want to pair them with a hearty drizzle of your favorite hot sauce and Sabra’s Farmer’s Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip, the combination is epic!

Better yet, just dunk the entire thing in there:

Cheesy Baked Black Bean Flautas :: served with guacamole and Sabra's tasty greek yogurt ranch, this tasty appetizer is sure to steal the show on game day and will quickly vanish at your next party!


This dip rivals other ranch, seriously! I may have elbowed my husband out of the way a few times… The two of us are always bound to turn eating into a competitive sport. Speaking of which, is this not the most amazing game day recipe!? Do it.

Cheesy Baked Black Bean Flautas

Now typically flautas are fried tortilla rolls but, since I prefer mine on the lighter side, I bake them. Feel free to fry them up in a skillet if your feeling feisty (um, YUM!), but know that if you bake them instead you get to add MORE CHEESE! It’s a simple equation really: saved calories via baking + tasty veggies = lots of room for a mountain of cheese.

I win at math!

Ready to get cooking? Here’s the recipe for these cheesy baked black bean flautas!

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Cheesy Baked Black Bean Flautas




Yield 7 flautas

Seasoned black beans and corn smothered in cheese, rolled in a flour tortilla, and baked to crispy perfection. These Cheesy Baked Black Bean Flautas make an easy (and tasty!) meal, snack, or appetizer!


  • 1 cup black beans
  • 1 cup corn, (steamed or canned)
  • 1/2 tsp chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • a pinch of salt, to taste
  • 7 large flour tortillas (8-9 inch diameter)
  • olive oil, as needed
  • 4 oz grated cheese (cheddar, colby, gouda, mozz)
  • 1/8-1/4 tsp paprika
  • 1/8-1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • hot sauce (I used Sriracha) to taste
  • Sabra Classic Guacamole
  • 2-4 TBSP Greek yogurt or sour cream, for topping guac
  • Sabra Farmer's Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: cilantro, lime juice, red pepper flakes, fresh salsa, bell peppers, and you can even add some fresh diced jalapeño peppers for a kick!

An olive oil spray come in handy for this recipe if you have one handy, but a trusty bottle of your favorite healthy oil will work too! Simply use what you have on hand! I've used both plain oil and spray oil (in a trusty propellant/additive-free container) and either works great!


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
  2. Line a baking sheet with foil + spritz with a little olive oil to coat
  3. If using canned beans, drain and rinse for best results.
  4. In a bowl, combine black beans, corn, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, and a pinch of salt.
  5. Mix + set aside.
  6. Snag a tortilla from your stack, then spray or rub one side of the tortilla with olive oil and then add approx. 2 TBSP black bean filling to the center of the non-oiled, dry side of the tortilla.
  7. Top with a layer of cheese and roll, tightly.
  8. Place rolled tortilla seam-side down onto the baking sheet.
  9. Repeat for each tortilla until you have 7 tortillas on your baking sheet. Leave some space between each one and feel free to secure them with toothpicks if needed.
  10. Give the tortillas one last light spritz or brush of oil to help them crisp up nicely in the oven, then sprinkle with paprika and garlic powder for extra flavor!
  11. Bake on the center rack of your oven for 10-15 minutes, or until golden and crispy!
  12. Give them a few seconds to cool, drizzle with Greek yogurt ranch + your favorite hot sauce, and dig in!
  13. If desired slice each flauta in half + BAM! 7 just turned into 14!
  14. Serve with all your favorite dips, including my new favorites: Sabra Guacamole and Farmer's Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip. Delicious!


Jazz things up even further by adding a little ranch dip to the guacamole as a third dipping sauce. The two combined are pure magic! There's a local restaurant here that serves guacamole ranch with all their appetizers, and for good reason too - it's fantastic!For extra crispy flautas, snag a wire baking sheet (if you have one!) and place the tortillas atop that, then place the rack onto your baking sheet (no need to oil the sheet if you're using this method) - then baked as directed! Since both sides of the flautas are exposed at once, each side is able to crisp up a bit more and deliver more crunch in every bite!Gluten-Free? Swap the traditional flour tortilla for tasty corn tortillas and you're golden!

Courses Appetizer

special diets and swaps

  • vegansaurus chefs: No cheese? No problem! Use your favorite sub or simply skip the cheese entirely, adding extra veggies to fill each flauta. Skip the ranch; add extra guacamole!
  • t-rex chefs: Feel free to add scrambled eggs or chorizo for some tasty breakfast flauta action, or add a little seasoned chicken/steak/beef to the mix too! To avoid overstuffing the flautas, stretch the filling into a few extra tortilla rolls and you’re good to go.
  • vegetarian chefs: All bases are covered; dig in!
  • gluten-free? I gotcha! Though flautas are historically made with flour tortillas, absolutely feel free to use corn tortillas instead! I do it all the time!

Click [here] for tips on working with corn tortillas.

These easy cheesy baked black bean flautas are simply amazing!

So what are you waiting for!? Take a bite!

Cheesy Black Bean Flautas :: this easy baked appetizer is a hit with friends and family - make them for your next party!

This post is sponsored by Sabra. All content and opinions are my own.

I’m super duper excited to be working with the awesome folks at Sabra, creating a few fun new recipes for your faces that I’ll be able to share with you for free on this crazy little food blog of mine. Thanks for allowing me to partner with brands I adore!

