What I Ate Wednesday March 4 2015

and the shenanigans continue… 


Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

[breakfast] egg and fig spread on a multi-grain croissant – sweet and savory! [snack] 1/2 a blood orange – a certain chickpea thieved the other half! [lunch] a big bowl of fruit, nut, and grain cereal – I was rushing around a bit too much for a proper lunch so cereal to the rescue! [snack] a chocolate duet cookie from Panera that I had squirreled away from the day prior [pre-dinner snack] sliced english cucumbers with ginger dressing [dinner] shrimp and grits a ya ya

Gah! Hookay so, my last few WIAW posts were a little wordy to say the least. So if you’re playing catch up I’m gonna send you back over to my What to Expect When You’re WIAWing post for another example of what this little part-ay entails and if you’re new, [click here] and I’ll catch ya up to speed! Just please please please put on your big kid panties under your party pants try to link up an actual What I Ate Wednesday post with a full day of meals/snacks and not something random or irrelevant? My lingering sanity thanks you!

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Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl

Oh… I’ve been craving shrimp like crazy and your’s looks delish! Thanks for hosting!

faith vandermolen

Glad this party is back!! I’m trying to link up but it’s saying that I’ve reached the “maximum amount of links” ?? Any idea what that means?


    I’ll poke around and check it out, I’m trying to moderate links as they come through because a lot of non-wiaw posts were getting linked to the party and making a hot mess of things. Be right back! xo

      faith vandermolen

      You’re a champ! It said it just went through so whatever you did worked! Thanks Jenn…and thanks for hosting:) Have a great Wednesday!

Kaila @healthyhelperblog!

For some reason I can’t add my link! Says i’ve reached my max amount…don’t know what that means! 🙁 Here it is anyways: http://healthyhelperblog.com/wiaw-ask-me-anything/


    maybe because ur link is just a photo dump of food and not really a WIAW..

Juli @1000lovelythings

This breakfast croissant makes me so so jealous! I am stuffing my face with cucumber at this very minute. Lovely fresh!
Btw I tried to link-up but I can’t. There must be a technical issue.

    Juli @1000lovelythings

    It worked now! Thanks for hosting again and sorting out the problem 🙂


    I had to fix some of the coding – It should be all set from here on out hopefully! <3


Your meals always look so good! =^)


    Thanks Trish!


Oh yummy food 🙂 That blood orange looks so pretttyyy. I haven’t seen any here for about a year. And I totally crave shrimp now, too.

Oh and I followed the rules! Your welcome to your sanity 😉 In all seriousness, thank you for continuing with hosting this linky party! I’m excited to look through all the food 😉


    Haha you’re a sanity saver Yuliya! MWAH! <3 Go hunt down a blood orange stat! They're sooooooo good right now! 🙂

Michele @ paleorunningmomma

I think I need to combine egg and fig – looks/sounds delish!


    Eggs and jam is my.. um… jam 😉 haha

Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out

Thanks for hosting Jenn! 🙂
Those eggs look amazing!


And Now I know what I’m having for dinner tonight. Egg sandwich for the win.

Emily @ Life on Food

Exciting!! Your breakfast sandwich looks divine. I posted about one too and it is so sad compared to yours. Now I know what to go for next time.

Andrea @ The Pineapple Cake

Mmmmm. Fig spread sounds amazing!!!!
And so does a chocolate cookie from panera.
Glad to see that WIAW is back, it’s helping me make my list of places I need to remember to eat at when I am in America next month. Bagels from Panera, going on the list!

Taca @ A Side Of Dessert

Oh my does it look delicious! The breakfast sandwich – YUM! Thank you for continuing to do the link-up! I love joining in on the fun 🙂

Linz @ Itz Linz

YOUR BREAKFAST!! sweet and savory is where it’s at!

Heather @ Life In Leggings

Ummm everything above looks amazing! Shrimp and grits is one of my all-time favs. Happy WIAW, thanks for hosting! <3

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

My panties are on… but I refuse to wear pants. 😉


    That’s why we’re friends


Eeeee that shrimp & grits looks incredible!! I’m going to add that to my repetoire for the coming weeks!

Miss Polkadot

Invite me over for dinner? I promise I won’t touch a single shrimp = more for you but those grits …. Want.
And sorry but I’m not putting on any pants – party or not. If not even my mum gets me to switch from tights to actual pants I feel you can’t, either. Party leggins as a compromise 😉 ?


    I loathe pants. Party leggings fo lyfe!

Andrea @ Pencils and Pancakes

Thanks for hosting, I feel so bad people are trying to throw random stuff up here.

Ashley Tukiainen

That shrimp and grits look amazing!!! I can’t believe I’ve lived in the south almost my whole life up until this year and I STILL have never had grits. Looks like I’m missing out

Natalie @ The Ravenous Mommy

I love shrimp & grits!!!!


Thank. You! Glad we’re all back in action! Now I’m craving shrimp and grits! xoxo, ganeeban

RC @ Going Dad

Wow, after being absent from your link up for the past, ohhhhh, 2 years, guess I missed the whole people just linking random things. That is and would be very annoying; sorry to hear that happened. But, I’m glad you’re still holding strong and hosting WIAW’s, always loved these!

That shrimp has me craving some really bad, and since my daughter has never tried it, now’s the perfect time to pick some up. Thanks for hosting #WIAW


YAY love these posts!!


Can I just move into your house and eat all of your meals with you?! They all look so good!!!!

Sam @ Grapefruit & Granola

Glad the link-up is back in action. I hope no one gives you too much trouble!

Catherine @ foodiecology

That shrimp looks so delicious–and egg sandwiches are my jam lately, too! Can’t get enough!

Arman @ thebigmansworld

too many carbs.