What I Ate Wednesday Lazy Day Eats

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!
Aside from a quick run to the post office + grocery store… My productivity level on Monday?  Bordering on  non-existent.  I did however get caught up on episodes of  Dexter + New Girl so I’m certain that counts for something, right? =)


black coffee, 1/2 a jumbo croissant, and a medium banana
water, a PB ginger chew, and a chocolate peanut Two Degrees bar
(I wasn’t a fan of the chocolate but the apple pecan bar is life-changing!)
two servings of spaghetti squash w/ my favorite DG heirloom tomato sauce
more water
recipe testing
several heaping spoonfuls of mashed cauliflower
a handful mouthful of white chocolate pb filled pretzel snack mix
loaded quesadillas:
sauteed mushrooms, onions, black beans seasoned and folded into two crispy whole grain tortillas with melted gouda and topped with shredded romaine lettuce and homemade guacamole.
a handful of white chocolate chips + a small bowl of cheddar bunnies
salty must accompany sweet — are ya with me?

Obviously these only lasted a total of 2.5 seconds. I think I eat fast enough to break some sort of world record.  I need to work on that =)  Must. Slow. Down.


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Debbie (Accidently Delish)

do you have the recipe for the guacamole? it looks ah-mazing!!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Hey love! Theres my fav recipe here: https://peasandcrayons.com/2011/07/guacamole-in-jar.html and then a link to a few different varieties i’ve whipped up out of sheer boredom =) The Mrs. Renfros green salsa makes guac HEAVENLY if you can get ahold of a jar! <3 Its magical!

Liz @ Iheartvegetables

I swear I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t seen dexter!!!! 

Happy WIAW! 🙂

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

Where’s the matzoh ball soup?!  I’ve been craving it ALL day. 🙂

Kris | iheartwellness.com

I’m coming to your house so we can eat salty bunnies and sweet chips together 😉  My kinda lady!! 
Your eats are always FAB!!!  I love lazy days!

lindsay cotter

I can’t do the chocolate raw bars either, just fruit. Next WIAW I want to see some GF mattzah!

Ann Mc

YUM!  You had quite a delicious day!


I think we’re missing the link again! =P 


I sound like a complete freak now … oh well. Somebody linked up a second one of my posts and it wasn’t me…? Would you mind removing it? I don’t want to hog the spaces! I’m a bit creeped out because I didn’t choose that picture or the title for the second one … sorry you must think I’m a complete all rounded nutter.

Maria @ runningcupcake

I like salty with sweet but not sure about cheesy with sweet! 🙂


The quesadilla looks Wonderful!  I keep saying I’m going to try spaghetti squash and haven’t…something new to try for the New Year…Happy WIAW!!

Tessa @ Amazing Asset

Hey now watching Dexter takes effort! 🙂 Your quesadilla sounds rather tasty m’dear! Even though you consider these lazy day eats, they sure do look better than mine 😀
Happy WIAW!


I had fun — it was my first time participating!  🙂  Thanks for hosting, Jenn! 

Cheap Ethnic Eatz

Just ddscovered you and this weekly idea, love it…will be back on a Wednesday 😉

Sweet Tooth Runner

Aww thanks for linking me Jenn! And thanks for hosting every time!! I can’t imagine how much work you put into this every week! So grateful for it! LOVE YOU! <3

Oh, and white chocolate chips + salty cheddar bunnies? Heaven:)


I hear ya on the sweet and salty combo…one of my favorite.
However what I am admiring the most is the quesadilla…YUM!  That is some serious deliciousness.

Anna @ The Guiltless Life

That quesadilla looks so amazing. I make pretty much the same filling, but have always just dipped mine in sour cream and salsa. Way better to top it with lettuce and guac – hello! So doing that next time! xx


Everything looks delicious, per usual! 
I’m so addicted to Dexter. It’s ridiculous. 🙂 


For some reason I don’t have access to the link-up thing? So weird! 🙁

Ashley Pomes

I don’t either.It says it’s closed 🙁

Lauren A.

same here!

Ashley Pomes

I sent her a tweet to ask why so if I hear anything I will let you guys know. 


great eats girly!! Thanks fo hosting 🙂

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Fixed! <3 sorry I had typed it up to end today instead of tomorrow. Its been a LOOOOOONG day!

Lynette Carruth

I just discovered this WIAW thing. I will be back to participate next Wednesday! I’m a new follower!

Liz @ Southern Charm

Ohhh! That spaghetti squash looks quite amazing!!

Shabbotts Habits

Lots of delicious and healthy eats!  Love it 🙂


I was resoundingly unprodictive Monday and Tuesday!  I’m trying to make up for it now, but getting caught up in all the WIAW fun!


It all looks good but your dinner sounds so delicious!!


So… spaghetti squash. I just bought one and don’t quite know what to do with it. Any good suggestions?

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Hookay so Dave’s Gourmet Heirloom Tomato Sauce [you can find it at whole foods, harris teeter, tj maxx, marshalls, homegoods, etc…] is AMAZING on spaghetti squash with a sprinkle of parm — its so delicious I literally want to lick the plate clean! Just cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and roast it face down on aluminum foil on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees for 30 min or so. Let it cool a tad and then fork out the stringy spaghetti center!

That’s my lazy way of eating it, though when i want to fancy it up and get the hubs to dig in too I make this: https://peasandcrayons.com/2010/11/recipe-fail.html

Hope that helps girl! Thanks for the shoutout on your bloggy! Loved your xmas tree bokeh post! =)



Ah-mazing! Thank you!


Oh my, I want those quesadillas. Right now. And the salty + sweet combo= totally necessary. Which is why I have a severe pretzel m&m addiction.

Professor Vegetable

Eating too fast is bad for you!!! 🙂 

I love mashed cauliflower!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

daisy light sour cream is my WEAKNESS! Though i’ve recently been using fage plain greek yogurt instead and they taste SO SIMILAR!!!!


Girl, I swear I deserve an award for as fast as I can put away food…I’m trying to work on it because most of the time I eat so fast that I don’t give myself enough time to realize that I’m full! 🙁 

I went to a Mexican restaurant with a friend last night and had THE BEST shrimp tacos…think I might try to recreate them! Love your overloaded quesadilla (is it weird that in my head I always say “qway-sa-dil-LA”?) Hahaha!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

This comment made me smile so freaking much. Thank you so much lovey!!! I have had such a blast WIAWing it up with you ever week for the past few months (gosh or more even? haha!) love you so!