What I Ate Wednesday March 6 2013

I’ve picked up a new habit that is a little less habit a little more coping mechanism. I’m not super proud of it since it isn’t very cost efficient, but it’s been an absolute life-saver so I embrace it with open arms!

On the days I do my grocery shopping I hit up the salad bar on the way to the register.  Their salad boxes hold enough produce for two or three salads and I stuff it to the freaking brim with leafy greens and veggies, sans dressing.

When I get home, I add my own dressing, sunflower seeds and almonds, but because I’m not chopping away in the kitchen, I don’t get that overly queasy “OMG I’m going to pass out” feeling that I’ve come to expect these past few months.  I can’t wait til I’m well enough to spend prolonged periods of time in the kitchen so I can recipe test and actually prep my veggies for the week, nixing the need for the salad bar altogether.  But let me tell you, right now it is the perfect solution to dealing with hyperemesis. I think it’s safe to say that the little chickpea is still doing a number on me even a 15 weeks.  Is it August yet?

Pshh!  Enough of that!  Back to the salads!  I typically scarf around 2-3 of these a week for a much needed boost of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber.  Yes please!

A recent snack that, like the salads, has been in heavy rotation around here is the ever-glorious snack plate.

I’ve been on a peanut butter kick for a while and have been pairing it with whole wheat crackers, trail-mix, sharp cheddar, apples, grapes, and basically anything I can get my hands on.  The variety means a much more satisfying snack and a better distribution of nutrients than if I were to simply sit down with a jar of nut butter and a spoon [been there. done that!] so I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more of these snack plates around here.  Love them!

If I never see another saltine again it will be too freaking soon.  I keep this box of trail mix by my bedside lately.  My mom showered me with Publix goodies during a recent trip home and I’ve been scarfing this like it’s my job!

Speaking of my trip home, I already want to go back!  Both our families moved within twenty minutes of each other [hello convenience!!!] and I was so lucky to spend a few days with them in Florida this past week.  I also got to watch my college bestie walk down the aisle which was nothing short of amazing.  I cried like a flipping baby and hope those crazy kids make no less than 5000 adorable little babies so I can spoil/kidnap them.  I’m also eternally grateful that they gave me the rare opportunity to ditch my token pregnancy stretchy pants and put on big girl clothes for once.

Paul and Jenn
You’d never know that we spend 99.9% of our time in yoga pants/concert tees and a jet fuel-splattered flight suit that looks suspiciously like an adult onesie.  Well I guess now you do =)
-now back to our regularly scheduled wiaw-
Brought to you by popular demand, March will be the month of GREEN What I Ate Wednesday posts!

Head over to yesterday’s post for details and examples of what we’ll be up to all month long.

Asparagus Pesto
One of my favorite ways to green up my eats is to whip up a pesto that can be spread on anything and everything I make throughout the week.  This colorful pesto tastes amazing as a base for zesty flatbread pizzas, swirled into fluffy breakfast quiches, dolloped into creamy cauliflower soup, and even folded into your favorite pasta dish!  The possibilities are endless, EASY, and downright delicious!  It can be kept in your fridge for up to four days and frozen for months at a time, always ready when you need it to be!
I also love using green herbs to amp up the flavor of my dishes and add a burst of color to the plate.  If you look through my recipes you’ll see an abundance of parsley, green onion, cilantro, and basil sprinkled over nearly everything I make.  I’ll focus more on that during my next GREEN installment since if I blab any longer you might pass out on me!  Let’s see what you’ve been up to this week!

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My routine is yoga pants after a shower, where them all day, sleep in them and then the next morning you are all set for the gym. Is that sad?

Kim@Snug Harbor

You look great in your photo!

I went thru the same thing with my first pregnancy. The only thing that made me feel better was tomato juice. I drank a lot of it the first 5 months. Funny thing is, I don’t think I’ve drank tomato juice again since then and its been 23 years. LOL.

Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche

I love snack plates like that – cheese and crackers with some grapes, nom nom 🙂

(and if I have nothing on, I totally wear my leggings all day and then sleep in them. Oh the shame.)


