2016 Summer Reading: Audiobook Edition

It’s been forever an a day since I last did a post on what I’m reading. I’m pretty sure the last one I did was in 2014, back when the chickpea was itty bitty and when I still had time to actually sit down and read a hardcover front to back while she cuddled and cooed. Now she tears through life at lightning speed and keeps me forever on my toes. Life. Is. Crazy. (and I love it!)

Thannnnkfully audiobooks don’t require use of either of my hands and I can get my literary fix while I’m driving. It beats listening to the 5000 Taylor Swift songs that are on the radio at any given time, and prevents me from doing that thing where I get super addicted to a new book and stay up until 3 am reading. I’ve seriously lost track of the number of times I’ve done this – I’m not to be trusted with a book in my hands!


I thought it would be super fun to not only share my own summer reading list (or in my case, listening list!) but to also pick your brain and see what y’all are reading too! We could totally start a book club!


Since I’m in momma mode this summer, my ideal Summer audiobook playlist has some kid friendly listens with some naptime reads or, more appropriately, “She’s passed out! Let’s change the audiobook!!!” reads.

We have so many road trips planned this Summer! First up there’s a trip to New Orleans with our childhood besties (technically they’re Paul’s childhood BFFs but I claimed them as my own back in college) followed by a much needed trip to Destin to stock up at Whole Foods, eat buckets of yummy oysters, and shop for the night stands that we’ve been putting off buying for the past 8 months.

Buying furniture is hard, guys! #toomuchadulting

We’re also planning a trip home to visit our families in Tampa this Summer which is easily a good 8 hour drive. With terrible radio stations. With a toddler. Audible to the rescue!


2016 Summer Reading


First up, Bossypants: ALWAYS Bossypants! This is one of those books that you simply MUST dive into via audiobook because Tina Fey actually climbs into your car and reads it to you. Ok so maybe that last part was a stretch but I feel like she’s actually there reading it to me. Paul and I have this strange obsession with the book, probably due to the fact that we end up laugh-crying for most of it. I seriously couldn’t imagine a road trip without it.

Me Before You

I feel like every single one of my friends have read Me Before You already and, with the movie coming out next week, I need to hurry up and join the party before someone posts something to Facebook and ruins it for me. I promised le hubs I’d spare him so I’ll be listening to this one while I recipe test for the week!

The Toy Story Collection

Disney’s Toy Story Collection is another road trip must for us. Our tot is obsessed with Toy Story and I love the option of being able to play her the audio story collection instead of handing her the iPad. Not that I’m not against road trip movies for the nugget, but because 1. I keep forgetting to purchase a charge cord long enough for my tablet, so it always dies on a long road trip home and 2. She’s easily bored with watching by the time the first movie ends. Being able to mix it up and have her use her imagination listening to a story? Perfecto!

Ready Player One

This is 110% The next road trip audiobook I’m ordering. Hands-down, without a doubt, SO EXCITED for Ready Player One! I’ve read some awesome reviews and the husband is totally on board for listening to this one with me. He insisted that its going to be an awesome movie (Spielberg is directing!) and that he saw the trailer and everything… ummmm no darling. The trailer is absolutely not out yet and I have a feeling that once we “read” the book we’re going to be dyinnnnng for its release like we were when we listened to The Martian on audio. Totally worth it for a good read! — I’ll let you know what I think of it!

Peppa Pig: Once Upon a Time

Peppa was another request from the chickpea. This one is literally like someone yanked the audio from 10 episodes of the TV show and slapped them on an audiobook. It’s entertaining as all get out for the tot, and proves to have a bit of a side effect on anyone else within earshot. Ten bucks says you’ll be speaking with a British accent for the rest of the day!

Peter Pan

Our little chickpea is obsessed with all things Pirate lately. She even somehow conned us into letting her watch Hook which only fueled her fire. (and her love for Captain Hook! Eek!) Clearly this newly released adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic story, narrated by Lily Collins, needed to make the list as well! The nugget is always squealing “Tell me a stoooooorrrrrry, momma!” from the back seat so a little Peter Pan should do the trick!

Dad is Fat

Please tell me you’ve watched at least one Jim Gaffigan stand-up special? I’m fairly certain I’ve seen them all and I love this man like woah! Paul and I listened to Dad is Fat when I was about 9 months preggo and stuck in the car for a good 14 hours. It was perfection for us parents-to-be in our fragile state. We were equal parts excited and scared out of our minds and this audiobook was basically Jim Gaffigan holding our hand, telling us it’s going to be okay, and making us laugh at all the chaos we could soon expect. It’s an audiobook, but since he reads it himself, it has all the hilarious delivery of his parenthood-mocking stand-up routines. We gave it another listen a year or so after having out nugget and it was laughable how much we could relate to. I mean, if you’re basically never going to sleep again as parents, being able to laugh about the whole ordeal is a must! I had to include this one on the lineup because there’s a 99.9% chance with all the road trips we’re doing, that this one will get a third listen!

