What I Ate Wednesday August 3 2011

Given that most of my time this week is being spent in a pile of bubble wrap and boxes, my WIAW photog skills suffered. Hard.

Despite the missing photos, the eats were fabulous!

As if you ever doubted it =)

After all, I only eat yummy foods!

Sub-par meals and snacks need not apply here!


black coffee + cornbread + a delish bowl-o-watermelon

6 falafels [only 2 were left by the time I remembered to snap a photo] + greek salad
tzatziki sauce for dipping

pretzel sticks + dried strawberries + more water

leanne’s salmon cakes w/ homemade tartar sauce + sweet potato fries + pickles

1 chocolate square + 6 dried strawberries

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Andrea @ Vegvacious

Happy WIAW!!! Lovin’ those eats – watermelon is my go to fruit in this hot sticky weather! Have fun packing!!!

lindsay cotter

i need some salmon cakes ASAP and some almond joy bites please!

Amy B @ Second City Randomness

I just had to explain to my roommate what falafal was. Now I’m craving it…


Look what you started, this is so awesome. I’m tempted after our “love it” discussion to say that but I’ll refrain. Impressive you ate well while packing. I feel lots of people would use it as an excuse or feel they couldn’t be bothered. Of course people like us can always be bothered.


A success once again 🙂 Happy WIAW pretty lady!

Matt @ The Athlete's Plate

I love that you had cornbread for breakfast 🙂

I totally need to do a WIAW sometime.

jillian dieter

mmm the falafel looks so tasty! happy wednesday chickadee. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner

Oh my gosh. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! 🙂

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode

I’m dying to try your balls.  Falafel balls, that is. 🙂  Good luck packing!!


I do believe you’ve made Wednesday’s tasty. WIAW is HUGE! Love it.

Your falafels look fantanstic! Do tell where those came from/recipe? Mmmm!

Amanda @ .running with spoons.

Yay for my favorite day of the week! And soon, I’m definitely gonna be feelin’ ya on all the boxes and bubble wrap. My August is gonna be devoted to packing and prepping for my move. Exciting for sure, but I wish I could skip the process and just be in my new place already.


I don’t think mine worked for some reason… But happy WIAW anyway!


You’re making me want falafel! And I love your disdain for lack of deliciousness 🙂

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

You might be a WIAW addict if… you wake up at 5am to go to the bathroom and decided to see if WIAW was open for posting yet.  Yes, I did that. 🙂

Erica Jordan

i would like to know how you limited yourself to ONE SQUARE of chocolate! id eat the entire thing hahah

so impressed you did this WHILE PACKING! i cant wait to see the finished product of the hizzouse!


happy happy! love WIAW 🙂

Sara K

Yummmm to the falafels 🙂

Annahita Jimmerson

I’m definitely linking up next week! I just need to remember to take pictures…. those falafels look so good!

Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit

Wow, your salmon cakes turned out SO perfectly! And with a side of pickles… double yum!

Ashley @ AlmostVegGirlie

Mmmmmm, falafel! The salmon cakes look really good, too, especially with the sweet tater fries.

Lisa @ Healthful Sense

Happy WIAW luvely <3 

Jenny Mendez

I tried falafels for the first time over the weekend! I am obsessed! 😀 

Donna @ Life of a Happy Blonde

Hope your move is going well!!! Try not to let the boxes overwhelm you and enjoy your new home, i can’t wait to see pics <3 

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg

Boxes and bubble-wrap…WAY too familiar for me!!! Good luck packing!!! 

Ana F

Everything looks so yummy! Cornbread, strawberries, watermelon, chocolate, falafel…. = Ana is HUNGRY! 


Happy Wednesday 🙂

Amy-Nutrition by Nature

I just did my first WIAW post! How fun! Love all the food ideas and photos. Thank y ou for putting WIAW together!


Lunch looks amazing, I am seriously craving Greek food now!  Hope the packing is going well, Jenn!


Great eats, lunch looks wonderful. Hey, I might actually participate in WIAW soon! 🙂


Amazing food-party Jenn!! Falafel? Greek salad Water Melon? YUMYUM YUM!


Mmm… I had watermelon today at work! Apparently it’s national watermelon day according to one of my coworkers. 😉 

Ann Claire

The button isn’t showing up on my post, any idea why that could be?

Ann Claire

It worked! Thank you so much.


I love salmon – off to check that out – and chocolate and dry strawberries sounds amazing… happy 28th WIAW!


dried strawberries, even 🙂

Simply Life

good luck packing!


Love the falafel. The watermelon sounds and looks amazing too! 


OMG! dried strawberries – need some pronto 🙂

Megan @ MackeyMadness

YUM!! The greek salad and the dried strawberries sound divine!! Miss you, twinnie!!


So … have you ever had any silly bloggers accidently call your blog “Peas and Carrots” instead of “Peas and Crayons?”  I’m hoping I’m not the first. 😉  My friend just emailed me, telling me about my little “typo,” but my blog is being worked on right now, so I can’t fix it quite yet.  So sorry about that haha!!! :/

Sara Stewart

I hope moving went well today, girlie! I would NEVER ever entertain the thought that your un-photographed eats were anything less than stellar. :-p Everything always looks sooo good.

I’ll be back at the party next week! xoxoxo


WOWZA! Look at all those link ups! You go girl!  Good luck with the packing! Miss youuuuu XOXOX

Kris | iheartwellness.com

Oooo girl, you like your coffee like I do 😉  Dark and Freaking HANDSOME 🙂  No lightness for me, the blacker the better 😉


Laura @ Adventures In WIC

yum falafel! I haven’t had any of those in forever it seems like. We ate them like everyday for a month once bc Matt bought this huge case of them from amazon. But I think that was almost a year ago so I’m ready for some more. Also-I missed out on wiaw this week…mostly bc I’m studying like crazy and all we are eating is pizza & subs and I’m pretty sure no one wants to see 10 pictures of pepperoni pizza. 

ps. I saw the pic of your house it almost looks move in ready! I can honestly say I excited for you to move in bc I really wanna see how you decorate it 🙂 Have fun packing/moving. And congrats!

Emilia Miller

Just added my first WIAW post to the train– yee- haw!  YAY for WIAW 🙂

Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

Happy WIAW Jenn!!!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

Yes ma’am! The only thing that belongs in my coffee is MORE COFFEE! and sometimes ice =)


AWWWWW! So I’ve poked around here a bit and then saw the badges… so I clicky clicky came back. All of my friends are here! How did I miss this fun? Hmmmmm – my food isn’t that exciting – but it would inspire me to do something prettier on wednesdays 🙂

Sara Stell

just finally did a “wiaw” today – so much fun!