What I Ate Wednesday – Getting wordy on WIAW

Get all that?  Good!  Not only is beach weather upon us, but aqua Zumba starts up soon and this proud pisces needs the water like woah.  Spending most of my life in Florida means that I’ve been part of the teeny weenie polka dot bikini club for a long, long time, regardless of shape and size.  Recently however, my shape is a little less hourglass and a little closer to that of a preggo about to hit the seven month mark.  Needless to say, I need to go swimsuit shopping for something that fits.  This should be interesting!  I’m not sure I’m ready to give up the two-piece in favor of mommy-wear; I’ll probably still rock one like the Florida girl I am at heart — Watch out North Carolina! =)

Before I traumatize you any further, here’s what I ate… last Tuesday!

breakfast: coffee with unsweetened vanilla coconut milk and plain shredded oat cereal topped with fresh raspberries and almond-coconut milk.  [The unsweetened one Blue Diamond makes is my recent favorite!  So tropical!]
You may have noticed two things about my breakfasts lately:  1. It rarely changes, unless I add a second breakfast to the mix!  2. My bowls are tiny!  It’s true, I beeline for cereal most mornings these past few weeks [months?] because I typically awake at the crack of dawn absolutely starving thanks to the chickpea.  Cereal keeps the early morning nausea at bay so I rarely deviate with that first quick bite.  Since I’m up so early, I’ll typically add in another small breakfast or a few snacks to round out the meal.  As for the teeny tiny itty bitty bowls, they’re my portion control!
I have a slew of 1/1.5 cup bowls that I use for blog recipe photos that are the perfect size for one serving of cereal.  Since I typically choose nutrient dense cereals, the added nuts/fruit/grains jack up the calories while scaling down the suggested portion size.  The little bowl ensures I don’t take a 3/4 cup serving cereal [like my beloved swiss museli] and pour half the box into a standard bowl.  It’s a perfect portion!  If I’m still ravenous after downing it I can always fill the bowl back up and have another go at it!  I’ll either grab a bit more cereal or fill up by grabbing some fresh fruit, cheese, or a protein bar to round out my morning meal.  I also never put cow’s milk in my cereal.  It’s always the unsweetened versions of So Delicious Coconut Milk or Blue Diamond Almond-Coconut.
snacks: cucumber, snapea crisps, crinkle cut carrot “chips” with roasted red pepper hummus, toasted sourdough with cream cheese, tomato, and chives, strawberry wallaby organic greek yogurt, and a snack plate with cabot habanero cheddar, triscuit crackers, cukes, and carrots.
lunch: I had one last salmon fillet staring me down in the fridge so I went with old faithful
I know, I know.  I should have used the last salmon fillet to make a new recipe for the blog.  I can’t help it though — I flipping LOVE these!  Next time I buy salmon I’ll branch out.
dinner: a monstrous bowl of Paul’s baked spaghetti!  He whips up a homemade red sauce, adds veggies and sometimes a little local/grassfed ground sirloin, and pours it over cooked spaghetti noodles.  Then he tops it with fresh sliced mozzarella cheese [or in a pinch he steals my mozz balls from the freezer!], sliced vine-ripened tomatoes, and dried or fresh basil.  It’s to die for.  I love it when that man moseys into the kitchen; he really does have a way with carbs =)  I made him promise to help me measure and recreate the sauce to share with you guys.  I could seriously DRINK that stuff!  Stay tuned!

recent reads

When Paul was deployed [for the bulk of 2012!] I managed to inhale nearly a book a day on average.  Lately I’m a bit slower but still manage one or two a week!  My recent favorites are “Splintered” by A.G. Howard, “A Hidden Fire” by Elizabeth Hunter [free on kindle right now! ahhh!] and the few sneak-peek chapters I was able to read from Leigh Bardugo’s “Siege and Storm?” Ohmygosh!  I’m literally dying for that one to be released next month.  Dying.

recent recipes

If you’ve been out soaking up the sunshine like I long to be [and will be once I find something to fit this preggo booty!], you may have missed a few posts.  Let’s play catch-up!

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Frances Stiles

The bakes spaghetti looks delicious! I’ve never seen carrot chips like that. I’ll have to look at them, what a great idea for a chip substitute. Have a great day, Jenn!!

Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

You should TOTALLY rock out a two piece! Flaunt that belly girl!! Just do me a favor? Send some sun my way?! It was raining for most of the time I was in Utah for Blend this weekend and then just as I get home, the nice warm sunshine decides to run off and hide! Boo!

P’s baked spaghetti sounds fabulous…I’m not a huge pasta person, but I am ALL about some red sauce! Yum!

Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl

Finding a bathing suit while preggers is always fun…good luck! All of your eats look wonderful, especially that baked pasta!

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

You put on that bikini and rock that baby belly! Chickpea will have better body image because of it. (Maybe?)

I need to be better about using my 1 1/2 cup bowls. I have them, but only manage to pour cereal into them about 1/3 of the time. Big bowls and tiny spoons are strangely pleasing to eat from and with…despite the dichotomy.

Olivia @ Liv Lives Life

That’s a really great idea for portion control. I’ll have to use that some time. Happy WIAW!

Jan Sproutsnsquats

Yum that baked pasta dish looks incredible!

I wish we could get coconut milk like that here in Australia as it sounds delicious!

Life After Swimming

Mmmmm your eats are always so tasty looking!

Meg Doll

Oh honey, I love all of your belly pics 😀 SO PRETTY! SO STUNNING! SO BEAUTIFUL! 😀 I smile on IG every time I see ya 😀

That breakfast of yours made me want cereal! It’s been a while!

Love you


The small bowl thing for cereal is really a great idea. After eating cereal my whole life, one day I measured out a “portion.” I couldn’t believe how much I’d been eating! I love the idea of fresh tomatoes on top of the spaghetti casserole.

Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

LOVE the idea of smaller bowls for cereal! Cereal is usually my evening snack and it’s so easy to grab a big mug and fill it up, but I always try to find a smaller tea cup (smaller than my small bowls) so that way I’m not overdoing and then also add a handful of blueberries. So yummy!

Brittany @ FreckledNettles

I always look forward to your colorful, bright posts! Thanks for hosting, yet another, fab WIAW!

Shannon R

OMG, it all looks sooo good this week. I also have to use smaller bowls for cereal. It makes a big difference for me.


Your food always looks so amazing! I’m so jealous!

Karey @ Nutty About Health

Oh my. That dinner sounds AMAZING!!!
As for that teenie weenie polka dot yellow bikini – I say rock it girl!! Rock what ya got. 🙂

Nikki @ The Road to Less Cake

You should totally rock a bikini with the bump.

Can you send some nice weather my way to England, please? It’s May and I’ve still been wearing jumpers!

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

You need to OWN that bikini! You’re the cutest preggo lady. I took Zoomba from the preggo Annette at Blend. Let me tell you – that girl shakes it better than I could ever hope to.

Sara @ Nourish and Flourish

Your salmon tacos look SOOOO good! If I come over with a fresh salmon filet, will you make me a few? I’ll bring cookies for dessert!

I hope you’re able to find a cute mommy bikini! Rock that bump, woman! xoxo

Susan (susonia.com)

I totally agree with all the pro-Bikini comments! Go for it! 😉

Can’t wait to get over this moving-to-a-new-country-business and finally join the WIAW party again! Plus, I’m making your sweet potato nachos for dinner later! 🙂


Holy cow! That baked spaghetti looks unbelievable!! Yum :).


Hi there! As usual, your meals look colourful, sensible, and delicious!

We’ve finally gotten our act together in order to participate in the WIAW link party. We may have done something wrong (crazier things have happened, probably) or we’ve just inundated you with links (what a first impression!) so either way we apologize for being totally hapless!

Happy noshing,
J + G (the latter of whom probably shouldn’t get blamed for any of this)

Caroline @ Broccoli Hut

I am loving those cute, portion-controlled bowls. Where did you get yours? Not that I need any more dishes (I hoard them, with the blog as my excuse).
Everything looks great, as always!

    Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

    I stalk them at Target and buy a bunch when they go on Clearance =) They change the colors of their mini bowls each season so when it gets down to the change-over you can get a pack of four for a dollar or two!

GiGi Eats Celebrities

The weather here in LA has been FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!!!! Not gunna lie though, every so often I wish that it would rain, so I would have an excuse to feel lazy! LOL!! But nope, LA always busts out its HUGE SUNNY SMILE!

Jane @ Not Plain So Jane

I had fish tacos today! Yours look better though.

Amanda @ Semi-Health Nut

I seriously want to come over and have you make me deliciously healthy and creative food all day long!! I will bring semi-healthy dessert!! 🙂

Candace Karu

Love your snacking ideas…especially the Habanero Cheddar! With Triscuits, it’s my go-to lunch most days. And that spaghetti? Yes, please!


I love that you are back in full force for WIAW; no more little collages, bring it on. Your eats are always so delicious especially those snack plates. Much like you, I could scarf those plates down for dinner: a little veg, some cheese, fruit, a tapenade or two and call it a day. I also am digging those portion size cereal bowls; those would be perfect for my morning bowl of granola.