What I Ate Wednesday #210

This is totally embarrassing, but I think somewhere along the way the heart and soul behind What I Ate Wednesday and why I started this little community to begin with got lost. Like middle of the desert with no gas, no GPS and an RV filled with stolen lab equipment…. wait, I’m thinking of Breaking Bad, aren’t I?

In all seriousness, I didn’t want to come here today with a set of rules. You guys have done your homework and read up about WIAW [& if you’re new, hi!!] and how this is a judgement-free party that’s more about meal inspiration and reflection than “Ohmygosh hi so I ate some chips and dip today, ok bye!” It’s not about the giveaways or the random protein bar reviews or anything of the sort; it’s about the food. So let’s stuff our faces, nourish our bodies, and celebrate it!

Slapping a set of rules on every link-up post feels kind of negative and redundant, so instead I’ll be moderating entries. If you linked up a WIAW post, you’re good to go. If you stopped by to link up a post from 3 weeks ago that has a random photo of one thing you ate at some point in your life and literally nothing to do with What I Ate Wednesday whatsoever, it’s a no go.

And with that, I bring you food. This was precisely the last day of meals eaten before a certain chickpea licked the mat at gymnastics and downed us with the flu.

 egg, spinach, an cheese breakfast sandwich

[breakfast] sloppy egg sandwich with egg, cheese, spinach, and ham

cabot cheese and crackers

[snack] cheese and crackers

cajun chickpea and sweet potato veggie burgers

[lunch] the last of the Cajun Chickpea Sweet Potato Burgers [recipe]

california chicken kitchen chop chop copycat

[dinner] P’s request: Chicken Kitchen Copycat Rice Bowls [recipe]

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What I Ate Wednesday #209

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a full-fledged food blogger pillow scream.

Gahhh technology whyyy!?!!?

So there have been a few more glitches to add to last years list of OMG-MAKE-IT-STOP technical difficulties. I switched to a HTTPS security certificate and was then informed I needed to switch back but told NOT to switch back and well, long story short… I pulled the trigger and switched the blog back [because one of the downsides of the SSL was that it blocked the WIAW link-up – eek!] and broke about a million links. Some of you may have seen them floating around with a little “S” still piggybacking on the HTTP portion of the link and they’re totally safe but toooootally broken and lead to nowheresville. Literally every google search result for my blog defaults to an error page. I could cry. Okay I’ve totally been crying. Yuck.

I’ve been on the phone with tech support for what feels like a week straight and I can’t seem to fully fix the glitch.

Does anyone have a magic blog-fixer-upper wand lying around? I need it… so I can whack tech support over the head with it!

I kid, I kid. Sorta.

Food! Let’s gawk at some!

Multigrain Croissant Egg, Cheese and Bacon Breakfast Sandwich with Strawberries

 Multigrain croissant breakfast sandwich of champions!


Read More »

What I Ate Wednesday #208


 [breakfast] a chocolate chip muffin [this recipe minus ze blueberries] + blood orange.

[lunch] phyllo quiche cups with ham, spinach, + asiago cheese

I literally ate around twenty of these. I’d have polished off the full 25 but a certain chickpea began smashing them into her face at record speed. I have a feeling my speed eating is rubbing off on her. When she’s old enough? Pie eating contest!

But seriously, these phyllo cups rock my world!

Mini Phyllo Quiche Cups: Egg, Ham, Cheese + Spinach

 [dinner] mexican sweet potato cheese fries

Mexican Sweet Potato Cheese Fries

aka Paul and I were too tired and too lazy to function and we wanted junk food for dinner.

My face hasn’t seen the last of this dish!

Your turn!

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party rules: [click here] to learn more about WIAW and please refrain from linking up product reviews or giveaways unless in conjunction with an actual What I Ate Wednesday post. As always, keep it classy! Thanks kids!

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What I Ate Wednesday #207

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

So sorry for the late posting today. I could have sworn I scheduled this bad boy last night and when I finally got around to feed my technology addiction [after of course feeding my coffee addiction] I realized the goof. So hi!!! I’m here! Let’s party! <3


[breakfast] Dunkin Donuts has this new Tomato Mozzarella Bagel and ohmygooooosh it is the on-the-go breakfast dreams are made of! I was rushing back from a morning grocery run and couldn’t deny the lure of coffee and donuts when there’s a DD a mere mile from my front door. Along with the bagel I had coffee and a handful of assorted munchkins that were happily shoved into my face while I drove home.

egg salad lettuce wraps with spiralized carrots

[lunch] Egg salad lettuce wraps with spiralized carrot curls [recipe coming soon!]


