What I Ate Wednesday – Hot Date in Raleigh!

I know some of you may think I’m a total creeper for asking you to post fun little food diaries every week so  everyone [especially moi] can get some gosh darn meal ideas for the week buuuuut….. If my BFF Ryan think’s its fab than I’m 100% OK with continuing on with my weird [pshh! fabulous!] weekly party.
Ryan Gosling Hey Girl apple WIAW
If loving WIAW is wrong I don’t want to be right! <3
Also, if loving my to-go box of Whole Foods hot bar is wrong I refuse to be right.
Man this stuff makes me happy!
Ry Gosling? Check!  Food?  Check!  Friends?  Check!
I’m good to go =)
Paul and I had a hot date planned in Raleigh that turned into a date weekend with looooots of good eats.  And shopping.  Not so much buying… but lots of shopping =)
Lunch + Snacks on the way there:
Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, vegetarian-style, with no meat and extra beans
Target-brand fruit leather pull-aparts [I never leave home without one]
Natural energy drinks to keep us hyper on the road
loooots of water
Dinner in Raleigh-ho!
Sushi-palooza at Mura North Hills
Sushi, Sapporo beers, and sinfully delicious blackberry layered cheesecake
We also walked over to the movie theaters and saw the latest Mission Impossible movie.  I kind of loved it! Paul insisted on eating his weight in popcorn and sour patch kids and I stole a few bites of each while watching Tom Cruise dangle from cars, skyscrapers, and other random objects.
Lunch the next morning:
a salmon sandwich from Jason’s Deli.  Meh… kind of bland =/
I also scarfed fruit salad, a small chocolate-vanilla soft serve, and lots of water
Dine and Dash!  Dinner on ze road:
Whole Foods Hot Bar Amazingness!  P and I split a giant veggie-packed salad with field greens, lobster + butternut squash bisque and a slice of key lime pie cheesecake [cheesecake two days in a row? Heav. En.]  We were so hyper from the drive that we stayed up until the wee hours in the morning which means…. second dinner!  We munched more of out hot bar leftovers including steamed kale, quinoa, green beans with portobello mushrooms, macaroni and cheese, delicious tofu ragu, and scalloped potatoes.  I ate 1/2 my box and finished the rest for lunch the following day.  I don’t want to know how much that heavy box of YUM cost but it was 100% worth it after all the meals we got out of them.  Dearest Whole Foods, I wish you were closer to my house! Move here?
Hookay so… that was like two WIAW posts for the price of one!  I’ve hogged enough of the spotlight for the day and now it’s your turn!  Show us the meals and snacks you’ve been noshing on lately and help inspire our next meal… or two… our four!  The diversity + creativity that you guys link up every Wednesday rocks my world.

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Crazy Cooking Couple

That sushi looks fantastic! Jen always had such a hard time deciding what sushi to try whenever we go out. And kale is scrumptious. Ever had kale chips? A company (Brad’s Raw Chips) has a nacho flavor that swear 2 to goodness tastes just like pizza. 

Kristen @ notsodomesticated

I want a piece of that cheesecake!!!  Wow!  Blackberry?  That’s a new one!  My favorite cheesecake is the Red Velvet Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.  Amazing. 😉

Lauren Slayton

The Whole Foods salad bar makes me so happy I dream of having that in my fridge at all times. 


I always feel less guilty when my to go box is from Whole Foods… Call me crazy!

Mattie [Comfy & Confident]

Looks like you had a fun weekend! Lots of good food!

Andrea @ Vegvacious

Looks like your weekend was awesome!!! You had some great road trip eats!

PS – cheesecake should totally be a food group all of it’s own 😀

Lindsay Stephenson

If Ryan Gosling thinks WIAW is cool… then you must contine!

Tessa @ Amazing Asset

What a fabulous weekend! And yeah, that hot food bar does sound epic…. so expensive, but so awesome every so often 🙂

Amy B @ Second City Randomness

I think, between the two of us, we keep Ryan Gosling’s presence online going. He should thank us.

Ami @ parsnipsandpears

any post that starts with ryan gosling is a-ok in my books 😉


Oh my gosh, love your hey girl too funny!


Ryan gosling can fix everything. And that box of god-knows-what-but-it-looks-amazing looked…well, amazing. And I love the picture of (is that your boyfriend?) trying to aim food into his mouth whilst going through road rage. Classic! Have a lovely week darling!

sarah @ sarah learns

it has been far too long since i’ve had whole foods hot bar in my life. must. go. soon!


