Nutrition Talk: The Glorification of Sugar

Before you run in the opposite direction screaming with your hands over your eyes and ears, know that [1.] that’s a wee bit dangerous; you could run into a wall and [2.] I am not telling you to avoid sweets.  

Moderation makes the world go round and that means we get to eat all sorts of fun things!  Feeling a bit calmer now?  Fabulous!  Let’s begin!

What I do want to say is that I’d like to propose a bit of a shift in the way we look at treats, rewards, desserts and all that encompasses the almighty sugar bomb.  Let’s STOP the glorification of sweets.

Just like that.

Nutrition Talk: The Glorification of Sugar

I’m 100% down with baking a cake for a birthday party or whipping up fluffy muffins or pancakes for a weekend brunch.  I’m even down with a fun holiday dessert or two. Or three or four… But every time I hop on Pinterest to get some much-needed procrastination done, I’m literally bombarded with sugar.

It’s not just the typical sweet treats either. Oh no. I’m flat out accosted with suggestions for 5000 ways to make cake pops more fun or how to make everything cookie dough-ified.

[1.] Cake is already fun all on its own and [2.] Whatever happened to having a spoonful or two of cookie dough from the fridge and walking away?  Now we have to turn it into frosting and dips and spread it on everything in sight? I think we’ve led ourselves astray.

Let’s not forget about the websites and magazines that teach us 50+ ways to bake with additive-filled, artificially-flavored candies. Brownies and cupcakes made out of candy corn flavored Oreos? Yeah… that’s exactly what this world needs.

I know these desserts are meant to be fun (ok and to drive mass amounts of traffic to the websites creating them, let’s be honest here) but I just can’t get on board with it. Kids don’t need cupcakes to glow in the dark or be tye-died with tons of food coloring to be fun… or yummy… They know that because it’s a freaking cupcake it’s going to taste good. Just the fact that you made it for them is sweet enough. And speaking of kids, why can’t we take all that time and effort and put it to use encouraging them to eat something they desperately need more of?

Why can’t we glorify fruit and veggies instead?

Maybe I’m an idealist, but I really do think we can re-wire or recondition ourselves to stop glorifying sugar and instead put the emphasis on produce.  I’m not saying skip the sweets altogether, but let’s put our time and energy into giving fruit and vegetables center stage for a change.  It’s the one thing all of us could benefit from having more of in our diets, regardless of age.  When I hear a parent tell their child that they are getting a cupcake or a basket of candy because they are special it hurts my heart a little.  Why don’t we tell kids that the healthy meals we make them are made with love?  That “Today we will play with our veggies!”  That they are special because they are smart, kind, healthy, happy, active, and wonderful… If I keep going I may cry.  I’m that much of  a pansy.  But seriously – let’s show our families and friends love with healthy foods and activities too!

I started a “Play with your Produce!” pin board a while back to highlight and celebrate creative fruit and veggie dishes — Feel free to check it out for some great ideas on how to make produce festive and fun.

Pinterest Play with Your Produce Fun Fruit and Veggie Board

And don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let me know if you have your own ideas as well!

I know I might have offended a few of you, especially the dessert-baking aficionados of the group.  I’m sorry; It’s absolutely not my intention to offend.

If you’re throwing a baby shower for your bestie or attempting the worlds greatest birthday party for your adorable kiddo — by all means — play with your dessert if you’d like to.  But can we glorify the veggies too?  Can the fruit and veggie tray be as impressive and as fun as the cookie tray?  If you’re going to cut sugary fondant or brownies into fun shapes, would you consider doing the same with slices of whole grain bread and crunchy cucumbers too?

Pretty please?

With a cherry tomato on top?

Thanks for hearing me out darlings.  If this post gets just one person to play with their veggies or do something pinterest-y with a pile of pile or fruit, then this was well worth it.  And yes, I’ll still bake for you.  But my veggies will always be prettier.  They deserve it.

*falls off soapbox*

If you read this entire post on the glorification of sugar and don’t want to throw a cupcake in my face then I basically owe you the biggest hug ever.

Thank you <3 Love you guys dearly!

Now go eat your veggies!

Ooh! And leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing to do with produce!

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  • Johanne Beaudoin

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one whose not impressed with some of the ridiculous desserts on Pinterest! I teach preschool and I find it so important to teach kids about healthy food! Yeah, cupcakes are fine (trust me, I enjoy my fair share) but fruits and veggies are so much cooler!

