WIAW – What I Ate… Mother’s Day Weekend!

I thought I was being all crafty by getting this post started way ahead of schedule until the chickpea decided to start sprouting teeth and drooling buckets of baby slime all over the place.

Unfortunately that also means teething fevers galore. She’s her usual crazy self only slightly more fiery, so naturally I’m babying the crap out of her.

Let’s chalk this one up to a good old fashioned Wordless What I Ate Wednesday and hope my little hot mess of cuteness finally breaks her fever for good today!

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Shashi @ RunninSrilankan

Awww-your chickpea is too cute – hoping her teething fever breaks soon!


I spy Panera…. Love! Also, love the picture of the little chickpea!


Yum – strawberries! My son (20 moths) recently started trying to say strawberry. It comes out baw-booey! LOL. I hope chickpea feels better soon. Teething is no fun.

Julie @ Coastal Runner Girl

Ohhh those strawberries looks so good!! So does that egg sandwich! 🙂
Hope the ‘lil one feels better today!


Wow such a great little fruit pot! And do I spy some panera 🙂

Amanda @ Semi-Health Nut

Aw I hope you had the perfect mother’s day (aside from baby drool)!! How perfect is your little chickpea with the strawberries and hat…eek! Must leave now otherwise MY baby-fever will take over!!


I love your food pics, they always look so delicious and they always are so pretty! It’s like food porn Wednesday’s 😉

Jordan @ The Blonde Vegan

That fruit salad looks seriously to die for!! And hope the little babe starts feeling better soon. Will be sending posi vibes!! Xo

Heather @ Housewife Glamour

Aw, poor chick pea! Your photos are gorgeous. Looks like you had a great Mom’s day! Hope the little one feels better… she sure is adorable! 🙂


ahhhh strawberries are my favorite! i hope your bebe feels better soon! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

Alisha @ Alisha's Appetite

Such beautiful photos 🙂 Happy belated Mother’s Day!


Strawberries are one of my favorite treats and these look absolutely delicious! Hope your baby feels better! Happy belated Mother’s Day!


Flowers and fruit: what a way to mom’s heart.
Yes to Panera.
I love the picture of Ms. Mia in the strawberry field. It’s ridiculously cute.

Catherine @ foodiecology

Gorgeous photos, girl! I’m drooling over the strawberries and salad.
It looks like you had a fabulous Mother’s Day.