What I Ate Wednesday October 12 2011

Oh noooo! I hate skipping breakfast!

Looking back at Tuesday’s eats was total confirmation that skipping my morning meal leads to double, and sometimes triple the snacks… which never leaves me as satisfied as a meal does.

Is anyone else the same way?

You bet your butt I’ll be reading these drool-worthy WIAW posts over breakfast Wednesday morning. I’m thinking rye toast and scrambled eggs w/ sauteed mushrooms? mmm and a cold banana.  Annnnd I’m hungry again!  Such is life.

What I Ate Wednesday - Peas and Crayons

ahhh I overslept! chugged my coffee, checked my email, and peaced out for my lunch date

5 jumbo oysters rockefeller [best ones I’ve EVER had!]
side salad with romaine, tomato, + cucumber

more water, so dehydrated today!
1 handful of pizza bunnies

snack numero dos
la croix lime sparkling water
baby carrots + ranch

more water
garlic bread
leftover baked ziti

a handful or two of peanut butter m&ms that I scarfed too fast to photograph

What I Ate Wednesday - Peas and Crayons


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My day was not the healthiest one I’ve had in a while but oh well….. I need to get back to green smoothies in the morning!


Definitely get your breakfast in you! I crash at about 10:30am if I haven’t had anything to eat yet.

The last thing I ate was the second-last slice of peach pie from Canadian Thanksgiving on Sunday! I’ll let my husband have the last one for his breakfast tomorrow, speaking of breakfast. 🙂

Lauren @ Sugar Coated Sisters

peanut butter m&m’s are the best flavor! and i hear you on the snack attack from lack of a good breakfast… that’s been happening to me a LOT lately 🙁

Spotted Sparrow

I’m the same way. Skipping breakfast always leaves me stuffing my face by dinner time. Cookie monster!!!


I’ve realised I’ve participated in this for like, five weeks and never commented. How rude is that?!?!
Those pizza thingys look yum though.
and oysters…. OMG… I want some now.. jealous!

Cait @ Beyond Bananas

I would really like to get my hands on some of that Pizza snack mix from annies!

Shannon @ Healthiful Balance

I LOVE looking at all these WIAW posts! 🙂

Amy B @ Second City Randomness

I am the same! And that is the whole reason I can’t get down with the whole “little meals all day” thing. I need a meal. Otherwise, I’m not satisfied. It’s a mental thing I just can’t get over…


Great eats gurly!! Happy WIAW 🙂


DUUUDE! I know it’s only 6am where I am…but you just made me CRAVE oysters! LOL

Tessa @ Amazing Asset

That is so true about breakfast… I am ravenous the rest of the day!
Peanut Butter M&Ms are a delightful way to end the day 🙂

Miss Smart

I’ve seen that coconut water La Croix at the store and wasn’t sure about it…I’m skeptical of all the flavored seltzers that don’t have tons of added fake sugar. [I realize that statement sounds REALLY bad…but I guess I’m just a suga-holic sometimes…]


oh man, i think i’ve skipped breakfast once in my life and it was not pretty. I feel ya! enjoy that tasty breakfast today!


Everything looks and sounds so good! I loved baked ziti and garlic bread! YUMMOOOO!!!!


that cup is the size of your face!

Lisa @ Healthful Sense

Happy WIAW!! Love Ya… =)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail

I have neglected my WIAW love! Back today, Jenn! You keep ME uber motivated to create healthy artistic food!

Andrea @ Vegvacious

Monday was a holiday in Canada and I totally forgot today was Wednesday!!! Oh well, from the looks of things above, I’m going to have a ton of inspiration for next week’s post! Happy WIAW Jenn!


I CANNOT skip breakfast! Yesterday I had nothing to eat for bkfst and ended up having lunch at 10:30!


I can’t cope without breakfast! The only time I’ve missed it in the last few years was for a fasting blood test and it was a nightmare 🙂
I love the look of that pizza mix – and I wish they did pb M&Ms here 🙂


You are making me hungry *off to lunch*
Last thing I had was udon noodle soup. Oh so yummy!


Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog-I feel so honored 🙂
Love yours and the party! This is insanely much fun 🙂

xoxo Mel

Kristin @STUFT Mama

Everything looks delicious, as usual. That pizza snack mix looks dangerous. I may not make it to the party today because my “to do” list is LONG, but making a jar of your pickled peppers is on the top of it! 🙂
You are fabulous!


I never eat breakfast, on days that I work I eat morning tea at about 930 and lunch at 12:30 and then dinner.

On days I don’t work but go to yoga I eat lunch at 1130 when I get home from yoga.

Nada (One Arab Vegan)

Couldn’t skip breakfast if my life depended on it – and if I did I would be the world’s biggest grumpus. Those pizza bunnies look yummy though!

Last thing I ate was dinner – quinoa and my attempt at recreating the autumn veg stew I had from WF last week, surprisingly de-lish!


Have you tried the Annie’s Chocolate Chip Bunnies or Cinnamon Bunnies? They are SO yummy!

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

I’m sooooo late to the party, but I’m joining Italy-style. Missed you and WIAW!!!


you seriously make wednesdays the best! i had a friend text me today telling me she couldn’t wait to see what i ate wednesday- you’re even making the day better for people without blogs! and i totally meal plan my weeks starting on wednesdays too haha

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

It’s not everyday (or ever!) that I see “5 jumbo oysters rockefeller” on a blog post. Love that girl!

Leila @ Spinach and Skittles

I love La Croix and peanut butter m&m’s. I haven’t had either in ages…off to write my grocery list!


I missed this week, but GOSH WIAW is BUMPIN’!


I’m the exact same way! If I don’t have a good breakfast, I spend all day feeling unsatisfied. It really is the most important meal of the day!
As usual, all of your food looks phenomenal. Especially that bread. Mmmm…


I am always starving if I do not have breakfast- same if I don’t have time to eat my lunch at work- I get a major afternoon crash then.
Love peanut butter m n m’s 🙂


Thank you Jenn for thw WIAW parties. They are such a greeat way to keep us all connected! You’re awesome! 🙂

Sharon @ Bit of the Good Stuff

Hi Jenn! My intention to start the day with a healthy hot water and lemon got blown out of the water this week, and I’ve been chugging the black coffee too! Love your huge red cup BTW!
If I miss breakfast, I feel like I’m playing catch up all day long. However mad my days are, I always try and take 5 mins to munch a big bowl of porridge or muesli. Perfect set up for the rest of the day 🙂


I didn’t even realize Annie’s had a pizza mix, I have to find those! I’ve never had oysters before!!


I LOVE WIAW!!! Gives me so many recipes!

jillian :: cornflake dreams.

looks like a tasty day!! miss you lots lady! i hope youre doing well. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams