What I Ate Wednesday – January 29 2914

The proposed Eastern Carolina snowmageddon needs to give me my sunshine back, I have new recipes to photograph here!  Sheesh!  Though I am a teeny bit excited about the 4-11 inches of snow it’s supposed to deliver to my front lawn.  I want to roll around in it for exactly 2.5 seconds before rushing back inside to toss my frozen butt in a bubble bath with a mug of steaming hot cocoa and a glass of wine.
Until then, let’s get out WIAW on!
[breakfast] chocolate chip cherry chocolate torte larabar with a [unphotographed] banana and a few handfuls of quaker cinnamon oatmeal squares. [snack] peach greek yogurt [lunch]  post photo-shoot face stuffage of my triple bean flautas:  I ate the two off the plate and then proceeded to attack the tray of flautas beside it.  I’d ballpark and say I had at least six.  So good!  I’m just now realizing I put up the photo of the unbaked flautas instead of the cooked ones… my brain is still a bit batty from sleep deprivation. Yesterday I tried to put the laundry in the dish washer.  Technically you can do that right?  No?  At least they’d be clean! [dinner] spicy cajun shrimp with green beans and almonds
After looking through the last few WIAW’s I posted, I realized I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit with my omega and healthy fat consumption.  I want to try to incorporate more flax seed oil into my diet [either via a supplement or as a salad dressing I’m thinking!] as well as more low-mercury fish [especially wild atlantic salmon – yum!] and of course avocados too.  Lots.  I think the bestie and I should invest in a tree.
Lately I’ve been drinking 1-2 cups of green tea a day and hope to continue doing so even when coffee finds it’s way back into my face.  I promised myself that I’d hold off on the brown stuff as long as I’m fueling the chickpea, even though I know I’m allowed to.  She’s super hyper as it is and I’m sure a kick of caffeine is the last thing this little dancer needs before naptime!  Hmmm… there were a few other foodie goals I set and I think I’ve already managed to forget them.  If I don’t write them down here, the chances of me remembering are slim to none, so thanks to you guys I have a perfect outlet!  Ok crap I really don’t remember.  I’ll check back later once I have my crazy under wraps.
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  • Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    I like your crazy. No need to hide it under wraps. I’ve been upping my veggies lately and throwing some ground up flax seed in my morning smoothie. I also got back on a vitamin regimen (C’s and D’s baby), which I’ve been meaning to do forever. Smart decisions all around.

  • Your flautas look amazeballs!!! Think I might try them out for the Super Bowl 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

  • Jackie Kegler

    Have you ever heard of Usana Health Sciences? They have a fabulous product that’s a blend of organic vegan omega oils and it’s in a liquid form, perfect for salad dressings or smoothies! You can check it out at jackiekegler.usana.com if you’d like 🙂

  • Kim Hoeltje

    I love that oatmeal squares cereal! And lara bars. Quest are my absolute fav!

  • Tiffany F.

    Let’s not kid ourselves. When do you have the time for bubble bath? =) #hurricanechickpea

  • Alexis@Fitpossible

    I think I need to make those triple bean flautas! By think I mean it is definitely going to happen!

  • Nichole C

    Mmmm, dinner looks delish! Now I want shrimp 🙂

  • mmmm yum! i want to make those flautas! we had really tasty spagetti last night with orange + red peppers and onions (and a little bit of low fat cream cheese!) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  • Linz @ Itz Linz

    i ate an avocado (plain, whole) yesterday…. first time i’d had avocado in forever – funny you mentioned that! 🙂

  • Jenny Albright

    Excited you’re going to get to see some snow! I’m sick of it here in PA. 🙂

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