What I Ate Wednesday January 28 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

 egg, spinach, an cheese breakfast sandwich

[breakfast] sloppy egg sandwich with egg, cheese, spinach, and ham

cabot cheese and crackers

[snack] cheese and crackers

cajun chickpea and sweet potato veggie burgers

[lunch] the last of the Cajun Chickpea Sweet Potato Burgers [recipe]

california chicken kitchen chop chop copycat

[dinner] P’s request: Chicken Kitchen Copycat Rice Bowls [recipe]

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  • I’m the negative nancy that got super annoyed all the randoms were slipping through so yay!! I will help if you want. 😉 I’ve already been randomly calling bloggers out (in a nice way..hopefully) when they link up a single recipe or something. I like my rules..HA!

    She licked the gymnastics mat?! Super adorable and disgusting at the same time!! Boo for the flu!!!

    Happy WIAW. Off to re-watch the entire Breaking Bad series! 🙂

  • Girl, I don’t post a WIAW every week pretty much for the reason of not taking advantage of the linkup and posting an irrelevant blog post. Some days, I forget or just don’t feel like sharing my food. But others, I’m excited to share something delicious or see what I’m missing in my daily diet. I think moderating is a good idea.
    And, as always, your eats look fantastic.

  • Angela

    I’m so glad you’re choosing to moderate! It was really frustrating when i would press on a link and it would be about some giveaway or a recipe. -_-

  • You. Are. Amazing.

    That is all.

    I’m linking up my fashion wednesday post next week because I’m a fashion blogger.

  • Your dinner looks amazing!!! And I totally think you should moderate entries, this is your link up 🙂

  • Hi Love Nuts. I hope you’re feeling better. I think the cheese and crackers will help, especially the first one. Gymnastic mats are dangerous harbingers of filth. You gotta watch out for those.

    It’s sad you have to moderate WIAW. People take advantage and that shit ain’t right. Sending you hugs and more cheese.

  • Julianna @ Julianna Bananna

    that egg sandwich looks amaazing <3 eggs are the way to my heart!

  • I really love this link up, so I think it’s fantastic that you’re moderating it. It’s provided me a lot of inspiration, insight, and evolution throughout my eating journey, and I wouldn’t have found so many cool blogs without it.

    That said, your rice bowls look amazing!

  • Your dinner looks awesome! I get so many meal ideas reading through other’s post. Thank you so much for the linkup !!

  • Thank you. I’m sorry that you have to moderate… But yes, precisely what I like about this is looking at a day’s food – mine or someone else’s. What are people really eating, when they’re not making pretty things for Pinterest? Am I the only person who seems to eat either soup or salad for lunch every single day?? (Should I maybe change things up a little?)

    So thank you for enforcing what this really is. I know it is extra work for you – I appreciate the work you already put in, as well as this.

  • OH MY GOODNESS that sweet potato burger – WANT! 🙂

  • Sucks that the intent for WIAW got lost, but I do enjoy this weekly link-up. Thanks for doing it, for nothing in return, and letting me show off my ugly eats, good eats, and everything in between! xoxo, ganeeban

  • Maria

    Moderating is nicer than having to virtually slap someone for being a rule breaker. 😉 Also, make me that rice bowl, stat.

  • I’m so glad someone else shares my immense love for breakfast sandwiches!! Aren’t they the best? I need to get more creative with my salads because your dinner looks spectacular too.

  • Hi Jenn! I’m sorry to hear this, but I totally understand. I always post my full day of meals in this weekly post, sometimes along with other content, but the heart of it is always there. But I know that a lot of people take it in other ways. Hope you feel better. At least your eats look good!

  • THANK YOU! I was always disappointed when I clicked a link and it was just a random post that didn’t have any meals in 🙁 It’s a bummer that you have to moderate each one but I’m sure it’ll definitely improve the content!

  • It’s a great idea to moderate entries for WIAW! I’m sure it’s a little more work for you, but it keeps the party going in the right direction. Hope you have a great week (and you keep eating that delicious looking cheese!!)

  • Thanks for hosting such a useful inkup. I’ve gotten so many great ideas for meals from WIAW!!

  • Cheese + Crackers = best snack ever!

  • Egg sammies are my favorite! I could eat them every day! PS that chicken bowl looks amazing, I don’t know why I never think to try stuff like that.

  • That veggie burger looks delish! I actually played around in the kitchen last night with a curried sweet potato and chickpea burger so we’re totally on the same (veggie burger) wavelength. I really hope people are being sensible with what meals they post here (or lack thereof…) because food is awesome!

  • Oh my goodness, the things kids do 🙂

    Hope you are all feeling better! The sweet potato burger looks so good, but reminds me of salmon patties 🙂 Now I’m craving some!

  • Mmmm those burgers! Sound so so good right about now even if it is breakfast time 🙂

  • I think moderation is a great idea. It really gets back to the integrity and reasons for why you started the link up in the first place.
    And that eggs sandwich…. :-O looks so good!! I’m a sucker for a good sandwich like that. I’d probably slap a bit of sauce from those burgers on there as well! Yum.

  • It makes me sad that you have to moderate this. Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  • Sorry to hear you have been hit with the flu! I was sick after Christmas and it was a nasty bout. I don’t like to put rules on my vintage/thrifted stuff linky party either, but then I have had some crazy things linked up. 😉 Good luck with all the moderating! 🙂


  • You’re a brave soul taking on the task of moderating, but that is certainly a great idea. I still remember your WIAW linkup as the first thing that got me into healthy living blogs!
    And, uh, if we could import all your eats into my mouth today, that would be fantastic.

  • That sandwich looks delicious! I completely understand posting new guidelines for the link-up. I just started following you a few weeks ago but have really enjoyed reading the posts from other blogs.

  • Smart to moderate. And I want to say thank you for this link-up because in its true spirit it’s a pretty awesome thing!

  • Good for you- it does frustrate me when I go to click on someone’s link and it is irrelevant to the WIAW. Thank you for continuing to host the party!

  • Love the moderation idea! Also, that rice bowl looks amazing.

  • Totally understandable that you need to protect the link up you started! You dinner looks awesome.

  • I think that you have every right to keep an eye on things! Hope I pass muster…

  • Awwww… i remember when you started WIAW. I’m glad you’ve kept it going – I get so many good ideas. nd I really like linking my shit from 5 years ago. KIDDING! Mwah!

    I can’t wait to make those burgers! And I’m gong to top it with some yolk porn. Mmmmm…

    Speaking of runny stuff… I hope you guys are feeling better!

  • Oh no! One of my nieces brought home the flu from kindergarten and now all the family is sick! Hope you feel better soon! I love eggs on a sandwich. Especially with bacon on top. And oh my gosh that Burger. I am still drooling!

  • I like the idea of moderation actually! Good for you. 🙂

  • Egg sandwiches are my fave for breakfast!

    And I pinned those sweet potato chickpea burgers…YUM!

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