What I Ate Wednesday Chickpea Cake Smash Edition

As promised last week, here’s a little first birthday WIAW to fill your day with cute.

I desperately wanted to stage a fancy schmantzy oh-so-trendy cake smash session for the chickpea. I’m talking tutus, balloons, party hats… the works! When the big day arrived, I quickly abandoned ship at the opportunity to skype with P. As soon as that coveted call came through, we grabbed the cake and ran outside just in time for her to literally faceplant into it. It was spontaneous and fun and everything I could have asked for. So was it some token pinterest-worthy fiesta? No, but all we really needed was our favorite pilot and a boatload of sugar for pure cake smash perfection.

I may have told her cake was a vegetable.

Cake Smash: First Glance

chickpea cake smash

1 year cake smash

Chickpea 1 year cake smash

cake smash collage

What I Ate Wednesday

Since introducing the chickpea to whole moo cow milk this month, she’s quickly gone down to two servings of milk a day [7 oz in the morning and 8-9 oz before bed] and 5-6 mini meals throughout the day. Breakfast was brown rice and oat cereal in almond milk along with some fresh melon. Snack #1 was an organic colby cheese stick and a few crackers. Lunch was some more melon and mushroom ravioli and red sauce. Snack #2 was a face full of cake!!!! She wears it well. And finally, dinner was a PF Changs-pallooza. I was floored over how much this kid was able to put down. She had an obscene amount of chicken, egg, and veggie fried rice, sauteed broccoli, fried green beans, and even some eggplant too!

Go chickpea, go!

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  • I love the cake face plant photos. She is a super star, and I’m glad Paul was able to witness it go down. Who needs silly Pinterest inspired events. Pfft. Not this girl. Not yours either.

  • Can I haz an adult version of Mia’s dress? Yes?

  • Happy belated birthday, Mia!

    This photo shoot is ADORABLE and I think you captured it perfectly. Sometimes you don’t need whimsy and tutus to capture the joy and love of your child. And skyping with the husband would have been my choice, too.

    I have to say, Mia’s day of eats sounds pretty delicious. Much better than my own! And cake is 100% a vegetable. 😉

  • Happy birthday! What sweet little pictures. Thanks for hosting the WIAW! 🙂

  • Anitra

    How is she not the face of GERBER!!! She is so stinking cute!!

  • I want to eat her face it’s so sweet.

    We know I have a sweet tooth.

    It could happen.

    Peanut is on a coconut milk kick. She is refusing soy. This is complicating my mornings.

  • Giselle

    Seriously she is stinking adorable!

  • Aw! What a sweetheart! She is beautiful! XOXO

  • OH my goodness – she is the cutest! I love everything about this. And I’m so glad you got to skype on her special day. Happy Birthday, Mia! <3

  • Maria @ The Good Life

    Haha! Love the face plant photo and the aftermath because she looks so darn happy! So thankful you got to talk to Paul in such a special occasion.

  • Oh my gosh your chickpea is a.dor.able!! That smile when her face is covered in frosting looking like santa is precious! I think I will have to move close to you so I can babysit. Or if you’re looking for a live-in nanny…Dave won’t miss me too much! 😉

    So so happy you got to talk to your Paul via Skype! <3 <3

  • I really, really, really want to smash my face into a cake. Maybe it can be a 32nd birthday thing? Or post competition? That would totally call for it!

  • Those pics are so darn cute! Thanks for hosting the link up. 🙂

  • I agree, she wears the cake face well. What a cutie! 🙂

  • jillian

    happy birthday little chickpea! she is the cutest!!! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  • Oh my goodness she is so precious!!

  • Nicole Kathryn

    Yessss… I love WIAW Chickpea Style! She’s the cutest little nomming machine ever. 🙂

  • So adorable! Looks like me when I eat cake 😉

  • Julie

    Of course, I had to click on this post first from my feed! SHE IS SO ADORABLE! Also, Stephie ate like a horse, and still looked like I starved her. What the heck? Seriously, her baby pictures look like I withheld food from her. My aunt used to say that she grazed for food. I think you are raising a foodie for sure.

  • So cute! By the way, when did she get all that hair??? 🙂

  • Lovely pictures!! It makes me want to be a kid again! I am sure that was a delicious vegetable!

  • Omg CAKE TO THE FACCCCCE! Adorable!

  • Holy cutest WIAW ever! She’s adorable! Thanks for sharing – put a big smile on my face this am!

  • TOO cute! Happy birthday chickpea! 🙂

  • Those may just be the cutest pictures ever!

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