[snack] + [dinner] Turkey + veggie soup with cheesy turkey paninis and a ruby red grapefruit

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party rules: [click here] to learn more about WIAW and please refrain from linking up product reviews or giveaways unless in conjunction with an actual What I Ate Wednesday post. As always, keep it classy! Thanks kids!

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What I Ate Wednesday #206

Hellooooo last WIAW of 2014! I had two lovely guest posts lined up for you, but for some reason, my blog ate their posts. I guess it was pretty hungry, can you blame it? Gah! So you’re stuck with me today, and of course I have nothing prepared.

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I’m currently on day 2 of a road trip home to go prep for another move to… Yeah we have no idea. I suppose they’ll let us know where we’re going in time for us to find a house. I think? I hope! We still don’t have a move date, so that buys me a little bit of time!

Hi, I’m Jenn and my life is a bucket-o-crazy. You guys knew that by now though ;-)

I’m SO SO SO stoked for 2015 and pretty darn proud of myself for surviving 2014 in one piece, even though they had to rearrange a few vital organs to keep me whole! THAT was fun. [please never happen again!] I’m totally not turning this into some sort sobby, sentimental reflection post, promise! And since it’s What I Ate Wednesday, you know the drill! Show me your eats!

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Merry Christmahanukwanzaakah! WIAW #205


Morning loves! Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Hanukkah! I’m going to keep things short and sweet with a semi-wordless WIAW today. There’s so much to do and so much family to visit! Judging by the growl of my stomach, there’s also lots of food to be eaten! Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by during all the Christmahanukwanzaakah craziness! Have a great one! xo

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party rules: [click here] to learn more about WIAW and please don’t link up product reviews or giveaways unless in conjunction with an actual What I Ate Wednesday post. Thanks kids!

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WIAW #204

What I Ate Wednesday 204

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

[breakfast] at least 8 mini phyllo quiche cups with extra Cabot habanero cheddar. Eggs and cheese are a match made in heaven, as are eggs and hot sauce. Add hotter than Hades cheese to eggs and you basically have spicy perfection. Deeeeelicious! [lunch] an epic toasty sandwich with hummus, cranberry sauce, cucumber, shredded carrot and turkey [dinner] pizzaaahhhhh! Paul and I ate nearly the entire pie, save for two slices that we scarfed for breakfast the following morning. [dessert] my nightly yogurt peppermint pretzel faceplant — I’m on my last bag so I better slow down! They’ll be yanking them from shelves soon and the hoarder in me wants to stock up, but the teenage girl in me is screaming “OMG JENN YOUR PANTS!” Much like a teenager, I tend to ignore her =)

Turkey and Veggie Sandwich with Hummus, Cranberry Sauce, Cucumber, and Carrots

That’s all folks! Cutting this one short to paint with chicken little. She’s just now realizing finger painting > licking paint off fingers and I’m in LOVE with all the crafts we’ve done lately! At [almost] a year and a half she communicates mostly with sign language and a few favorite words and phrases. Every time she sees her paint or paintbrush she signs “please” while squeaking “peas! peas!” annnnnnd I’m mush. If she says please I give her whatever she wants. Unfortunately she’s now starting to realize this. I’m screwed. HIDE THE COOKIES AND THE COFFEE!

Alright it’s party time! New to the blog? Here’s some info on WIAW to get ya started!

Ooh! And I finally made a new button!

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What I Ate Wednesday Party #203

I still can’t believe we’re partying into the two hundreds. How crazy is that!? It makes me feel like my blog needs it’s own walker with tennis balls at the bottom. Hot pink ones. With glitter.

As it is I had to buy this little old blog of mine a new hip server because it nearly broke the old one. I’ve been on tech support these last 24 hours more than I’ve been off it. Luckily I’ve had some great help! Sorry for the delay in posting today and hopefully everything is up and running!

You guys surely know the drill by now: eat your veggies, love your food, take photos and pass some meal inspiration around the interwebs for all us crazies who really, really like food.

Here’s yesterday’s day of yum:



Breakfast was a bit lazy but did the trick. I had black coffee, a chocolate adora calcium/vit d/magnesium supplement, a banana, and kiwi.

The awesome peeps at Adora were nice enough to re-stock my supply of their yummy milk chocolate calcium supplements. They put the yum in calci-yum, seriously! I love having an excuse to eat a creamy piece of chocolate in the morning with my coffee. In addition to the calcium/vit D combo I also take a nightly magnesium and melatonin. I don’t typically take a multi because I strive to pack those vitamins in through whole foods, but if I feel like my eats aren’t measuring up I’ll sometimes take one.


