What I Ate Wednesday Snacks + Such

Is June seriously almost over?!  I’m beyond excited to cross another month off my countdown! Though I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be getting my husband back, knowing I’m another month closer to surgically gluing myself to his hip is making me squeal like a little girl.  While I do a celebratory dance around the house [in pants, I promise] scroll down to check out the foodie shenanigans, snack ideas, and a few other random musings.


[Faux French Toast drizzled with warm maple syrup –oh yes, it’s tofu!  Freakishly good tofu!]  [garden veggie burger salads with zucchini, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, and leafy greens]  [veggie to-go wraps from the sushi counter – these make a DELICIOUS hand-held snack!]  [chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes  via revisions to this recipe that i’ll be posting about super soon]  [veggie quinoa fried rice]  Of course there were lots of extras sprinkled in between:  a few cups of black coffee, enough water to float a boat, and a banana scarfed en route to the gym.  The usual.

-What I’m Reading-

After tearing through Daughter of Smoke and Bone I went through a mini mope-fest.  The sequel won’t be out for months and patience isn’t my favorite virtue.  I decided to order a few books off my Goodreads “to read” list [Something Like Normal being one of them – SO excited to read this!] and re-read one of my recent favorites while I waited for them to arrive.  If you’re in the market for a book that isn’t made up of rainbows, butterflies, and 50 shades of whatever the heck that book was about, then read The Opportunist.  I’ve already tricked talked a few of my friends into reading it and they pretty much all had the same reaction.  Sheer and utter OMG-I’m-never-putting-this-book-down addiction followed by an overwhelming urge to chuck your ipad/kindle into the nearest wall.  That may not sound appealing but that’s my little way of saying I loved it.  Seriously!  I kind of dare you to read the sample chapters and not be intrigued.

and since we’re at it…

-What I’m listening to-

Part of the reason it takes me forever and a day to write a post is the fact that I’m usually flailing around to music.  I have walked away from this particular post 3 times already in favor of singing into a nail polish bottle.  A few of the tunes on loop include Metric’s “Youth Without Youth,” “Shuffle” by Bombay Bicycle Club, and Two Door Cinema Club’s “I Can Talk.”  Feel free to leave me a comment with your recent favorites, I’m as much of a music junkie as I am a book whore.  Er… bibliophile =)
I’m also currently in the midst of a roasted red pepper hummus and cucumber obsession.  I probably eat half to a whole cucumber daily.  It’s a little ridiculous, but then I remember it’s summertime and a bajillion degrees outside.  Suddenly it makes *perfect* sense!  If you have a Harris Teeter anywhere within a 50 mile radius of your home please get in your car and drive there.  Now.  You have to try their RRP Hummus.  In-sane.


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  • Grace (GracefulEats)

    Thanks you so much for adding my post, Jenn! That was so sweet of you! Had oodles of fun participating for the first time…can’t wait for next week. I’ll be on schedule! 😉

  • Alexis {Diva on a Diet}

    I have been eating that Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus this week too! Although I have been eating it with endive! Love it!

  • haha I have book recs for dayyyyys =) are you on goodreads yet?

  • I love making platters 🙂 They always make me sit down and enjoy what I’m eating rather than grab a banana and eat from the peel. Your snacks look yum!

  • Thanks for the summer reading list … ok, fine, for a two week reading list. But I need some good books! Haha. Can’t wait to check these out!

  • Nichole @ Life as a Newlywed

    I love NPH! That faux french toast looks so good!

  •  right now I’m reading The Happiness Project (I keep kinda coming back to it in between books).  I recently finished all the Fifty Shades books AND the Hunger Games books, so I needed a little series break haha.

  • Ami you love it! =) What are you reading right now?

  • you are making my list of books to read grow outta control! 😉

    Also, I am now craving roasted red pepper hummus, to the point that I may actually have to go get some tonight!!

