What I Ate Wednesday – June 26 2013

Guess who has an epic case of writer’s block right now?

Oh yes, this girl!  I need to nip it in the butt [or is it technically bud?] because I have a good 10 or so recipes that I need to write up for you crazy kids.  It’s been torrential here most days [NC is infamous for summer storms!] so when I get antsy I wind up cooking/baking up a storm of my own.  The hardest part?

Finding a smidge of sunshine to take the photos and then motivating myself to sit down and write.  I love writing, I do.  However I need to be in one of those magical “must-write-all-the-things!!!!!” moods to get any real work done.  Though I hear home delivery of crusty pumpernickel bagels with cream cheese and steaming hot coffee work wonders… Ya know, if you want me to get a particular recipe up and on the blog already =)

Bribery will get you everywhere.
Coffee with So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer [French Vanilla!]
a Blueberry Banana + Spinach Smoothie with  Almond Milk + Hemp Seeds
organic celery sticks with creamy peanut butter
snack #2
[recycled photo] my daily crinkle cut carrots and hummus face-plantage
I behaved this time around and only had 2 servings of hummus versus my normal obliteration of half the container!  I’d say I’m making progress with my roasted red pepper hummus obsession but, in reality, the chickpea is getting so big that there isn’t much room for food in my belly.  I’m so super-short that we’re fighting for space at the moment.  It’s taking a huge toll on my eating and snacking habits by making mini meals and frequent snacks fairly essential.
Snack #3
I wasn’t kidding about the frequent snacking!
I usually alternate between buying Snapea Crisps and Veggie Straws, these past two weeks I’ve been hot and heavy with the straws.  I typically grab anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 to a full serving multiple times throughout the day when I’m feeling peckish.
Snack #4
HANDFULS OF BLUEBERRIES. I still have about a pound left from blueberry picking.  Yes I’ll probably go back for more =)  No I haven’t turned blue yet.  Haha!
So with all the snacking I found myself in that weird time frame where it’s a bit late for lunch and super early-bird for dinner.  Paul and I decided we needed a real meal and to stop snacking around like the lazy bums we turn into most weekends and went to our favorite Greek/Pizza restaurant to stuff our faces with some veggies.
Lunch-Dinner Combo
Garden Salad, Tzatziki Sauce with Whole Grain Pita Points and two glorious slices of Pepperoni-Mushroom-Jalapeno Pizza with lots of leftovers for breakfast the next morning =)  Pizza for breakfast…. it’s kind of my favorite thing ever.  Ok not ever… but it’s way up there! <3  Love it so!
It was super dark and the couch was comfy so a photo? so not happening! – I had another handful of berries and split a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich with Paul.  Ok and technically the chickpea too.  I’m getting good at this sharing thing!
Is this really the last installment of Sensible Snack month?
Gahh! I don’t want it to end!
Here are a few more of my favorites while we’re still on the topic:

Fresh fruit, crisp veggies and lightly salted [or unsalted!] nuts will always and forever be part of my snacking arsenal.  They’re quick, easy, and full of nutrients!  I also love a good pile of plain greek yogurt topped with fruit, nuts, and granola as well.  And hummus — allllllways hummus!

Lately I’ve been recipe testing bajillions of breads and muffins so small portions of those topped with nut butters, coconut butter, jellies and jams has been a recent go-to as well.  I’m no stranger to falling into a bag of chips or a handful of cookies if the craving strikes, but I mostly aim to keep my snacks as “clean” as possible.  This way when I’m out with friends, a pile of topping-ladden frozen yogurt or slice of birthday cookie cake is a yummy treat I won’t even consider turning down.  Instead I enjoy it to the fullest! —  It’s all about balance!  And variety!  And food… for me?  It’s all about the food.

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Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often

This all looks so good. I too have an addiction to that Hummus!! So good. I am looking forward to going to my local Farmer’s Market to see what they have and hopefully make some great new concoctions!

Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl

Carrots and hummus is pretty much the best snack ever! Looks like you and the chickpea are eating pretty darn good and pizza for breakfast…..a complete must!


I am not a snacker. These posts just tell me I should be eating more. 🙂


Mmmm…the smoothie looks soooo good! I love veggies and hummus! It’s probably one of my most favorite snacks.

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

It’s crazy raining here right now! I love summer, but it would be cool if these storms could wait til the evening when I’m trying to fall asleep.

Hope you’re feeling ok!

Nikki @ The Road to Less Cake

Oh, that smoothie looks so good.

I get writer’s block somedays. I’m a journalist and a blogger, so it’s not a good day when I get writer’s block. Haha!

Emma @ Life's A Runner

I’ve never thought to try celery with peanut butter! I’m addicted to carrots and PB though, so it looks like that needs to be in my life ASAP. 🙂


I LOVE LINNER!! Sorry, I got really excited when I saw you wrote that and had to yell about it. 🙂 Everything in that Greek restaurant photo looks amazing. The blueberry, banana and spinach smoothie sounds great, I might need to try that combo.

Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

Those veggie straws are awesomely delicious! And why do I never think to add jalapenos to my pizza? I will SO be trying that!


Hi Jenn!! I am brand new to your blog and link up. I love it here. Your breakfast smoothie looks great! I picked up blueberries last night and they are in my shake this morning. Delicious!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Kierston @candyfit

Ohhh your eats look so fresh and delish!

Thanks for the great link up 🙂



Jenn! I love your posts:) Food, glorious, food. ALSO, you are the primo example of sensible snacking…I can’t wait for the recipes to comes, but in the meantime let me continue to work my way through your archives! xox

Miss Smart

Being in post-teaching/pre-PhD limbo has me cooking up a storm as well. [Not, as where you are, a literal one.] But motivation to actually DO something blog-productive? Nil.

At least we both have lots of snacking to keep us preoccupied?

Frances Stiles

Everything looks delicious, Jenn. I’m coming to stay with YOU!! Happy WIAW!

Happy Valley Chow

Thanks for hosting as usual! Always love participating in a link party 🙂

Karey @ Nutty About Health

Your eats look so good!! I’m dying looking at all those blueberries & that pizza! Aaahhh!!
Have a great day!!

AmyC @ running escapades

I love celery & PB! Haven’t had it in forever though…been on a watermelon kick lately!

Kimberly Bright

Mmmmm. You eat like a queen!


I hear you on the writer’s block (same here)!
Jeez…I just want to dive straight into that box of blueberries. Yum! All of your eats look delicious.

kate marrin

10,000 degrees and humid here in New England and I haven’t cooked a single thing! Send some rain north!


The pizza looks amazing!! I’m with you on eating half the container of hummus. I can’t stop!! I’m going through that same problem with granola. sigh.