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Alysia at Slim Sanity

Flautas are pretty much my jam. Except if be a t-Rex and add chicken. 🙂

Serene @ House of Yumm

Love how versatile this recipe is!!! And I bet it tastes amazing with that dip 🙂


    Thanks Serene! It’s soooo good with the ranch, I’m in love!


I have always wondered about baking flautas, but never wanted to try it because I just figured they’d get soggy — and we all know that one of the best parts of a flauta is the crispy crunch. But clearly, baked flautas ROCK. Also, your kind of math is my kind of math. Cheese math.


    Cheese math is the BEST math =) And bake away! This works for both four and corn tortillas, the trick is keeping them spaced on the baking sheet, flipping as needed for extra crunch or even using the wire baking rack that I talked about to up your crispiness game 😉

Megan Keno

I love this recipe and I’m sure it’s a crowd pleaser from young to old! Seems so simple too!


    So so simple! Thanks Megan!

Sharon @ What The Fork Food Blog

GIMMIE ALL THE FLAUTAS. Seriously, these look amazing, I don’t even care that there’s no meat!


    Aw thanks Sharon!

Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet

Darn it! I am seeing it too late! Now I will be craving these babies all night. We LOVE flautas!


    It’s not too late! Taco Tuesday! Flauta Friday! <3

Kristine | Kristine's Kitchen

These look so delicious and easy to make! I love that I can eat them for any (every?) meal!


    Seriously every meal! They’re so versatile! 🙂 Thanks Kristine!

eat good 4 life

Such a great idea. I must make these for my kids. They would love them!


    They’re totally kid-friendly! Hope y’all love them!


You had me at Greek Yogurt Dip! This is calling my name!

Cathy Trochelman

We love Mexican food but I’ve never made flautas! Can’t wait to try these – they look delicious!!!

Mary @ LOVE the secret ingredient

Total yum!! These are so great to make in advance too and freeze for lunches, dinners, or whatever. I love make ahead meals as delicious as this 🙂

Sheena @ Paws and Pavement

These look so good! I used to order flautas all the time at my favorite Mexican place but don’t anymore to choose something healthier. I will try these for sure!


    Oh I’m totally with you – I can’t order them out, they’re always a little TOO greasy and never have enough filling for my taste. You’ll love making them at home and can control all the tasty ingredients this way! Thanks Sheena!


Flauta friday here I come! Haha. And yes, you definitely win at math in my book! All the cheese! Thanks for sharing, Jenn


    Thanks Samantha! Edible math is the best math 🙂


This is almost identical to what I had for dinner except I’m totally missing that dip!!

Megan @ Skinny Fitalicious

Perfect meal for game day!

Kristen @A Mind Full MOm

Jenn–anything Mexican, this easy and this versatile is a total winner!


    Thank you Kristen!

Aparna B.

I’m a terrible human being for neglecting your blog (and any and everyone in the blogosphere) but I am glad to be back here. And I’m glad I came over here and saw these. While I could eat Mexican food every day, convincing my husband to want it is a task. He prefers if we have it, I make it, but sometimes they can be boring recipes or repetitive. ENTER JENN’S FLAUTAS. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to try these soon! 🙂


    You’re an awesome human being and I’ve missed you so! But you have been super active on IG so I still get to snoop on what you’re up to that way haha! Let me know how the flauta-palooza goes! <3

Shashi at RunninSrilankan

So love that you baked these instead of frying them – they look spectacular! And woohoo for recipes that are versatile enough to eat at any time of the day!


    All flautas. All the time! 😉

Danae @ Recipe Runner

I could eat these flautas all day every day, they looks so good! I’m in love with Sabra’s Farmer’s Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip!


    Thanks Danae! It’s so addictive right? My husband and I were elbowing each other over the bowl!

Melissa @ Treats With a Twist

Love that you used the guac and the ranch!! The ranch adds such a nice zing!

Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

So colorful and delicious!! I could probably eat that whole plate 🙂


    I had to share, so lame right? 😉

Annie @ Annie's Noms

These look absolutely divine!!! I love black bean anything, these are just perfect!

Christina @ Christina's Cucina

Never had a flauta, but these look so tasty!

Aggie @ Aggie's Kitchen

Oh my heaven, I could polish off that whole plate. These look incredible! I love that dip too by the way – so good!!

Vicky @ Avocado Pesto

20 min recipe? I’m in! YUM! I never make flautas but I’ve got to start!


OMG, I would be happy with a plate of these anytime!


    Thank you Amy! They’re a favorite here – I hope you get a chance to try them!

Jennifer A Stewart

Just finished eating my third one! Hubby found your pin on pinterest and sent it to me demanding that I make them for dinner. I threw in some bell pepper, spinach, and some chicken because I was trying to use up the leftover bits of these things before they went bad. They were so awesome!! Thanks for my hubby’s new favorite recipe!!


    Ahhhhh yay!! I’m so glad y’all loved them. Super honored he tracked me down on Pinterest too, that’s awesome! Love the addition of leftovers (we do the sam here and bail out that crisper before it gets sketchy) and the options are literally endless. Thanks so much for the rave review, Jennifer! 🙂

Christine @ myblissfulmess

I love how versatile this recipe is, and it’s so pretty! I can’t wait to try this. Healthy and delicious, what more do you need?!


    Thanks Christine! Can’t wait for you to try it!