  • This is my first visit to your blog, but I want you to know that I’m completely on board with you! I literally avoid Pinterest because of this reason… And do you know that there are people who believe that sugar doesn’t make you unhealthy!?!? YES! Huge Twitter disagreement last week. People go bonkers when you tell them the sweet stuff is bad for them.

    Fruits & vegetables are delicious. Clearly. But it takes education and good habit forming to reach for that banana or carrot instead of a cupcake. It starts at home with each of us… For instead of buying Doritos for our kids or husbands, we need to buy oranges. Or kiwis. Or pears. Or blueberries. It’s that simple. 🙂


  • Erin Rothie

    Oh my goodness you are right on!! I’ve had this battle with numerous people as to whether my 1 1/2 year old should accept sweet treats or not and end up being viewed as the bad mom in the end. It’s outrageous. Thank you dearly for the encouragement and for putting your words so gently. I now have a much kinder quip when others gripe about my healthy choices for my children.

    Also, to the cakes at birthdays deal…..for my child’s first birthday I made a vegan carrot apple bread covered in coconut milk whipped cream! It was awesome:)

  • Where’s my hug! I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaiting! 😉

    Seriously girl, LOVE this post! LOVE IT! You made some very valid points! I mean seriously, if I see ONE MORE variation on that damn “slutty brownie/cookie/bar/thing/whatever”, I’m going to scream! …after I wipe the drool off my face that is! 😉

    I friggin’ love all the cute ideas for making the fruits and veggies more kid-appealing! And I couldn’t agree with you more about the whole, “Mama’s gonna get you a cupcake for being a good girl” thing…*shudder*

    Love you! xoxo

  • It’s funny – I don’t often post veggie-only recipes on my site (um…I really love bread…and so do my readers…whoops), BUT I’m totally that girl that sits and happily munches on carrots and hummus on her lunch break while all of her coworkers run down the street to get a burger and fries. Or give me some fresh fruit and I’m the HAPPIEST camper of all. Yes, I love to bake, but I believe in baking from scratch (store-bought crap is not going to fly with me! I don’t need those preservatives!) and swapping out less healthy ingredients and adding fun things like flax seed when I can.

    And having a dinner that consists only of roasted green beans? Yeah. That’s a thing.

    Good for you for speaking up in a blog world full of dessert nuts. Love ya.

  • Anna @ Your Healthy Place

    Wow, I could not agree MORE with everything you said in this post! What is with the idea that food porn can only exist around things laden with sugar? Of course it’s easy to make amazing desserts – it’s easy to make anything taste good when you’re just dumping a whole load of fat and sugar into it! It’s a lot harder to make things taste good when you’re using whole healthful ingredients. That’s where the real skill is – that’s what I want to pin!

  • I’m behind you 100% on this Jenn. We have such an abundance of beautiful, colorful, flavorful, nutrient-rich veggies at our disposal… yet all the attention seems to go on nutrient-poor, disease-inducing sugar laden desserts & ‘treats’ that we have to artificially color to look pretty 🙁 It’s such a shame. Most of the recipes that I post on my blog are savory veggie dishes (all pretty colorful) but it’s the desserts that I post that get by far the greatest amount of hits, likes and shares on FB and RTs on Twitter. I then start wondering whether I should post more dessert recipes as that’s what people seem to want. But no, like you, I’m sticking to my guns. First and foremost it will always be about the veggies 😉
    I absolutely LOVE your Pinterest board. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. How could kids possibly turn away from veggies when they’re presented in such an attractive, fun way?
    I am so glad you wrote this post Jenn. It really is inspiring 🙂

  • Amen sister! I’ve gotten into the bad habit of eating chocolate and drinking diet dew to keep me awake while studying…and for some reason I wake up with a ginormous headache…?

    I totally agree that parents aren’t doing their kids any favors when dessert is a reward. Or when we act like dessert is so much better than fruits or veggies.

    I’m totally on board with this! Checking out that board on pinterest! 🙂

  • I bake…a lot. But this is absolutely beautiful, and I could not agree more! When I bake, it’s either for a reason/celebration, or I do my best to make it healthy (swapping out sugar & oil and replacing with mashed fruit). I love my veggies too, and strive to eat lots each day. And I get my roommates to do so as well! Thanks for this 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this….I’ve been having the same internal struggle with Pinterest the last few months. I’m pretty much gluten free and eat “real” foods and not many processed foods, so looking at all the baked goods full of sugar and all the meals full of processed/canned items is tough. But I’m used to tranforming recipes to be more healthy and not used processed junk, so it just gives me more ideas. I have tried to avoid pinterest lately just so I’m not tempted by the sweets because it just makes me crave sugar. Anyway, thanks! My favorite thing to do with produce is eat it:) We dont have kids so I dont really need to fancy up produce to make it so I want to eat it, as I love it!

