search engine shenanigans part IV

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve perused my Google Analytics to see what has brought my brand new besties to the blog. I swear these get weirder and weirder each time. I love it. Don’t ever stop googling crazy things. How could I ever even begin to take myself seriously when I know that people have googled “dirty bra” and wound up on my blog? Not evah. And for that, this will always be my happy place.

Search Engine Shenanigans: Falling Down the Google Rabbit Hole

“cake and crayons” I’ll take both please and thank you.

“what to eat with margaritas” Anything. Everything. All. The. Things. There is no wrong answer here!

“are crest white strips vegan?” sure!

“chicken dance” Paul gives good chicken dance; it’s true.

“how many calories in a crayon” I have no effing clue.

“nutritional value of crayons”  Persistent, aren’t ya?

“nutrition facts of crayons” Ok now I’m getting a bit concerned…

“stuffed crayons”  stahhhhp!

“shark bait hoo ha ha” yesssssssssssss!

“traci drinking tea” I’ve got nothing.

“you said balls” Yes. Yes I did.

“pesto XXX” basil gone wild.

“lamp”  I love it. I love lamp.

“I tried the cupcake wine but did not get drunk from it. Why?”   I’m not judging you, I swear.

Thanks for the laugh, interwebs.

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And for those of you who came here looking for food, ohmygosh have yous seen yesterday’s recipe?!? It’s Fall on a plate! Make it right meow.

Honey Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries and Feta

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  • Lol Jen I’m cracking up! This was the best – the stuffed crayons was the best!

    • Jenn

      They’re all the rage apparently 😉

  • lol I love reading these posts- I just recently wrote one up too! I like the “shark bait hoo ha ha” the best I think 🙂

  • Confession- Those crayon ones were all me. I need to know if I can fit it in my macros.

    PS. WHY AREN’T YOU IN NYC OR LA. I would die to meet you. And by die I mean present you with cheese, potatoes and a kitchen and sit back and relax. 😉

    • Jenn

      I ask myself the same question every day. Have fun! Hopefully by your next trip I’ll live closer to civilization… like, ya know, IN it!

  • I’ll admit it. I was the crayon girl. It just fell into my mouth and I had to know the calorie content. Plus, wax must contain some kind of nutritional value. Right? Right? Um, ok. I’m leaving now.

    • Jenn

      bahahaha! I knew it!

  • Kara

    OMG! Are you freakin kidding me??? I do not laugh out loud, and I totally did! More than once!

    • Jenn

      Aren’t they crazy!? I was snickering like a schoolgirl when I scrolled through Google Analytics. There was one so naughty I couldn’t even post it. I was like no way, that’s too much even for me!

  • Oh my gosh these are the best! I’m off to check my own blog to see what kind of weirdos stumble upon my bloggy! 😉

    • Jenn

      I’m sure they’re equally as nutso! I love the internet!

  • Hahaha! I love these – people search for the craziest things!

  • ahahah you said balls?!?! thats my favorite!

  • Hahaha I want to know what kind of pesto they ended up making 😉

  • Are crest white strips vegan? Hahahahhahaha!

  • jillian

    lol XXX basil?!?! hah love that one. xo jillian

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