We are Never Ever Ever Ever… Listening to that song again!

Who has two thumbs and 285 draft posts in her folder?  Oh yes, this gal!  They’re not the fun, completed-and-waiting types of posts either.  It’s full of recipes with no photos, photos with no recipe, ramblings and tangents and stories that I started to write but became tragically distracted by something shiny.  I should tackle that folder.  Or I should skip it and tackle this little ball of mush:

Shes a tad edible.

Alas she’s actually napping for once and unavailable to be nommed on,
so I’ll sit here and chat with you instead!

I listened to a lot of indie rock during my time as a human incubator.  A lot.  It came as no surprise when I soon realized my teeny tiny little hurricane of a baby preferred the soothing sounds of the Spotify indie station over cutesy [and often creepy!] lullabies.  She doesn’t want to hear songs about cradles falling out of trees or the bubonic plague when she can be crooned by men wearing tighter pants than mommy.

Lately she’s especially fond of The Neighborhood, Motion City Soundtrack, and, oddly enough, Coldplay.  If I ever meet Chris Martin I should thank him for taking my near-nuclear child down to a much more manageable decibel during naptime.

Though she does love her some Ke$ha.  Can’t win ’em all.

In fact, Mia often reminds me of the drunk girl at the bar squealing “OHMIIIIGAWWWD THEY’RE PLAYING MY SONG!!!!”  She has a lot of favorites and they all make her break out in a wild squealing baby dance party of hysterical proportions.  She also has absolutely zero tolerance for a certain musician who’s name rhymes with Baylor Mift.  It is a name we do not speak of in this household for fear of what may ensue.  The second M hears her voice, she screams the paint off the walls.  Every. Time.

I know what you’re thinking: total coincidence, right?  Not quite! We’ve tested the theory countless times and this kid can spot a Taylor Swift song within the first few chords. It’s uncanny. My sister in law put her playlist on shuffle to see if Mia would react to the offending songs and the poor kid went from smiling to screeching every time one popped up; seriously! I nearly had to flee a restaurant once because of their choice of radio station. I can only imagine what her teenage years are going to be like…

And now I feel old. I’m going to go squeeze my butt into a pair of torn up skinny jeans and pretend I’m not approaching my thirties. Pass the chocolate, will ya?

For those of you who came here for food, 
here are a few bowls of yum from the archives:

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  • Liz F

    Hahah. I love story time!

  • Tiff

    Ha! That’s funny. I haven’t noticed E having any preferences to tunes. In fact, I’m not sure that he notices it yet!

  • Tess @ Tips on Healthy Living

    Haha, too funny! Your daughter has excellent taste in music!

  • Lauren

    Smart girl. LOL

  • Sarah Pie

    What a cutie and with good taste in music to boot 😉 (not that I don’t love me some T-Swift but we all have guilty pleasures right?)

  • Ha! I have to say I share her feelings about Taylor Swift’s music. She is a sweet person, but I just can’t stand to listen to her sing. I have a 7-month-old, and she seems to like all music no matter what. It sounds like your baby has a much more sophisticated ear ;-).

  • Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    I’m pretty sure I like your stories just as much as your food. I’m glad you’ve found the right music to help ease her into silent slumber. I bet sleep must feel amazing for you too. I will ban all T-Swizzle music from my house should you ever venture here with Mia in tow.

  • Robyn :)

    Smart little girl you got there!! (I don’t like Taylor Swift, either). My boy will probably be soothed by John Denver and Neil Diamond lol

  • Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

    Lol so funny she knew instantly a Taylor Swift song.

    Love the photo of her . Too precious.

    I’ve got a lot of draft posts I need to tackle too. Not as many as you though but getting up there.

  • Nicole Vierzba

    I don’t blame you for one second to have all those drafts waiting….to have a little girl with the cutest arms EVER and big eyes, I would be distracted too! 🙂 Go easy on yourself! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and recipes with us! 🙂

  • hahah um i kinda LOVE that she doesnt like taylor (i dont either…eww) you trained her well 😉 xo

  • Cait


  • oh my goodness, I totally missed this…such a cutie!! xxx

  • Oh my word she is such a cutie!!! I love that hair band she’s rocking ♥
    When I was pregnant, I listened to A LOT of 50 Cent. When Lil’ L was born, I set up a CD player in his room with a lullaby CD to gently soothe him to sleep. Not a chance! Bet you guess what DID work though ;). As soon as In Da Club came on, he’d instantly stop crying and start smiling!! I did feel like a bit of a bad mum playing him rap music (I had to put it on super quiet when the parents-in-law were staying) ) but it was the only thing that worked!

  • Adorable AND smart… Just like her momma <3

  • Laura@fitfreshandfunny

    I’m with Mia!

  • Sprint2theTable

    Ugh. She drive me INSANE. When she sang with Stevie Nicks at some awards so a few years ago… it was just so BAD I couldn’t believe Stevie didn’t walk off the stage.

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