What I Ate Wednesday October 1 2014

Everything Bagel and Cream Cheese with Grapes

What I Ate Wednesday

b-fast: 1/2 a everything bagel with cream cheese and grapes and a few bites of the chickpea’s banana

Panera Bread Greek Salad

Lunch: Noshed at Panera Bread while trying to squeeze out the last few minutes of quality time with one of my favorites [friends, not the food; though the food was good!] I ordered the Greek salad sans olives [duh!] and a turkey and cranberry flatbread that I nibbled while taking this photo!

Cabot Alpine Legacy Cheddar with Crackers and Carrots

Snack Plate: Cabot’s new Alpine Legacy Collection Cheddar with flax multigrain crackers and raw carrot “chips”

Panera Chocolate White Chocolate Chunk Cookie with Walnuts

Snack #2: my cookie from the aforementioned Panera date. Yum!

Soooo… snack 1 and 2 in no way constitute a dinner, but for some reason I was too stuffed-slash-exhausted for a proper meal. I nibbled on some tortellini with pesto before a certain toddler tossed them to the dog [her new thing. it was cute for a day; now not so much!] and called it an early night. This may have had something to do with me only getting 4 hours of sleep the night prior because there was football and movies to be watched and cake batter ice cream to eat until OMGHOWISITALREADY3AM-o’clock hits and I pass out. Good times! That made about as much sense as Lindsey Lohan on a juice cleanse. See? Sleep is totally essential for proper brain function. I should nap. Why aren’t naps a thing here in the states? I’d like a good culturally mandated siesta a few times a week, thank-you-very-much!

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