Pizza Party: Think Outside the Crust!

Holy cow is this post overdue! I’ve been on a pizza kick as of late [fine, forever] and have been foregoing my homemade crust for literally anything I have lying around the house. Once the clock starts on a certain chickpea’s nap it’s a mad dash to get ALLTHETHINGS done. Stat. I chug my coffee and go nuts. Feeding myself is usually the last thing on my mind, yet extremely important, so I love tossing together a speedy personal pizza as I truck along with my to-do list.

I’ll use anything from bagel to a zucchini to get my pizza fix. It’s just like art. I don’t need a canvas to create a masterpiece, I can paint nearly anything! In fact, I’m going to paint a mustache on Paul’s cat if she doesn’t stop snoring in my ear at night. It won’t stop the snoring but at least I’ll be less bitter about it. Who could stay mad at a cat with a mustache!?

I still probably could. She snores like an elephant with sleep apnea.

But wait, PIZZA!

Pizza Party: Think Outside the Crust!

Here are my favorite pizza crust substitutes that can turn any night into pizza night!

Pizza Party: Think Outside the Crust! :: French Bread Pizza

French Bread

I have to credit my friend Marisa with this one. She and I hosted a little make-your-own pizza party recently and she brought heaping piles of leftovers to my house. It pretty much turned into make-your-own pizza week over here. It. Was. Glorious.

French bread is such a classic pizza medium, perfect for when you’re really craving a big mess of bread along with your mountain of cheese. Grab a super skinny whole grain baguette or be daring like us and use giant bakery fresh garlic and herb loaves!

Pizza Party: Think Outside the Crust! :: Crispy Thin-Crust Pita Pizza

Whole Grain Pita 

This time of year I always have a stack of pitas in my pantry [and freezer!] and they make the most fantastical little personal pizzas. While the french bread and bagel pizzas are perfect for someone who wants a thick, fluffy pizza, pitas cater more to the thin crust crowd. They’re light and crispy and deliver a bit of a double-crunch factor thanks to the air pocket in the middle.

Though you can go for the classic sauce, cheese, and veggie combo here, feel free to mix it up and try something new! One of my favorites involves spreading mini pita pockets with roasted red pepper hummus spread layered with my go-to spinach sauce, fresh cheese, and ripe tomatoes. You can check out the recipe [here]

also… I think I have a cheese problem.

Pizza Party: Think Outside the Crust! :: Crispy Thin-Crust Veggie Pita Pizza

I swear there’s sauce under there somewhere!

Flatbread + Naan

Super similar to the pita option but extra tasty when you go with the garlic butter varieties. Cue swooning. I love to play around with my sauces and use asparagus pesto or cheesy parmesan asparagus dip to make a summery green pizza with my naan. Eek! Sorry for the link overload there. I have an asparagus problem along with my cheese problem! It’s a thing.

I’m also beyond smitten with these broccoli and cheese and summer squash garlic naan pizzas:

Pizza Party: Think Outside the Crust! :: The BEST Broccoli and Cheese Pizza

Of course if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can break out the won-ton wrappers and take pizza night to a whole new [delicious] level!

Homemade Pizza Rolls

Won-ton Wrappers

Whether you fold them into homemade pizza rolls or pop them in a mini muffin tin to make pizza cups, leftover won-ton wrappers make outstanding pizzas! They’re light, crispy, and make a great appetizer or snack.

Other crustless crust options?

You can use portobello caps, zucchini, eggplant, toasty english muffins, crispy tortillas, cauliflower, and a seemingly endless array of options considering how daring you’re willing to be!
I’m partial to using bell peppers:
 Bell Pepper Pizzas

Of course there’s nothing wrong with good ole pizza, pizza.

Unless you just read that as the Little Caesars guy.


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  • Thanks! Get your pizza on!!!! I can’t wait to cook with my little one when she’s a bit older! So much fun!

  • You’re dangerous, Maverick

  • its just so yummy!

  • Eek I didn’t make the crust for that one! It was one from the emergency deep-freezer stash // Next time the baby sleeps a long stretch I’ll whip up some dough and blog my recipe! My main trick is using a HOT pizza stone and an even hotter oven and hand tossing the dough til it’s uber thin. Dough itself is pretty basic and is mainly water, yeast, flour, and olive oil. I just need to get my measurements and instructions all written up! <3

  • bb

    What is your recipe and crust for the pineapple and ham pizza?

  • Shashi @ RunninSrilankan

    Naan as a pizza base is truly wonderful!

  • betty

    I always use the tofuyan whole wheat pitas. LOVE THEM. and they make pizza to mouth time super speedy, esp when you use a toaster oven!

  • Cat Bowen


  • Three Girls One Apple

    You weren’t lying pizza on just on anything you can get you’re hands on. haha. I love it! They ALL look delicious.

  • I absolutely read that as the Little Casears guy. You set me up. 😉

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    how about using cheese as a crust? Cheese upon cheese upon cheese

  • Haha did you see the green one? No tomatoes!!!!!

  • thechimes

    SMRT. Now just come up with some tomato-less options for me that don’t suck. I’ve started pondering investigating cherries …

  • um, wow… that is all

  • I love this—pizza is a great vehicle for leftovers. Thanks for sharing : )

  • Love how creative you get with these and I’m sure my sons would love getting in the kitchen with me to make some (and a mess). Really great, thanks!

  • Brittany @ A Life Worth Living

    There’s no such thing as too much cheese!

  • Becky@TheSavedRunner

    I love your creativity! I need to get more creative with my pizza crusts! I always go with the plain crust.

  • i did read that like the little ceasars man hahahh nice. we always make our pizza on ciabatta rolls. SO good. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

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