    • Thanks Andrea! You can always fancy them up for parties or get-togethers if you feel like tinkering around! I love that you love produce straight up! Such a great habit and oh so good for you! <3 It’s fabulous that you transform recipes to make them healthy! I try to do the same since there’s so many franken-creations out there that would be great if they didn’t contain gobs of over-processed ingredients – rock on girly!

  • I loooooooooooooooove this!! I don’t get the cookies inside brownies inside ice cream sundaes either. They drive me crazy. Eat a sweet treat if you want, but why does it have to be the most decadent, sugar-loaded dessert ev-ah? Great post 🙂

  • ohmygosh yes! No cupcakes don’t need to glow in the dark and frankly we don’t need a cupcake or some other treat to celebrate every little holiday/milestone/whatever. I love the play with your food idea – some of those are just plain awesome.

    • Thanks Christine =) The glow in the dark cupcakes haunt me. So so much. I heard mountain dew glows in the dark if you add something random like mentos or baking soda to it — ummm….. that’s not food thats terrifying! lol

  • Kim @ Who Took My Donut?

    I’m stopping by via Tamara’s post on FB.

    And I cannot agree with you more!! I have a couple friends who are food bloggers and one of them is constantly posting desserts. No disrespect to her but good grief. It’s a major sugar bomb and my stomach gets a bit queasy looking at it. My body can’t handle much sugar to begin with these days (I get heart palpitations on occasion…and I’m not diabetic or pre-diabetic either) so one simple cookie or a small bite of cake is enough for me. The sugar bombs and processed crap? Forget it. Hand me a huge bowl of fruit and I’m happy.

    • Thanks Kim!!! I can’t handle too much either. It messes with so much in the body that if not in moderation I think it could actually be kind of dangerous for us.

  • AWESOME POST!! I love your Pinterest board and cannot wait to glorify some veggies! You’re making me rethink the birthday cupcakes I’m planning to make. I’m glad I found your blog. Can’t wait to see what else you have to say about veggies!

  • I enjoyed your post so much. How true it is and how often I felt exactly the same, when I was searching blogs for recipe inspirations. Though I might have been searching for healthy dinner ideas, or what to cook for lunch the next day, I find myself more often than not adding up to 5 recipes for fancy sweets and treats, before even noticing. Quite frightening – and in the end, if I do not end up craving a huge cupcake, I still will end up baking a batch of them, just because baking is so much fun and I want to join in.

    • I think we all have fallen victim to that time and again. Maybe the more healthy things we put out there the more we can change minds and attitudes! =)

  • I love this post, and I’ve been working on one similar, although I haven’t been able to take the ranty edge off it yet. Maybe I should just publish it regardless.
    Anyway, the reason I love this post is because as a society we tend to market the wrong things (desserts, sodas, processed crap) and they usually aren’t even real food but more Frankenfood. It makes me crazy especially when fruits, veggies, whole grains and the like can be so beautiful too. Case in point: a friend posts on Facebook the other day, “My hubby is making me switch to a whole food and plant based diet, which means cake is out.” Obviously I disagree that cake should be out because that’s not balance, but someone responded with “Life is too short not to enjoy your food.” and I bit my tongue but I wanted to say “Why can’t you eat a whole foods diet and enjoy it. It’s not one or the other. Carrots can be beautiful and magically delicious too.” I’m digressing, but I want you to know I love this post, and I’m going to repin your entire pinterest board because that’s what marketing should be.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. The frankenfoods especially have to go! There’s nothing wrong with an all-natural sketch-free dessert in moderation and I wish people would take treats off their pedestal and put veggies up there instead!

  • Jenn-
    Thank you for boldly sharing your thoughts on sweets! xoxox

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! I couldn’t agree more.

  • Jen,

    I totally agree with you girl. I’m pretty much horrified at how some people can look at those oreo filled, cookie, layer, candy bar, covered cake, and say it looks yummy. Pretty much makes me want to gag.

    Don’t get me wrong, I come from a lifetime of cake making, and my mom and I MAKE cakes, but I def enjoy my sweets a little less sweet if that makes any sense.

