What I Ate Wednesday May 8 2013

Hookay so here’s the deal.

For the past few years I’ve tried to keep my WIAW posts as short and sweet as possible so you kids don’t have to scroll your faces off reading my post and visiting all the awesome bloggers that link up every week.  Looking back I feel like maybe I’ve been setting a bad example.

After all, I always adore it when you guys jam-pack your posts full of updates on your life, recent recipes you’re swooning over, photos, workouts, goals, and all that jazz.  Seriously – I freaking love it.

This is where I start to whine because I’ve always wanted to do that too.  I just felt like I couldn’t for some reason… like it was selfish to be so chatty?  I don’t know.  I over-think things entirely too much!  Regardless, it’s time for a revamp.  I’m making it a point to forgo any blogging insecurities I may have and just run streaking through blog land saying whatever happens to be on my mind at any given moment.  After all, it is a blog, right? =)  Right!  It’s also What I Ate Wednesday so… here’s my day of deliciousness:


Bear Naked Nut Cluster Crunch Honey Almond Cereal with Blue Diamond Almond-Coconut Milk [it’s so tropical – I’m obsessed!] and blueberries.  I also scarfed a small banana and a cup of iced coffee while reading my email.


LOTS.OF.HUMMUS! I’ve been on a roasted red pepper hummus kick lately and have been stealing spoonfuls out of the fridge all day long.  Watermelon and blueberries are also on heavy repeat as well as my fruit/cheese/veggie/cracker snack plates.  And Stacy’s baked pita chips.  Those keep finding their way into my hummus as well =)


I’ve been recipe testing fettuccine alfredo recipes like a madwoman.  I’ll share a few of my favorite variations tomorrow if you’re interested.  I might make you beg a little though.  Or at least promise to eat your veggies!


A super spicy version of my Sweet Potato Nachos with tons of chili powder and cayenne pepper on the potatoes and a small mountain of jalapenos and jalapeno salsa.  I die of yum.  After dinner I nibbled on a pile of pistachio nuts and dark chocolate chips while vegging out with the husband.  Another de-freaking-licious day of food if I do say so myself! =)

Chickpea Update

She may still be incubating, but my kid officially has the worst taste in music.  Seriously!  Anytime a Bieberiffic pop song comes on the radio she dances like a fiend, yet the second I switch the station to something more acceptable the movement stops.  I wish I were exaggerating, but it seems we’re going to have to hold a teenybopper intervention.  Luckily this means that if I want to avoid bladder punching during a long road trip I simply have to play oodles of Imagine Dragons and Vampire Weekend and simply prevent the hubs from rocking out to T-Swift.  Now that I can live with! =)

Fun w/ Fitness

I tried my first ever tabata class on Tuesday and holy cow I loved it.  Seriously, LOOOOOOVED it!  It was fast-paced, super motivating, and exactly what I needed to kickstart the day!  Most weeks I only manage to get 3 gym days under my belt [a mixture of zumba, light cardio, + strength training] so I’m determined to make them count!  I’d ideally like to work on lifting 5x a week and add more walking/jogging into the mix as well.  I absolutely need a kick in the butt so feel free to pester me to sneak in some extra activity!  I may be 6 months pregnant but I ADORE that post-workout endorphin rush and the glorious reduction in aches and pains that physical activity delivers.  Just show up on my front doorstep with a whistle and a kettle bell.  I’ll thank you later.

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Those nachos are still screaming to me, “Eat me now!”


Thanks as always for hosting! The great thing is, it’s your blog so you can say/write whatever you want! Ramble on sister 🙂

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

PLEASE write more about your life, lovely lady! That is exactly what I have been missing. Roasted red pepper hummus is the jam. Justin Bieber is not. However, as a tween trapped in a 28-year-old body I’ll be happy to help educate you on necessary pop culture information once chickpea emerges from incubation.


I like when you go streaking through blog land, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul rock out to T Swift either.

Your day of eats looks pretty fabulous to me. Blueberries in cereal for the win, and I’m happy to beg you for the alfredo recipe because all your recipes, at least the ones I’ve tried, have been fantastic. So pretty please, with a pony and a unicorn on top of fields of organic wheat.

Jan Sproutsnsquats

I’m so glad you added more into your post as I like the other readers are so interested to see and hear more from you. I worried that sometimes my WIAW posts had too many pictures in them so glad to see more in yours and you encouraging others to do the same.

I love Tabata workouts and want to do more of them. That coconut almond milk sounds delicious! They’ve only just properly brought almond milk to Australia so heres hoping they bring out that flavour! 🙂

Guest House Insurance

I like the lunch and the dinner recipes because my kids love to eat sweet potatoes.

Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl

Love hearing more about your goings on! I would also love to see a healthy fettuccine recipe! Thanks for hosting!


Well done on keeping up the workouts! Can’t believe your six months already! Still need to try you sweet potato “tacos!”


No link up today 🙁 Ive been so busy with work, but I love your eats. I cant wait to try the sweet potato nachos soon, they look to die for really!

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

I’m with you – I like when people write more!!! It’s more fun to hear the back stroeis. Like how your kids has terrible taste in music (I’m sure that can be cured!). Also, I want that alfredo recipe nowwwww!

Carrie Skoll

I love those sweet potato nachos. I must make them.