I dove into Monday’s leftovers from taco night and made myself a taco stuffed sweet potato. This one had grassfed beef, enchilada sauce, gouda and pepper jack cheeses, arugula, and avocado.


I had to use a recycled photo for dinner since I ate mine in bed after the chickpea went to sleep. I was beyond exhausted by the end of the day. Woof! I reheated a bowl of my Crock-pot Chicken Tortilla Soup from the freezer and now officially have exhausted my supply! Time to make more!


Yogurt peppermint pretzels. I LOVE these and stock up the second they hit shelves each holiday season. The crushed candy cane are colored with beets instead of dyes and there aren’t any weird artificial flavors luring around either. As far as a shelf-stable treat goes, they’re pretty darn good! I try to limit myself to a handful but I’ve been known to zone out and find myself at the bottom of the bag from time to time. Luckily P is usually around to share with.

Whole Grain Carrot Butternut Muffins: parent + kid friendly muffins that are freezer friendly too!

I also made [these] muffins again with the mini and after watching her promptly inhale two of them the second they cooled, I decided I probably shouldn’t eat her stash. I froze 3/4 of them [she loves them reheated in the mornings] and left a few out for the next few day’s snackage. I’ll make my own muffins tomorrow… with chocolate!

Ready to party? Link up below!

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What I Ate Wednesday #202

Morning folks! I hope those of you that celebrated had an amazing Thanksgiving! We celebrated ours as a trio, and I had forgotten how wonderful it was to cook alongside my partner in crime after not seeing him for months. Onions taste better when he chops them and pie crust transforms into flaky perfection when he manhandles it – fact! Our sous chef really stepped up his A game this year and was promptly paid in kisses and fed stuffing like a king.


File this one under “how to get a pony for Christmas

That stuffing by the way? Life changing! I slacked on blogging the recipe but if you guys are interested I’ll try to post it before the next round of holiday shenanigans takes over. Pinterest is already absolutely inundated with gingerbread and peppermint but I’m still over here thinking about my mom’s veggie stuffing. Sah-woon. 

Oh, duh! WIAW! I almost forgot!

Last week’s eats featured cookie cake for breakfast. This week? Apple pie a la mode! My explanation is simple: when you bake a hugh jass deep dish pie for 2.5 people you’re going to have leftovers. And of course when you have leftover dessert, you eat it for breakfast. It’s a thing.

I’d really like it to be a weekly thing, but I also really want to be able to button my jeans, which by some Thanksgiving miracle still seem to fit! #thankyouspandex



apple pie [*ahem* fruit] with vanilla ice cream [it’s practically milk!]


3 cutie clementines


taco cups with enough toppings to qualify it as a salad… almost


turkey noodle soup [one of my favorite ways to use up Thanksgiving leftovers!] with a slice of jalapeno cheddar cornbread [recipe coming soon!]

Lunch: Taco Boats with Ortega Fiesta Flats Taco Shells

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Enjoy the party, and get your grocery list ready! I have a few delicious new recipes coming your way!

Chocolate Coconut No-Bake Baklava Bites: a sweet and salty bite-sized snack!

Add chocolate to the top of that list, these bite-sized treats are coming at ya tomorrow!

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What I Ate Wednesday #201

Ever have one of those days where you just need a giant mug of coffee and cake for breakfast? Please tell me I’m not alone because that’s exactly what I did last week! It was quite possibly the best fix for waking up wayyyy too early after sleeping wayyyy too little on the wrong side of the bed. I get the same happy happy joy joy mentality when I start my day with leftover pizza as well, maybe I should make this a once-a-week tradition of sorts…

I should probably get back into CrossFit first. My doc promised that I’m clear to lift, lunge and burpee myself into shape now that everything seems to be in working order and I am OMGSOEXCITED! Bring on the burpees!!!

Wait, what?!



A slice of previously-frozen white chocolate peanut butter macadamia nut cookie cake [Can you believe it’s freezer friendly?! Best experiment ever!] and an extra large mug of black coffee

apple and baklava bites


a few baklava bites alongside a red delicious apple that was meant to distract me from eating all the phyllo cups mid-shoot

grilled cheese


a double-decker turkey, ham, and cheese panini

veggie rolls


grocery store veggie rolls with a side of sriracha

Fall into Good Habits: WIAW


Clearly I’m excited. I’ll keep the party open through Sunday so stop back on over and link up your holiday eats!

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Need a few last-minute holiday sides for Thanksgiving?

I’ve got you covered! Click here for the recipes!

Flashback Friday: My Favorite Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Have a happy Thanksgiving loves! <3