Looking lovely in that picture Jenn! I’m on a massive PB kick too, other nut butters just won’t cut it!

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

You look so pretty all cleaned up! 😉 Not-so-secret: I basically live in workout clothes and I’m not pregnant or a fitness instructor. My only excuse is extrememe laziness.

Kierston @candyfit

Crackers, Cheese and PB?!!! You know your way into my heart 😉


I know Cat said you aren’t suppose to say you look great, but you are hot in that dress. So you and Kate Middleton both suffer from this crappy thing only she gets designer clothes for free. It doesn’t seem right. If I had a connection, I’d hook you up with some designer yoga pants.
As an aside, I made your asparagus pesto and it doesn’t keep for four days in the fridge. In fact, I don’t think it made it one day in mine because I pretty much scarfed the entire batch down and licked the food processor clean. It was phenomenal.

Sonja Hoyt

Yum…I’m wishing I was eating at your house this week. I know I can make that pesto myself, but I don’t for some reason. So much easier to just go out. Pray for my laziness! 😉


I love yoga pants and tshirts, but sometimes it’s nice to dress up a bit. And you look beautiful! 🙂

Carrie Sinca

Those snack plates look amazing. Nut butter makes my day. I think I need to make some pesto, that looks awesome too.


yum, i want to make that pesto!

Stephanie M

Oh my days your snack looks amazing! Are they Ritz crackers? The peanut butter looks dreamy.
Hope you are feeling better soon x


That pesto looks delish! Thanks for hosting 🙂


Pesto is a new to me food that I learned to like in Denmark but I never thought about making it on my own!

Kimberly Aime

I have to say that I am jealous you are still able to eat salads. I went through a long time during the first part of my pregnancy where I couldn’t even look at fresh greens. 🙂
It’s funny how you latch on to different foods during your pregnancy. Your eats look great. 🙂


Ugh…I am sorry to hear that you are so sicky. I hope that your sickness eases soon. :/

Today I added a post about making homemade pizza with two of my favorite little girls. We had a blast making their first homemade pizza, even though I currently have no countertop. The new countertop will FINALLY be installed this Saturday.


I hope that you and your readers enjoy!

Thanks for hosting,

Amy B @ Second City Randomness

I love hitting up the grocery store salad bar from time to time because it’s so easy for days when I’m just not feeling like prepping it all myself. I try to make up for the lack of efficiency by putting things in it I never keep at home. 😉


What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I get the WIAW ‘button’ to work on my blog? =[

Ali @ Project Kale

You look amazing – you have “the glow” 😉 Huge salads, snacking on veggies and fruit with peanut butter….that’s my everyday. Love it!!

Anna @ Your Healthy Place

You look adorable in that dress! I love snack plates like you have too – crackers, fruit, cheddar, yum. I think they call it a Ploughman’s Lunch in England and I’m obsessed with it. Add some olives and feta on there for a Greek kick and I am one happy lady!


Have totally pulled the peanut butter and spoon thing. I figure if I’m gonna binge on something fattening better peanut butter than chocolate chips.

Lindsay @ Health Foragers

That peanut butter looks amazing. My favorite food during my pregnancy was dairy – I drank a gallon of milk and ate a gallon of ice cream every week without fail. AMAZING. Good luck and I hope it gets easier.

Karey @ Nutty About Health

Love the pic of you two all dressed up! Gorgeous!! 🙂


You are lovely. However, I am so accustomed to Princess P’s weird faces, that a genuine smile from him is somewhat disturbing.


You are lovely. However, I am so accustomed to Princess P’s weird faces, that a genuine smile from him is somewhat disturbing.


Although you haven’t been feeling so great (understatement!) – you looked amazing at that wedding!!! Just eat whatever foods you can stomach right now. Hoping you feel better very soon! And, btw, the sweet smile on your hubby’s face is priceless 🙂

Natalie @ Fresh Life Findings

Love that dress! Want! You and your hubby are so cute together 🙂

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

Oh you look so pretty! You all are such a sweet looking couple. Hope you are feeling better!