3 Delicious Ways to Turn Holiday Leftovers into a Healthy Lunch!

With jumbo family dinners on the horizon, here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for turning yummy holiday leftovers into a quick and healthy lunch:

Holiday Leftover Stuffed Sweet Potato

3 Delicious Ways to Turn Holiday Leftovers into a Healthy Lunch!

3 Ways to Turn Holiday Leftovers into a Healthy Lunch!

#1 stuff it in a spud!

This is typically my solution for just about ever meal ever. Leftovers from taco night? Stuff it in a spud! Can’t stand to look at that chicken and broccoli casserole lurking in your fridge? Stuff it in a spud! Crisper drawer bursting at the seams? You know where to stuff it!

Yes I DID just tell you to stuff it. Yes I’m snickering. Moving on!

If you happen to be lucky enough to have my Cranberry Quinoa Salad with Candied Walnuts on your holiday menu this year, then I’m going to insist you stuff any and all leftovers in a perfectly fluffy sweet potato. It’s heavenly. You can also do the same for my Honey Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries and Feta. Cue swoonfest.

 #2 top it on a salad

This one is a total no-brainer. So many types of leftovers taste fantastic over a bed of leafy greens and with a fun dressing to drizzle, it can breathe new life into a dish. Your taste buds won’t even notice you put last night’s dinner on repeat!

The two recipes that I suggested to stuff in a spud? Well clearly you’ll have to make more so you can try them over a salad too! The results are delicious. Some other recipes that taste wonderful over salads are leftover roast turkey or glazed ham. Chop them up and serve as a festive Cobb salad with a bevvy of chopped veggies, your favorite cheese, hard boiled eggs, and a light dressing. Bam! Lunch practically made itself!

This trick works great for entrees and sides alike, especially veggie-centric ones. Chop ’em up and toss over kale or winter greens for a seasonal salad that’s healthy and delicious!

#3 slap it on a sandwich

Something about leftover holiday sandwiches makes me really ridiculously happy. I adore them! In fact, it’s entirely possible that I love leftover sandwiches more than the holiday meal itself which, I know, is total foodie blasphemy – but it’s true! Grab your favorite whole grain bread and pile it high with all your favorite leftovers. Skip your usual sandwich spread and use leftover Spinach Dip, Cranberry Sauce, or even Hummus to take your sandwich game to the next level.

So there you have it! — three delicious reasons to give leftovers a chance!

What’s your favorite way to revamp leftovers?

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