Meal Prep and Berry Bonanza – What I Ate Wednesday

Meal Prep and Berry Bonanza – What I Ate Wednesday Shenanigans.

Ohhhhhhmygosh this move! I think it’s starting to take a toll on Paul and I. As I type this I’m chomping on a melatonin chewable and trying not to twitch.

I’m totally twitching.

The house we both fell in love with may or may not have fallen under contract too soon for us to act and we’re losing our minds trying to muster the same feels for one of our backup homes. Sleep is entirely out of the question right now, so writing this WIAW is the perfect distraction! I’ll just have to wait a bit longer in hopes the right home for us comes along. Until then we will scour the area for anything and everything and hope for the best. Gahhhh I really hope this works out! It’s taking some serious soul-searching for me to shake off the worry and just let things unfold.

Hi, I’m Jenn and I’m a giant ball-o-stress!

Before I snap and contemplate running away to join the circus, let’s get this show on the road! Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Meal Prep and Berry Bonanza + What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday #256

[breakfast] swiss-style muesli cereal with my favorite almond-coconut milk blend. [snack] all. the. watermelon. [lunch] another round of my tasty Greek Kale Salad, straight out of the mixing bowl. [snack] all. the. strawberries. [dinner] a jumbo baked potato loaded with cheese, scallions, and greek yogurt.

The heat is totally influencing my eats lately. I’ve finally moved past my usual three big meals into lighter, snack-friendly fare. We took the chickpea blueberry and strawberry picking this weekend and also scored what has to be the world’s largest watermelon in the history of ever, so fruit is on the menu all day every day. We love it!

How gorgeous are these NC berries!?

Fresh Picked Strawberries

Well, maybe all except that one on the top left. Yup, that would be a chickpea bite taken right out of it. My little whirlwind dove into this photo several times to stuff her face with these fresh from the farm berries. I wonder where she learned that from…

I’ve also been doing my fair share of meal prep to keep things simple as I can. Certain areas of my life may be absolute chaos but gosh darn it, I’ll find my calm where I can get it! Having meal components ready to go in the fridge is a total lifesaver. Here’s a peek at part of this past weekend’s prep:

Weekend Meal Prep

I chopped cucumbers and massaged a jumbo batch of kale for salads and chips, baked a few organic spuds, froze a variety of pureed strawberry “baby pops” for chicken little, sliced up half a watermelon and cantaloupe, and portioned out berries for easy snacking. I also made the chickpea some cinnamon sweet potato pancakes. We keep half of them in the fridge and then freeze the rest for easy access.

To make the pancakes, I scoop two heaping cups of [this] sketch-free gluten-free baking mix and combine it with two tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, two large eggs, 3/4 cup coconut or almond milk, and 3/4 cup pureed sweet potato. I top the mixture off with a hearty sprinkle of cinnamon and cook them on a griddle until fluffy and irresistible. Lucky for me, she’s great at sharing! I love them too!

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  • I am super stoked for berry picking. although we’ve got some time yet. Also, I should be able to get some right from my own backyard. I planted some strawberries back there last year in one of the side flower beds, so keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll keep mine crossed for you with all your move stuff.

  • Hi,

    I used to always participate in WIAW & I love doing it and seeing everyone else’s eats! However, lately it won’t let me link up my posts; I think because I have the old WIAW/Peas and Crayons banner in my posts? How do I get the HTML for the new one (I don’t see it on your WIAW page)?

    Thank you, and good luck with the move!!!

    • Jenn

      Hey Val! We missed ya! It’s moderated by a few bloggers and the rules are a bit stricter this time around [too many people were posting random posts that weren’t remotely a wiaw] so as long as you post a day of eats [vs a random phone dump, for example] it will get approved! For the new button, just simply click “save as” and then upload it to your post as you would another photo and you’re good to go! 🙂

      • Awesome, thanks so much for the response 🙂 I’ll try again this week!

  • Can I swim in those strawberries please?

  • Woah! You’re right. Those berries look absolutely fantastic. <3 the deep red color.

  • Oh gosh those strawberries are to die for! I can’t wait until it’s the season here… or until I make the effort to go to the city to get some.. which ever comes first!

  • The strawberries are beautiful. I cannot wait till we can go picking here. I pick my nails when things are crazy. Not sure that or twitching is worse.

  • That is so stressful – we kept losing place after place when we were moving to San Diego. It’ll work out though! The place we ended up with is the best one we looked at!

  • Oh gosh, moving is NEVER fun. Well, maybe once you’re all settled… but the whole process is just awful. At least you managed to get some fabulous eats in! That kale salad looks amazing, and I’ve also been wanting ALL the berries. Good luck with everything, girl! <3

  • Freshly picked berries are the best thing in the world. Why can they not be in season year round?

  • Ah, meal prep is so key! It’s seriously changed my life. Love the look of that Greek kale salad!

  • Yay for all the great day of some delicious eats. Those berries do look mighty fine. I don’t love mashed potatoes but that looks so good – i may swap out a sweeet potato and make something similar!

    • Jenn

      It’s really good with sweet potatoes! Even better than russets IMO 🙂

  • Sometimes good food can make you feel better! Good luck to you with this moving process, Jenn! 🙂

  • I’m dying over your loaded baked potato, so good!

  • Those berries!!! Yes PLEASE! We’ve been going through them like crazy lately. I gotta get my hands on some watermelon soon!

  • Moving stress is horrible, but you’ve got this! And strawberries. You’ve also got strawberries. 😉

  • Gorgeous strawberries indeed! Such a lovely contrast from the Costco strawberries on steroids.
    I’m eating cold oatmeal with almond-coconut milk as well! So delicious!

  • Hope you de-stress soon! I have already had my fair share of stress this year too and I can understand how you feel right now! Luckily you manage to eat so much yummy things. All the gorgeous fruit!!! This is a part of my life that usually suffers first when there’s too much on my plate 😛

  • My days have been very summer fruit heavy too – strawberries and blueberries and watermelon, oh my!

  • wow those berries do look delish! i’ve been crushing some watermelon lately!

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