    We don’t even drink juice in my home, and the kiddos eat fruit if they want. I TRY to eat veggies, but we kind of eat the same thing over and over again, especially the kids. I’m much more open, but it’s hard if no one else will try new veggies in my home.

    I’m REALLY trying hard to get my entire family eating more healthy, and you already know I love your blog so much. You get on that soapbox girl, you are so funny when you do. I love it.

    Have a super awesome day Jen!!

    P.s. After coming back from an extended blogging break, I’ve started a 40 day challenge to get HEALTHY by my birthday. If you get a chance to check it out, I could sure use the support!
    Hugs, Bella 🙂
    Bella’s 40 Day Challenge

    • I hope your challenge helps open you guys up to trying new things! Sometimes just adding veggies to those tried and true recipes on rotation is the best place to start! This way you still have a food you’re comfortable but with a small tweak or addition! Best of luck love! You can do it!

  • 100% agree. I had to stop following a lot of my coworkers on Pinterest because all they pin are cookie dough dip type of stuff and then bring the concoctions into work. It’s totally gross and glorifying of processed junkfood. I brought in a “rainbow fruit and veggie” display once and they were literally in shock that I brought something healthy in for a birthday. What has this world come to!

    • awww you rock! It is scary how much sugar has taken over, but we’ll put the focus back where it belongs! I know it!

  • I love this post! I deleted my dessert boards on pinterest (except the cookie of the month one because that’s for recipes for cookies that I send to my dad / grandpa every month). I wanted to re-think what a dessert is — it’s an indulgence, which might not be sweet. I’d say a dessert in my book could be anything from a piece of cake to a good piece of cheese with a glass of wine … or just the cheese. Which I know isn’t the point of this post, but I agree with the sentiment of not glorifying sugar. Yes, it’s not good for you, but part of the problem with some of the body image / diet issues that a lot of women have is that they’re always in diet mentality of “I can’t have this” with certain things, and by pinning them (or putting them on a pedestal) these things are more and more tempting, thus perpetuating the restrict / binge cycle. Boo.

    • Also, I have a big problem with faux desserts. If you’re going to have a dessert, just have a dessert for crying out loud. Don’t have a diet dessert. If you’re going to do that, just throw some peanut butter on an apple and call it good. I want to puke every time I see poke cakes, pudding cookies, or anything made from a box mix + one low-fat mix in. That is NOT the point of dessert. And it’s gross.

      (reasons why I follow about 400 people on pinterest though I have way more followers — sorry, i don’t like your nasty shit that you pin — not you specifically, dear, but people who pin gross shit — no thanks!)

    • Yes Yes 1000x Yes! I’m so glad we’r on the same page! We need them off the pedestal and back as a normal part of a diet full of balance and moderation. No frankenfoods or faux desserts and no guilt and limitation to the point of restrict/binge! We need a change!

    • haha you probably hate my desserts Calee! I guess I try to use whole, normal ingredients, but sometimes subsituting a banana or greek yogurt still keeps it sweet but healthifies it. I’ve also learned that since I started making healthier sweets, I dislike overly processed and refined sweet sweets.

      Overall, I think it’s all about balance and what works for each individual though! 🙂 And focusing on those veggies, whole grains, fruits and lean proteins! 🙂

  • I could literally kiss you… I love this post. As a fulltime working mother of 3 who strives to feed her kids moderation, its lovely to see a like mind. Convenience is always a huge craving for me and when I read the sides of packet snack foods for kids I always find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’ll be following your pinboard and stealing all your ideas. Thank you thank you thank you… xo

    • Haha thanks Betsy! Hope the ideas I’ve pinned help and I’ll try to keep blogging quick tips for healthy snacks too! xoxo

  • I AGREE! Well said.
    I must admit that i also cringe at the amount of times i hear ‘junk food’ used as a reward by parents!!!!

  • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t mean to point blame.. but my parents never made me eat vegetables. Ever. But you can bet we always had cosmic brownies in the house. Now that I’m shopping and cooking for myself I see how truly horrible our eating habits always were, and I struggle every day to just taste things that every one else I know have been eating their entire lives. I only like a very small amount of vegetables. I ate my first salad last year.. at 22 years old!! But, I make a point to try everything, and those few things I do like make up about half of every plate I eat lately and I can’t wait for my (future) babies to do the same 😀

    PS.. Not that this is news.. but our generation also has a huge SODA problem. Ughhhh. Something I have no intention of passing on to my kids.

    • Thanks Kadee! You’re making such great progress and its never to late to embrace veggies — so happy you have been! Oh gosh and yes about the soda — we as a society drink too too many diet and regular sodas and neither are beneficial!

