What I Ate Wednesday – Food Rut

I think a hit a food rut.

Literally all that sounds appetizing to me these past few days are bagels, fresh fruit, popsicles, and soup. The last time I felt this indifferent towards food I at least had an excuse. That “excuse” is currently spinning around in circles in what I can only gather is some sort of attempt to get high on dizzy. I vaguely remember doing the same as a kiddo.

It’s a sippery slope, kid!

First you’re spinning around in circles to get a rush, next thing you know you’re doing so many burpees that you’ve lost track of which direction is up. I think it’s this way. No, definitely not that way! Ahh… endorphins.

At least she’s not addicted to popsicles.

What I Ate Wednesday

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So what do I eat when I just really don’t wanna? Food. The same few foods, over and over and over again. I think I know exactly how to break the rut though, SUSHI! Shana, if you’re reading this, let’s goooooo!

[breafast] an everything bagel with cream cheese [with two bites stolen by my tiny vulture, of course!] and a banana. [lunch] an evolution juice that had entirely too much celery in it for a drink that isn’t a bloody mary, along with some fresh melon and a mixed berry popsicle. It bears mentioning that I wouldn’t normally classify that as a lunch but, since I ate it all around lunchtime, let’s just go with it. A meh day of eating like this is usually followed by an indulgent one so I tend not to stress it; it’ll all even itself out. [dinner] defrosted chicken noodle soup [recycled photo!] with extra veggies. Mmm.. Just looking at that bowl makes me feel like I’m being hugged. I love soup. Once I break through this slump I’ll make us a pot of soup. Something fun.. Do you have a favorite restaurant soup that you want me to crack the recipe for? I LOVE doing that!

More interested in what the chickpea’s been eating lately? I’m behind on taking photos but holy how can this kid eat! Guacamole, black beans, garlic butter chicken, kiwis, asparagus, more kiwis, apple cinnamon waffles, chilled breakfast oats, and pretty much anything that isn’t milk. She’s starting to take after me and prefer edible dairy products the drinkable ones. Her pediatrician gave me some serious side eye but all I can do is offer it, right? Plus she eats like a college freshman after a night of keg stands. Girl can put. it. down. I shouldn’t be concerned about the distaste for milk, right? I don’t want to be concerned, but that nagging mom part of my brain is like ahhhh she will wilt!

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  • Ok, first of all, I have to go out and find those Bluebell fruit bars! Immediately!! Craving!

    Second, I’m a soup girl too! I could eat it everyday. I do, actually. I just had tomato soup with breakfast. What about an amazing recipe for minestrone soup? I want one with shredded cabbage (just like OG (olive garden)), and I don’t want it to taste healthy. Go! 🙂

    Third, I’m OBSESSED with reading about what people eat everyday. You wouldn’t believe it. I love it! I’m nosy like that!

  • Those are the BEST popsicles!
    And though I’m not a mother (yet! any day now…), it sounds to me like Chickpea is eating quite well. I think it’s awesome she eats such a variety of foods. Side-eye your doctor back next time! 🙂 I’m not sure how I was when I was really young, but as a child, I despised milk. I think you’re doing just fine with her and giving her what she needs.

  • Your bagel addiction is real and should be celebrated. I’d like to toast you with my own bagel.

    You give that doc the side eye right back.

  • Eating like a college freshman? Maybe you should try to get the chickpea interested in playing beer pongs toddler-friendly variation: milk pong. Drinking games the doctor would approve of 😉 . In all seriousness, though, I wouldn’t worry. I wasn’t too keen on milk as a little one, either, but eating yogurt – and ice cream because that totally counts as a dairy serving, right? – like it was my job. And if that’s not enough reassurance: there are plenty of examples of happy and heathly vegan toddlers, too, so the chickpea should be totally fine in anyway.

  • Eating like a college freshman? Maybe you should try to get her excited in playing milk pong, the toddler version of the infamous college fave ; ). I’ve always been the same ib that I’d eat yogurt – abdt ice cream because that totally counts as a serving of dairy, no? – like it was my job but didn’t drink milk as is much.

  • lol you should have given the doc the side-eye back! As long as she’s getting the nutrients there’s nothing to worry about girlie! I’m not a doctor, but IMHO docs shouldn’t get on you about eating/drinking one certain food..it’s about the nutrients/vitamins/minerals! 🙂

  • I’m in a total food rut too!!! I’ve been bringing CANNED SOUP and yogurt for lunch every day because I had zero inspiration this week. And it’s fall – the season of all things soupy and chilli and pumpkin and yummy. I need some motivation haha!!

  • I tried your suggestion for this week! I think it worked…does it look like it?

  • Your soup looks great. I ve been in a great need of SUSHIII recently. All I want is just sushi. Ohhh, it is what I call “Japan-sick”. 😀

  • There’s nothing like a good old bagel and cream cheese! I had one the other day!

  • You are too funny. Chick pea sounds like she’s eating great to me!! 😉 Ohhh a bagel and cream cheese sounds pretty amazing right now!

  • jillian

    that fruit bar looks gooooood!

  • I am hoping the Austin weather will cool down soon so I can whip up some soup and enjoy my scarves. 🙂 Thanks for hosting the link up! Have a great day.

  • Ahhh food slumps…the bane of foodies the world round. When I am in a food slump, I hate it because I don’t feel like cooking and when I don’t cook I eat out or eat processed food and that’s just….bleah…. let’s not go there.

    I hope you are back to you soon because I would love a soup recipe from you! I’ve been making lots of soup with it getting cooler here in Colorado!

  • yessss soup!!! I’ve been craving soup – I made some black bean soup over the weekend. But it’s still so darn HOT here. I don’t like it.

    • Jenn

      I’m hoping it’ll cool down soon. I have scarves to wear!!!! hehe

  • Pshh. A food rut? You? No way!

  • Even though Chickpea is eating a lot, at least it’s the healthy stuff, right?

    • Jenn

      Thank goodness she’s eating a lot! I want her to have a healthy appetite and glean as many nutrients as her growing body needs. What my doc is up my butt about is the milk drinking or lack thereof. My husband never drank it as a kiddo and grew up super healthy, so I should just can it on the worrying. lol

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