I love your WIAW! This is the first time I have read it. I might have to link up next week 🙂 And your blog is super cute. 

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

I have found myself saying more than once in the past few days that Whole Foods is my favorite restaurant. Seriously.

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Thanks Aileen! Join the party anytime! <3

Jen @ Whittle My Middle

I wish we had a Whole Foods in Canada. Everyone raves about it and the meals always look so good. At least we can say Ryan Gosling is from Canada, we’ll give you that little treat 🙂

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

bahahaha what is with the green anyways!? it happens whenever I copy and paste anything! Is it just my blog or do other websites do that for you too? 😉 maybe its technology’s way of reminding us to eat our greens? =) love your face off! mwah!


Am I the only one to think there is a slight resemblance in Paul and Ryan Gosling?  Not that that is a bad thing.
Now the eats are fantastic…Holy Yumness!  I just have to throw this in because I am so excited but Whole Foods is opening up here in Greensboro this spring and I cannot wait.  I have been eagerly watching as it goes up and now I am just praying that Trader Joe’s will agree to come here to.
I think there might something wrong with me to love grocery stores as much as I do.

Anywho…thanks for this 1 year of WIAW Jenn and I look forward to another fruitful year of eats.

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

bahahaha everyone keeps saying that!!!!! I never saw it until then and now when I look at photos of Ryan Gosling I see my husband it I look at the photos too quickly! And i’m right there with you with a love of grocery stores! I dont care about clothing and things I just want yummy eats gosh darn it!!!! =) Wilmington NC is getting one too!!!! but its 2 hours away like Raleigh is. womp womp! more road trip WIAWs in my future!

Lisa @ Healthful Sense

Looks like you and your hubby had a fabulous weekend!!
Love the looks of that salad.  I used to stalk the WF salad bar in college but not so much anymore.
Gets a tad pricey for a family of 5 lol =)  Now my love goes to Trader Joe’s. 


Your Hey Girl is  hilarious! 

Dominique Burleson

Thanks so much for hosting! 

Blonde Ponytail

Yes! Ryan G is the man and I love your creativity!!!  Hugs to you Jenn!


Successfully got the button up – thanks again for your help last week!  I looooove the Whole Foods hot bar and could easily blow a good chunk of change there, trying everything lol

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

*High-Five!* Off to check it out =)

Love your blog name BTW! <3 I was born in Dedham, Mass!!!!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

thank us…. hire us… take us to dinner =) all of the above?

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

It wont let me comment on your post =(
Are you going to add your lunch and dinner later today too!? =) doooooooooooooo it! <3 pretty please? =)

Maria@ Sinfully Nutritious

I love Whole Foods bar!  I always say, “If I was rich like Oprah, I would have a Whole Foods bar in my house!”  

Christine McCarthy

Yay to official one year anniversary of WAIW! I had the most delicious oatmeal creation for dessert. Can’t wait to make it again. 😀


hahaha! That ryan pic is hilarious 🙂 Loves it!

Professor Vegetable

Girl, I want to eat with you. Everything looks really good. I’m jealous.

Professor Vegetable

I’m loving how Ryan Gosling talks to you. I wish he’d talk to me. He’s cute.

Anna @ The Guiltless Life

Oh man you’re killing me with that sushi and cheesecake! What an ideal combination – looks heavenly!

Tasha @ Dine & Dash

“Dine and Dash!  Dinner on ze road” so sweet of you to give me a shot out! bahahaha. You already know my hot bar obsession. Sadly I didn’t go this weekend…but I will be there this week for treats. The butternut squash bisque sounds gooood now that its getting semi-cold here. Ummm because I copy/pasted you everything is green! ahh I hope my comment doesn’t come out green.  mwah!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

ummmm so get rich, open that whole foods, and be prepared for me to crash at your place indefinitely =) deal?

Maria@ Sinfully Nutritious

Deal!  When our newest HUGE Whole Foods opened, the first time I walked through the doors, I swear heard angels singing. I always feel like I am walking into to heaven.  Can you ever be in a bad mood after being in Whole Foods? I swear that place is like crack for health-foodies!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Ok so get this! – the WF and TJs in Raleigh are SWARMING with rude cranky people! Like 99,9% of people are walking around mean mugging and being rude and if i have to get by them… i smile and say excuse me sweetly and they practically GROWL at me! haha so they are derranged or something – WF = instant happy

Kelly @LeafyNotBeefy

Hi Jenn!  I’ve stalked your blog for a while, but finally joined in the WIAW fun 🙂  There is not a WF or a TJ within any reasonable distance at all from me, which is so sad. Maybe in the future we’ll get one, and in the meantime, I guess that could be a good thing for the wallet.