  • Lissi

    Great timing! My eldest wanted a “party” as a treat tomorrow for dinner, so we were going through some healthy options we could have. Top of her list was courgette skins, cucumber and hummus – We must be doing something right!

    Now I have some perfect inspiration to make it a great party – thanks!

  • i think we just need to make food more fun, like you did! then sugar won’t be as hard as an issue. Kids like to play with food and eat it, yes? love your soap box

  • I actually have a confession. I’ve had to stop following a few of my friends because all they post are treat recipes. And not just treat recipes, but heavily processed sugar filled recipes. It would be one thing if they were oatmeal cookies or even gluten-free muffins, but no. They are the make cupcake pudding from cool whip and oreos type of recipes.

    The other thing I noticed on pinterest is the glorification of processed foods. It’s not just the sugar treat recipes. But how about the 100s of crockpot recipes made from processed foods in boxes and cans? I don’t care how cheap and easy that recipe is, I’m not feeding my kids frankenfoods.

    Am exited to see more veggie pins 🙂 I’m actually starting a vegan experiment for two weeks starting tomorrow, just to see how I feel. So the more ideas for meals the better 🙂

    • I had to do the same! It was starting to take over my cravings when what I really needed was nutrients, not sugar! I’m so glad you’re on the same page with the frankenfoods and over-processed stuff – let’s pin the crap out of some veggies! Mwah! <3 Good luck with the vegan eats!

  • I love this post!! Seriously! My boyfriend didn’t eat any vegetables until he met me. He thought he hated them all. Over the last few years the column of vegetables he eats is growing and the column of vegetables he “doesn’t like” is getting shorter and shorter (or ya know, being snuck in via grater)… but vegetables do get a bad rep and just need a chance! I love your idea for that pin board! great for kids or boyfriends/husbands! haha

  • You are so right! I thought about writing a “sugar” post a couple months ago and just….didn’t. I thought about ‘alternative’ types of sugar like agave and honey in moderation but I never thought about reversing it into a ‘eat more veggies’ post. That’s why you are the boss. Let’s face it.


    I love this post!!!! I haven’t played with my veggies lately, but you just made me want too!!! haha 🙂 and i agree, we do need to glorify the veggie more!

  • I usually just lurk here, but I had to stop by to say CHEERS for writing this and for the adorable pin board about veggies! Had to follow you as all your boards are awesome, btw. I’m proud to say my boys (5 and 3) love salad and other veggies. We still eat more sugar than we should though. Baby steps!

  • Jenn, you are such a rock star. I love this post and these ideas, and most of all I just LOVE veggies, and wish more people did!!!

  • I think this is such an amazing idea. I always enjoy my fruits + veggies so much more when they look pretty. Esp because when I eat them, I feel pretty 🙂 If I have kids, they will definitely love their veggies!

  • YESSSSSSS SYES. Yes. Thank you. I’ve been LOVING all your “play with your produce” pins. They’re fabulous. (As are you.)

  • You preach it sister! Sugar is evil…well, in mass quantities. And these days it seems like the only way to celebrate. We eat sugar to celebrate holidays, our birth, the end of a busy week….etc. If we are ever going to stop the increase in obesity we need a shift in which we can celebrate using fruit and veggies, not sugary icing and chocolate. I guess Im a little extra sensitive to this issue right now because Ive been struggling with moderation with sugar (as in I have NO flipping self control) and had to cut it out totally. But everywhere I look, there is SUGAR!

    • Thanks Anne! I think at this point the shift is totally necessary! I totally understand tradition of cake at weddings and birthdays but all that excess has got to go or we’re going to all wind up downing more sugar than air! eek!

  • I want to do a fist bump and declare solidarity, sister! I do not need to see one more cookie doung-stuffed-bacon-wrapped cake coated in candy bars. It’s insane! I mean, I do love dessert but COME ON.

    What I really want is those potted carrots. Bam.

    • *fist bump* darling. All the way! I particularly cringe when its boxed cake mix, store bought frosting, and then additive and food coloring filled candies which are artificially flavored to taste like things like carrot cake or cake batter. Holy cow just give me a slice of carrot cakes and a side of carrots and hummus! Please and thank you! =) hehe

      Let’s go make potted carrots stat

  • Those turkey roll ups are making me hungry and I absolutely agree – those Pinterest recipes are out of control!! And this coming from a self admitted sugar addict!

    • They’re getting a teensy bit crazy. Are people trying to out-do each other? It’s like cupcake wars all over my Pinterest feed!

    • I agree about the cupcake wars! I had a friend brings penguin cupcakes made of jube jubes, mini doughnuts, oreos, timbits, dad’s coconut ring things topped with a thick layer of icing. The worst (best??) part was that no one could eat the cupcake underneath the sugar and chemicals because it was so overdone.People are getting absolutely insane about their desserts. In the time it took her to make them I’m sure she could have prepped healthy food for a week

  • Fabulous post! I think you’re 100% correct in saying we need to shift our mindset. I try to be the mom that brings the healthy alternative to class parties and potlucks suppers. You know that they’ll always be more than enough dessert!

    • Thank you so much! I try to be that party guest too. And not just b/c my friends are better bakers than I am [hehe! though they are!] but because I love to put a colorful healthy dish out and encourage everyone to try something new! Whenever the veggie dish is a hit It puts me on cloud 9 for the rest of the day! I love that you do that too!

    • I am that mom too! At my son’s school they do all the birthdays of the month on the first Thursday (Birthday Thursday) and celebrate with all the classes at lunch time. For my son’s birthday I brought watermelon…There were lots of cookies and cupcakes leftover on kids’ plates but the watermelon disappeared and kids were asking if there was more. =) My kids will almost always choose fruit over any other sweet treats, and if we go to a party with a fresh veggie tray I have to force my kiddos to walk away so other people can have some of the broccoli too.

  • what a great idea – making characters with fruits and veggies. Luckily my little one loves fresh veggies… almost more than sugar.

  • Loved this. I’m not big on sweets…baking yes, but sweets not so much. After working in a bakery I’ve learned what i like and don’t like and will make things for others, but usually when it’s just for me it’s all about the softness or crunch or fruit flavours…I cringe when my family wants to add glaze or icing or something to what I think is just lovely on it’s own. silly people 🙂

    • Ohmygosh it must have been a BLAST working in a bakery! I like to serve glazes and icings on the side to encourage everyone to try things plain first too – I’m so with you on that! I do adore how a fruit or veggie component in baking can add a level of flavor and natural sweetness =) Thanks for the comment!


    My girls are two and four and I have ruined them. I’m not going to lie. I have a very hard time with veggies. We are all ok with the fruit situation. We are working on it. I have always put veggies in front of them…since they could eat solids they have been exposed to veggies. Once they get a taste of that sweet stuff, though, its over. Since we only have sweet treats on special occasions like birthdays, parties and holidays it is deemed “special” and coveted.
    If I would have known what I know now….I would have made fruit cups instead of cupcakes, etc.
    I am going to make sure I’m following your board now.


    • They’re not ruined!!! There’s always time to show your love of veg and share it!!! Jenn’s right. Sugar is overglorified, and it’s also wonderful and magic in moderation, but so is kale and so are carrots. Moderation is where it’s at.

    • Ohmygosh nooo! I’m with Cat — they’re not ruined at all! Just the fact that you work on incorporating and trying fruits and vegetables is a million steps in the right direction Jessica! Keep up the good work and I’m always here if you need a recipe or a fruit and veg cheerleader =) email me anytime! xoxo PEASandCRAYONS [at] gmail [dot] com

  • I love you! I HATE the “cookie dough dip” pins! I hate to admit it, but we’re having a “Candyland” bday party for baby girl in a month because it’s so colorful and fun. But… so much of the candy we buy is for decoration and doesn’t even get eaten. I decided not to do a full meal this time so I’ll definitely be checking out that board for some ideas to make fruits/veggies fun and festive for a party! You definitely have been pinning adorable veggies lately – keep it up please!

  • I adore sugar, you know that. That being said, I also adore fruits and veg like whoa.

    Moderation. Lets have it. Also? Lets stop shoving cookie dough in everything.

    • Of course! It’s damn good and I prefer it to fake sugars any day of the week! I also love what you do to fruit and veggies on your blog so — keep that up — ooh and bring me your glazed carrots! <3

  • I noticed all of your fun veggie pins recently, and I’m totally guilty of the over-pinning of desserts. Everything in moderation, right? I do adore some of the things you’ve pinned, and think they’d be great for parents of younger kids – I’m just not there yet. Maybe they’d work on my husband?! xoxo

    • Lol it’s just me and my husband but I thought the kiddie ones were so flipping cute I had to post some of the photos! =) I’m drooling over those veggie roll-ups! Those are totally husband-friendly hehe

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