 The Cat in the Hat and Other Dr. Seuss Favorites

Another audiobook for the kiddo, this collection sounds like it will be pretty entertaining for Paul and I as well. It features some of the most popular Dr. Seuss books performed by John Cleese, Billy Crystal, Ted Danson, Kelsey Grammer, Dustin Hoffman, John Lithgow, and more. The chickpea has been on a major Dr. Seuss kick lately so this is right up her alley!

The Sea of Tranquility

I absolutely HAD TO slip this one in there. I’ve leant my copy of TSoT to pretty much everyone I know and made my long distance friends all order their own copy. To say that book is well-loved is an understatement. It’s amazing and I insist you either snag the audiobook or read the actual book as soon as humanly possible. Katja Millay is an amazing writer and her characters will stay with me forever.

Why Not Me?

Mindy!!! I heart her face off. I listened to Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? when it first came out (because audio is totally the way to go if it’s read by the hilarious author!) and adored it. If this book is anything like the first it’ll be an awesome listen to liven up the trip!

Looking for more summer reading audiobooks?

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  • Me Before You is my favorite!

  • I like audiobooks, too, especially when in the car. Me Before You is something I realllllyyyyy need to check out.

  • I want to read Me Before You before seeing the movie but I seriously can’t remember the last time I sat and read a book – I miss it! Audiobooks are such a great idea!

    • They’re totally the way to go when life is super duper crazy! I hope you get a chance to give something a listen soon! <3

  • I love your summer audiobook reading list! What a great idea to get some literature in while in the car. We like to do the same thing on road trips, and we’ll be listening to Bossypants, too, this summer. I downloaded it a long time ago, and it’s high time we listened! I love Mindy Kaling, as well, so hopefully we will get to listen to that one, too.

    Currently, I’m reading a contemporary romance based on Emma. It’s upbeat and quirky and so much fun!

    • You’ll adore Bossypants! It’s the perfect audiobook for a long trip 🙂 And which contemporary romance are you reading? I’d love to look it up! <3

  • Oh how I wish I had time to read! I LOVE books but it takes me forever to get through a book now.
    ido want to read bossy pants!

    • I feel you on that lady! Without audiobooks I’d literally get zero books read ever!

  • Great list! My husband read Ready Player One because he is so excited for the film.

    • It looks SO GOOD! I always have to read the book before the movie trailer comes out bc otherwise I picture all the characters as the movie’s actors and it feels like cheating haha

  • Miriam

    Me Before You was soo good but the end got me right in the feels! I’m taking an emotional break before I read the next one. I’ve never tried audio books but I’m going to try this summer on our road trip!

    • Oh gosh I love/hate those emotional wreckage books! Totally up my alley but then I always need a hiatus after too! Let me know which book you end up choosing for your trip! <3

  • Sue

    I adore audiobooks! I listen to them all the time. I’m so addicted. And I get so much mundane work done while being entertained! I discovered them years ago when my boys were little. I worked at the local library for a few hours a week and noticed people borrowing them.
    I love being read to 🙂
    Bossypants made me laugh out loud! And I LOVED Me Before You. Really like Moyes.
    I just finished Anderson Cooper’s book with his mother, The Rainbow Comes and Goes. BLOWN AWAY by that one!
    So many books………
    PS. That zucchini recipe looks so good!! I need to try it. Thanks!

    • I’ve absolutely got to ad AC’s book to my reading list! Thanks so much for the suggestion Sue! Hooray for audio books! <3

  • I’m roadtripping this week and I think I’m gonna download Bossypants and Me Before You.

    • Yes! Let’s read MBY together! And I expect updates on how you love Bossypants. It’s like 30 rock in audiobook form and I puffy heart it so so much!

  • Brittany Moseley

    As much as I read, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an audio book, besides the times I’ve gotten in the car with my mom and she’s had one playing. But next week we’re driving to Charleston, South Carolina, so I picked up the first Game of Thrones book to help the drive go faster for us both. (Which at 31 homes, we will most likely NOT finish before we get home.)

    Me Before You is also on my list, and I’ve heard good things about Ready Player One. Other books I’ve read this year and have loved: Yes, Please by Amy Poehler; All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr; The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins; Tiny Little Things by Cheryl Strayed

    • Brittany Moseley

      Also that should be 31 hours. Oi. Time for work to be over.

    • Oh gosh Yes Please! I still need to listen to that one (I consider all books read by a funny author a must to listen vs read for laugh-factor alone!) and am Totally looking up the rest on your list! Thanks for the suggestions Brittany! Have oodles of fun in Charleston, it’s such a great place to visit and the food is amazing! 🙂 Also — 31 hours?! Woah baby!

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