  • Hope you looooove them! =)

  • Ali

    I sooooo  look forward to WIAW! And hummus is my OBSESSION! Love it with carrots, on pita bread, with crackers (or FALAFEL CHIPS yummm), and on salads.

  • Thanks for hosting another round… I’ll miss the snacking theme! =)
    Your book recommendations came just at the right time! Finished one yesterday and have to wait for the sequel until the end of October. October!! Waaaay too long! So thanks for the ideas =)

  • Hummus from the store is so perfectly spread. I always try to make mine look that pretty and it’s impossible. 

  • Yay for another month closer to your husband coming home!  Super yay!!

    I don’t even know where to start at what all looks amazing in your post.  I think I love the tofu french toast… hmmm… I’ve got some tofu in the fridge, I think I may need to try it.

  • so delicious! i agree – i always feel so much more satisfied with an actual plate of snacks, rather than mindless handfuls of almonds!

  • Teeny tiny barely-there pants but pants nonetheless. After all, its scorching outside!

  • Haha here’s the recipe doll =) https://peasandcrayons.com/2011/03/tofu-faux-french-toast.html

    LOVE both of those songs too!!!! I cant get Usher’s latest out of my head – it’s always on the radio and I wake up singing it lately. Oh man!

  • Marisa@TheCollegeCuisiner

    mmhm, in pants this time? hahaha. I am all about the hummus right now for my snacking. I love roasted red pepper but my favorite is definitely Roasted garlic. I love it so much I’m even giving some away. It’s the set it free mentality.

  • love you almond joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haha I’ll share mine with ya =)

  • That faux French toast sounds genius!!! And I love how you plate things, m’dear! You make simple snacks look so gourmet!

  • My roommate bought hummus recently and it’s taking EVERYTHING in my power not to sneak into it. Because once I start, it’s so over. Sigh.

  • i love the faux french toast. It’s crusty and delicious. I  heart you  Jen…. just sayin. xxoo

  • I’m starting a clean diet and new workout plan next week and I’m going to put some lettuce wraps on the menu —  thanks for the idea! And I hope you’re sharing that tofu french toast recipe soon — looks good!!!

    There’s something about singin’ your lungs out at home that makes life so much sweeter …. I tend to do it while I’m cleaning – the time goes faster and I am a much happier wife 😉 Right now I am loving Scream by Usher and Drive by Train.

  • The faux French toast looks amazing, Jenn!  I keep trying to find things to do with tofu, this will work for me!  The Opportunist sounds very interesting, I’m going to look for that!  Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Christine McCarthy

    my fave is shredded wheat crackers, sharp cheddar and green apple slices. grew up snacking on that with my mom. and now I do it with my kids. 😉

  • Bella Capri

    Hummus is such a great snack!  I absolutely loved The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, and I’m currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  I also have to add a plug for Silversun Pickups new album, “Neck of the Woods.”  

  • As per usual your eats looks so darn delish!! What is your fav. summer dish & your favorite book this summer?! I just finished the 1st  Crossfire book and now have a big ol’ nada to read!

  • You so do… It’s insanely fluffier than bread =) I bet your hummus is phenom.. you should just drive over here and whip up a few batches…. <3

  • Thanks Kammie! =) and YES you do!

  • Thanks schnookums! =) between the tofu and the eggs you’ll be all protein-ed up! [so. not. a. word.]

  • soooooo goooooood!

  • Jaren Smith

    The veggie quinoa looks AMAZING!

  • I just pinned that French toast – you are ridiculously brilliant!  Perfect for my new protein-loading diet. 🙂

    Happy WIAW!!!

  • I love your eats. Ah, as always. They all look so pretty too. & I need to read that 
    Daughter of Smoke and Bone  Book for sure.

  • I need to get on that Faux French Toast situation that is happening up there…also, I LOVE roasted red pepper hummus. It is my consistent favorite–although I did just make a pretty awesome Lemon Miso Hummus…–good to know that Teeter’s is so good. 🙂