I love super long-winded posts. I feel like I get to know the blogger better and I just love hearing about you and your life updates! 🙂

I think you should pick the WIAW theme because you always do SUCH a great job! I did have an idea though: Beat the Heat. or Beat the heat and make something sweet! (like smoothies or juices– perfect for summer!).

Laura @ Mommy run fast

That is adorable about the music the baby dances too! I don’t remember noticing it in pregnancy, but these days my 3yo definitely loves the pop music, too!!

Amanda @ .running with spoons.

Awwr, lady! I was so happy to see more from you 😀 Don’t feel all insecure! You’re fabulous, and I know I’m not only speaking for myself when I say that I love hearing more from you <3 And seeing more! Those sweet potato nachos… gah!


anyone else having issues linking up? it keeps giving me an error and saying I need to link back to the site but in my post I have both Peas & Crayons homepage and the WIAW post linked in my blog. This happened last week too and I couldn’t link up! 🙁


Ahh I loved hearing more! I love bloggers who give random little tidbits about their lives. It’s your blog; write about what you want to write about! 🙂

I still have yet to make those sweet potato nachos. I need to do that soon!

Lisa @ The Splattered Apron

I have become OBSESSED with that almond-coconut milk too!

meghan @ scratch-made wife

First off, how’d I miss that you’re growing a sweet little baby girl? I knew there was a baby, but I missed the girl announcement! Woo hoo! It’d have been exciting had you been having a boy, too, but, congratulations. 🙂 You’re right: You need to talk to that kid about her choice in music!

We’ve been eating a ton of hummus and those same pita chips. They’re amazing. I always get sad when the pine nuts that top our hummus are gone. They should add more.

Jane | Not Plain So Jane

I’m sure your child will eventually dance to Vampire Weekend, how can you not?! I haven’t had good pasta in so long, the alfredo is looking yummy!

Happy Valley Chow

Thanks for hosting the link party, always appreciate it 🙂

Happy Blogging!
Happy Valley Chow

Beth Sheridan

I hope you do make your posts longer because I love them! Be as chatty as you want to be!!

PoPpy @ Persistence Over Perfection

I have to have those nachos soon…


Looking forward to your alfredo recipe, I make mine with a special flour and always add peas as well. It’s a great go to on busy nights.

Nikki @ Life After Swimming

Mmmm those nachos look heavenly 🙂


I always have a hard time finding a good Alfredo that I can feel good about eating! I will gladly beg for your recipes 🙂

Nikki @ The Road to Less Cake

Your alfredo looks the bomb.

Congrats that you’re having a little girl 🙂

You’re six months pregnant and it sounds like you hit the gym more often than I do. Need to get my butt in gear.

Cotter Crunch

i don’t like stacy! that’s a lie, i do. but she needs a GF pita chip version. PEEEEEEAAAAAASE!
p.s. chickpea Bieber dance, oh ya!

Amanda @ Semi-Health Nut

I love your longer update of WIAW!! lol you’re comment reminded me of “We’re going streaking! Everybody! Through the quad!” (yes?)

And your chickpea update! So funny that she responds to different music! <3

kate marrin

I love reading long posts! And sweet potato nachos:))))


Omigod, the sweet potato nachos. They’re calling to me! They look amazing! Must eat ALL THE NACHOS! 🙂

And I have to admit: I love that your little chickpea is a Beibs fan. I know it’s no bueno for you, though, so I’ll try to keep my teenybopper lovin’ to a minimum here! 😉


Hells bells, those freaking nachos look AHHHHMAZING!



Mmmm, that hummus looks delish… and I can’t wait to see your fettuccine alfredo recipes!

Karey @ Nutty About Health

Mmm, that dinner looks amaze! Great job on trying out a new tabata class! I’ve never tried one, but would like to sometime. I usually enjoy Zumba & weight-lifting. 🙂

Olivia @ Liv Lives Life

Oh my goodness, all of your eats look so good! I have blog insecurities sometimes too, but then I figure that I started it for me, so I might as well have fun doing what I want! And besides, I love reading others’ chatty posts. 🙂


Yayyy!! I’m so glad you gave us a life update! I have so much fun reading your posts and LOOOVE hearing about little chickpea! Happy Wednesday pretty!


I LOVE learning more about your life!! All us bloggers/blog readers are really just nosey ladies at heart <3


We love hearing about your life–and the latest on the little chickpea! Be as chatty as you want. I know there are all sorts of “rules” for post lengths–but sometimes you have a lot on your mind and need to share it.
As usual, your food looks delicious. That alfredo with peas looks to-die-for!

Melissa @ films, food and beer

You totally deserve to write as much as you want! And I’m seriously making those nachos soon. So much potato goodness.

Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate

Cereal has sounded so good to me lately also!

Sharon @ Bit of the Good Stuff

Sorry I’ve been away from WIAW for a while. Life is just getting in the way of blogging regularly at the moment :/ Hubbie’s away tonight though so I jumped at the chance to indulge in a little blog reading 😉 I can’t stop ogling at your over your beautiful food pics. My tummy is seriously rumbling right now. Like you, I’m a huge hummus fan and I could literally dive into that roasted red pepper pop right now!

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I love reading more about your life!!And your breakfast,lunch and dinner recipes are really good