Susanne Voros

Looks like a fun weekend!!!  I go to whole foods once a week for hot dinner box lol I love that place!  Tell Ryan I said Hi and that he is super cute but don’t tell my hubby that I said that. 🙂

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

ahaha! Will do =) I tell my hubs he looks like Ryan but…. if given the choice, I may still run away with Mr. Gosling! Hopefully he knows i’m just teasing! haha

Have a great day Susanne!

lindsay cotter

i don’t know what’s hotter, you or the hot bar. oh wait….ITS YOU and PAUL! WOWZA!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Yah they have weeklong specials! It was really good! Not the typical ingredients for some of the rolls (almonds and mango galore on one and another was wrapped in radish and seaweed instead of rice) — wish we lived closer!!!! =)

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

BAHAHAHA puhhhlease – look at you and your studly kiwi =) you guys are gorgeous!


160! Dang girl, you are on fire. Or your WIAW idea is at least. Also,  WF hot bar makes me life so much better, I can’t even put my love for it into words.


Yeeee! Whole Foods hot bar X2 is just double the happiness, in my opinion. 
What a lovely date night! 
Thanks for another amazing WIAW, girl. (:


Wow, all of that looks SO good!! 🙂 
We were in Raleigh back in October for our vacation in the US – I wanna go back! I miss the South. England is boring in comparison! 🙂
Take care,


Just came across your blog and I gotta follow!  I’m excited about all these recipes on here. I can’t wait to try some of them and link my stuff up to your blog. This is exactly what I am gonna start on my blog too.  As a certified trainer I know the importance of eating clean for both the inside out outside of your body  and inspiring others to take care of themselves through exercise and clean eating. My blog  is somewhat new on adding my fitness routines and recipes. I would absolutely love it if you would link up your recipess starting next Thursday  to my blog as well. 


I WILL remember to do this next week. I WILL remember to this next week! Had to say it twice in hopes that I’ll remember!! 

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

bahahaha! =) You will! I have faith in ya!

Kristin Walker

Ooo!  I haven’t eaten at Mura yet, but they have good specials on Tuesdays (I think).  Yum!  There’s not much more I love than sushi!

Ann Mc

Everything looks delicious (including you-know-who).  I’m with you – Whole Foods hot bar is amazing!  I could blow my entire grocery budget there!

Maria @ Sinfully Nutritious

I am in total shock and utter disbelief!  I have never had that experience at WF.  Other stores, all the time, but WF, never!

Meghan Cole

This sounds like tons of fun. I’m all about eating – and taking photos of what I eat. (Does that make me a creep, too?) Looking forward to doing this next week! 🙂

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Yup! You’re a total creep =) haha JK! Can’t wait to see your WIAW next week!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

I thought it was just me feeling that way but the hubs pulled me aside in TJ’s this weekend and was like “WHY IS EVERYONE SO MAD/CRANKY/RUDE?!?!?” I would have never expected that from Raleigh but its kind of the norm everytime we go there

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

bahahaha I do every time! then I eat really good for a week or two and pout when all the WF goodies are gone 😉

Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian

The whole foods bar is my weakness!! I always end up going a bit too crazy though and it ends up costing me a fortune!! ha.
Glad you had such a nice weekend! 🙂

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Hope you had a great one too Kristen! annnd now its practically the weekend AGAIN! ahhhh I love it! =)


Oh I agree Whole Foods has an awesome food bar. As soon as you walk in the place it smells wonderful!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Agreed! It’s euphoric! =) How are you Alicia!? And ze company? I suggest the troubled skin balm to everyone I know! Love it so! Thanks so much for sending me some!!!!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Yeah once our family grows this is going to be even more of a luxury/treat — as it is we only get to go once every 2 months. TJs too! Love them both oh so much! and you of course =)




I love, love, LOVE sushi!!
Happy one year anniversary! This was my first WIAW! Thanks for hosting such an awesome linky party! I enjoy reading everyone’s eats.