WIAW – What I Ate Christmas 2012

I hope everyone is having oodles of happy healthy holiday fun this month!  Next stop – New Years!  I am only slightly bugging out over it being 2013 in a few days. Until I come to grips with the end of 2012 – let’s get our What I Ate Wednesday on!  If you’re new to the blog, [click here] to read about WIAW and all the insanity that typically ensues!  For those of you who know the drill already and came here to party — I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us this week!  Let’s do this!
breakfast banana, black coffee, and cornbread — pretend that’s normal!  Toast is for pansies.  Rather, toast is for people who don’t forget the bakery sourdough when they go to the grocery store.  I paid for it… then left it behind.  Whoops!  lunch homemade ameoba-shaped pizza with fresh basil, roma tomatoes, garlic, red sauce, mozzarella and jalapenos.  We were on a time crunch and picked up fresh, all-natural pizza dough from the grocery store and halved it to make two pizzas.  I hand-tossed it so the dough would do that amazing crusty, bubbly thing on the edges with a super-thin center crust.  To say it was amazing is a total understatement.  I think I need to do another pizza post soon!  snack a little over half of this dark chocolate peppermint bark bar and a mug of peppermint tea

snack another stolen slice of corn bread — if it’s in the house, it’s in my face dinner brought to you by the most random salsa cravings ever!  P wanted guac, I wanted salsa… O-freaking-le!  Black bean nachos with gouda and cheddar, wicked easy homemade restaurant style salsa, and my go-to guacamole made by the pilot.  While stuffing our faces we waxed poetic about how amazing it would be to open up a fresh-mex restaurant.  My pipe dreams are all food related, clearly.

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  • That pizza looks delish!! Oh, and not to forget about that Mexican food… that looks so good too! You had some tasty x-mas day eats! 🙂

  • Merry (slightly belated) Christmas, Jen!

  • Yes, the pizza does look great! Recipe please.

    I hate it when I leave things behind at the store. If I remember right away I’ll go back but not if it’s been awhile when I realize it.

  • I’ve just found your blog and I am STALKING YOUR RECIPES!!! These are all beyond delicious! I haven’t cooked from home in quite some time because eating out has always been easier. However you’re showing me it’s not near as yummy! Looks to me like I know what this New Years weekend brings… LOTS OF YUMMY FOODS!

  • That pizza looks phenomenal! And I’m pretty sure that I will soon be trying some restaurant-style salsa. Yum. And, this sounds silly, but I love the salsa dish! So cute!

  • Wow…that pizza looks off the charts amazing! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  • Happy holidays and a sweet new year to you, Jenn!!!

  • Happy Holidays!!!

  • merry christmas jenn!!

  • Oh my God. I thought you were drinking a tea with Pizza Flavor. Because the pizza is right underneath the tea in the picture. LOL!! Anyway, the pizza looks to die for!!! I am craving it right now! Happy Hoilday!

  • Few things better than home made pizza!! Excellent. I really need to give that a try! Hope you had a great holiday, Jenn!