Vase Makeover: Matte Chalkboard Vases

I’m in love with these matte chalkboard vases! This fun DIY project is great for giving new life to old vases you have lying around at home or re-vamping a recent garage sale find.
trio of matte chalkboard vases

Vase Makeover: Matte Chalkboard Vases
image via pottery barn teen

You can find this trio at Pottery Barn for $35 or you could make them for way less!

Chalkboard-itzing (nope! not a word – bear with me here haha) would be a great project to re-vamp vases you already have around the house or you could scope out your local dollar store, garage sale, ikea, etc…  to score a fun vase (or three) for a super-low price!

I have these guys lying around the house currently:

Vase Makeover: Matte Chalkboard Vases

photo via

I used these IKEA vases for my wedding last month and i’ve been itching to paint a few!

All you need is a vase, jar, or wine bottle to paint and *drumroll please* Chalkboard Spray Paint!

where can you find chalkboard spray paint?

You can find Chalk Board paint pretty much anywhere that sells spray paint. Home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes, craft stores like Michael’s and JoAnn’s, Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc…

A can will run you about $5 and can go a long way for your vase makeover shenanigans!

So grab a can, shake well, and spray away!

I like to lay an old cardboard box down outside (and sometimes in the garage depending on the time of year) and paint the vases there to minimize mess and for easy clean-up.

No chalkboard spray paint handy?

Grab a brush and paint them the old fashioned way with matte black paint or even chalkboard paint from the craft store.

My local craft store has little craft-sized matte chalkboard paints for under $2 a bottle and they’re perfect for projects like this! They even come in a dozen or so different colors. I recently picked up bright teal chalkboard paint and a few other shades of green and blue for a fun upcoming project. Stay tuned!

If you get a chance to make your own Matte Chalkboard Vases let me know! I’d love to see photos of your creations! xoxo

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  • Hey Elisa! I actually plan on keeping them — thanks though! =)

  • Elisab2315

    Hi! Any chance you are willing to sell your Ikea white vases?

  • THIS IS SO COOL. I didn’t know that spray existed! I’m smelling a new wine glass design for my business…. 😉

  • Mikalah

    Cool! I LOVE those! I actually tried to find the chalkboard spray paint and couldn’t find it! Hmm, I’m already thinking of which vases I could paint…

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