What I Ate Wednesday December 12 2012

HOLY WIAW BATMAN!!!! 99!?!?!?
I have no words.  I have 99 words.  I have 99 problems and WIAW isn’t one? Or is it one? My brain hurts!
Be prepared for copious amounts of squealing from me when we hit 100 next week.
You’ve been warned!  Muahaha!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

What I Ate Last Thursday:
I choose a random day each week to post on Wednesdays. “As is tradition!”

breakfast good old store brand muesli cereal with unsweetened coconut milk  gym eats a key lime larabar and lots. of. water!  post-gym fuel two scrambled eggs with kale and sriracha and a big mug of black coffee  lunch a mug of decaf candy cane lane green tea and a yummy chickpea sweet potato burger from my freezer stash dinner cheesy ravioli with homemade sauce and grated pecorino romano cheese along with more water and another mug of Christmas tea dessert an unphotographed handful of dark chocolate chips to go with my tea.  They are AMAZING with Christmas-y teas.  Just… Wow!
What I didn’t eat:  my toes.

Let me clarify!  I’ve been partaking in glorious post-gym epsom salt soaks and it just so happens that Peppermint-Spearmint-Eucalyptus epsom salts make you smell like a candy cane.  I LOVE CANDY CANES!  I had to resist the urge to munch on my limbs.  I escaped uneaten.  Barely.

Hookay so… for the recipe portion of my post — I’m going to grab a few of my favorites from last week’s party and link them up on here!  I’ll be back in a little bit with a round-up of yummy holiday recipes!  Until then, link up yours eats!  Can’t wait to see what you’ve been whipping up as of lately!

Our theme this month is healthy holiday recipes! Feel free to add a festive recipe or two to your post so we can try something new!

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I keep using macadamia nut body butter after showering and have to resist the urge to eat my limbs as well 🙂 I just smell good enough to eat.

99! Wow that’s awesome! Can’t wait for 100 next week 😀

Angela @ Happy Fit Mama

Peppermint anything right now makes me happy. I use a peppermint foot scrub that is heaven!

99 problems – nice!


PLEASE tell me “as is tradition” is a super sneaky nod to basically the best South Park episode of all time — the Canadian royal wedding. If that is the case (and I’m not crazy), I think we might actually (still) be the same person.

Love the blog, Jenn! Hope all is well, gorgeous. 😉

Shreya A

Love WIAW, and you, Jenn! Just a little tribute to you: http://rushofendorphins.blogspot.sg/2012/12/dear-blog-world.html 😉 xo

Linz @ Itz Linz

itz a good thing you didn’t eat your toes…. 😉 haha you crack me up, jenn! 🙂 🙂

*CaNdY FiT*

Your eats always make me drool.

I just got my toes does…they look deliciously good 😉

Carli Alice

Now I’m gonna have to try the salts again. I don’t remember smelling like a candy cane. Sad.

It’s early and all this yummy food gawking is making me hungry!


You may have 99 problems but you’re food consumption ain’t one!

Great eats, and your cauliflower soup with asparagus pesto was to die for. I loved it!!

Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family

I’m glad you were able to resist munching on your toes. Shows serious self-control if they smelled like peppermint 😉

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

Meghan beat me to it… but I was going to say I got 99 problems but a Wednesday ain’t one! 🙂

I can’t believe it’s been so long! It seems like just yesterday WIAW turned 21.

Adria @ A Spoonful of Healthy

I love that red mug!! I want one!!!

Tiffany @ Cute Dogs and Hugs

You got 99 problems, but veggies ain’t one. 😉


Haha, same here! I want to eat me when I use my Vanilla Body Butter!


you had me at smelling like the CANES…

Janice - Fitness Cheerleader

Why am I just hearing about this fabulous party now? Looks like I’ll be joining you next week as you celebrate #100! Congrats!


Oh I am going to have to try some of that Epsom salt. I was just thinking the other day that I needed to get some epsom salts for soaking after runs!

Kris | iheartwellness.com

Shiz girl, you’re gettin’ all gansta this morning 😉 I love your posts! Cereal owns my heart and I DO NOT have it in the house or I eat it at every meal…not good for my dang rubbing thighs! LOL!



Ha! 1st today thanks to my insomnia!

And your dinner looks great. I can never get enough homemade marinara.

Laura @ Mommy run fast

I forget to have good, old fashioned cereal for breakfast… when it’s around, I eat it morning and night. But I think it’s time to pick up a box. 🙂


I think if my feet smelled like peppermint, I might try to eat them, too…um, or maybe not!
Your meals look delicious. I especially want to try the chickpea/sweet potato burger. Yum!

Eating 4 Balance

That epsom salt bath sounds awesome. I love the smell of candycanes!

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

Why didn’t I read this BEFORE I started sipping on my Sugar Plum Spice tea? Now the dark chocolate chips are soooooooo faaaaaaaaaar away. And Gossip Girl is queued up. Dangit.


talk to me about candy cane green tea.
Hope you’re great.