What I Ate Wednesday #219

My sister is in town! Eeeee! The chickpea and I are out of our minds excited! The little party animal even woke early which means I need to keep today’s shenanigans short and sweet! Don’t worry – there’s sushi!

and bagels, duh.

Everything Bagel and Cream Cheese

[breakfast] An everything bagel with cream cheese and some fresh watermelon that I may or may not have swiped off chicken little’s plate. Shhh!

Homemade Sushi: Avocado Roll

[lunch] homemade sushi [click here for my tutorial!] with sriracha, smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, red pepper and cucumber. We were feeling fancy so they got topped with extra avocado. I felt like I won the lottery with this particular avocado, it was so perfectly GREEN! #jackpot… 

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Charleston Eats + What I Ate Wednesday #218

Helloooooo stranger! Or should I say strangers? Actually, let’s pretend we’re not total strangers so I can confess that I’ve missed you guys like crazy! I didn’t intend on taking such a hefty blog break but between an impromptu getaway and a whole lot of crazy, I kind of vanished off the face of the internets! Let’s put a stop to that ay-sapp [ASAP even] and get back to our heavy rotation of good food and plate-licking veggies!

I stashed away a dozen or so recipes for you so get ready to EAT!

Since it’s Wednesday let’s kick things off with a day of eats from my recent visit to Charleston, SC where I proceeded to eat my way through the entire city. I think I’ll need to visit at least two more times to even make a dent in my to-nom list, but I enjoyed every bite of my first round of Charleston!… 

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What I Ate Wednesday #216

Bacon Egg Cheese Whole Grain Breakfast Sandwich

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

[breakfast] bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on seedy whole grain

Homemade Sushi

[lunch] homemade sushi :: [recipe] Since we’re still stranded in NC for the time being, the best sushi joint in town is right in our own kitchen! We made shrimp tempura rolls and smoked salmon rolls with cucumber, bell pepper, and avocado…. 

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What I Ate Wednesday #214

Mornin’ folks! Happy coffee o’clock!

I thought it would be fun to share a day of eats that revolved around my ever-changing photography schedule. It was ridiculously sunny this past Sunday and with an extra set of hands to wrangle hurricane chickpea, I was able to get two yummy recipes photographed. Score!

I’ve heard stories of some bloggers not quite eating the dishes they make, simply tasting them and passing them along… and though it may mean my jeans fit a little snugger after testing a mac and cheese recipe several times, I’m not going to not eat it, ya know? My love affair isn’t just with the process, it’s with the food! So in honor of that,  here’s a little behind the scenes action of what went down as I stuffed my face before, during, and after my day of foodie photography:

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

[breakfast] I started the day with a giant mug of bulletproof coffee, a glass of water, and the remainder of my toddler’s uneaten scrambled eggs. Some mornings I’m ravenous but for some reason a few bites of eggs and my buttered coffee were enough fuel to get me though a little early morning baking. By the end of my first test run of a new carrot cake recipe I’m working on, I was starving.

After snapping a few photos of the completed dish [I try to photograph each test batch if I can!] I promptly sliced the end of the cake off and shoved it into my face. Moments later I found P and chicken little in the kitchen licking the bowl of icing. Their sugar rush was hysterical and after a good laugh-workout I hopped back into the kitchen…. 

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What to Expect When You’re WIAW-ing

Alright kids, so here’s the deal: I have no plans to stop doing What I Ate Wednesday posts. I love them, they keep me accountable for my food-related goals, and I like reflecting on a day of eats.

It’s also the absolute best way for me to drag myself out of a food rut. Chances are if I’m eating the same thing so often that my WIAW posts begin to take on a Groundhog’s Day-esque monotony, I’ll shake things up. I like that… and honestly? I kind of need it too.

For me, it’s also always been kind of fun to see what people eat, and I mean REALLY eat behind the scenes. We may snap Instagram-worthy shots of a fancy Sunday brunch or blog our most fanciful creations on the regular, but what that very same person shoves into their face while rushing out the door in the morning, or what snacks fuel them through the day, fascinates me. I’ve always found the WIAW ordeal very inspiring, especially in the snack department. Plus I now know that it’s completely acceptable to wash dishes with a spoonful of peanut butter hanging out of your mouth, because quite a few of you do it too! High-five for making me feel like less of a weirdo.

Ok I’m still totally a weirdo.

When it comes down to it though, I just don’t have enough hours in the day to do all the things I’d like to accomplish [or NEED to accomplish, like washing the dishes… UGHHHH] while moderating a link party that clearly needs a little TLC. Luckily I have a few awesome friends that are going to jump in and help me host the party. We’ll be rotating blogs so stay tuned for an update on the schedule! I’ll still be posting mine as well, so I’ll be able to help point you in the right direction if you get lost. Big thanks to all of you that offered suggestions and insight, and especially those who simply dropped me a sweet note to encourage me and my crazy blog antics. Let’s try a link party blog hop, shall we!? It’ll be fun!

What I Ate Wednesday Button

Since some of you are new, or just hopelessly linking up the most random of posts, today I am simply sharing a What I Ate Wednesday post of my own. The partying will resume next week assuming everyone still fits into their party pants and wants to get wild and crazy with their food.

Until then, here’s what to expect when you’re What I Ate Wednesdaying:


Oatmeal Banana Pancakes with Strawberries and Walnuts

Don’t be fooled by those gorgeous strawberries and the glisten of sweet maple syrup. These pancakes sucked. Yup. I said it! I tried a new recipe from a magazine that was so pretty and held so much promise. It had was made up of ingredients I loved [oats, bananas, nuts, berries, cinnamon, MAPLE SYRUP, and a sprinkling of powdered sugar] but tasted like absolute cardboard. I followed the recipe exactly but I’m embarrassed to say they just didn’t do it for me. I was still starving an hour later so I made a snack plate:

Snack Plate with Cabot Cheese, Crackers, Carrots, Cucumber, and Ginger Dressing… 

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What I Ate Wednesday

After a few weeks of manually moderating What I Ate Wednesday entries, I’m exhausted. I tried moderating glued to the computer, for fear that if I don’t get the links up and through fast enough there would be complaints. I’ve tried batch moderating during select intervals during the day, which was still overwhelming and pulled way too much time away from the chickpea for my liking. Then I tried just sucking it up and doing the best I could, which still doesn’t seem to be enough at this point.

There are still dozens of links that are random recipes for oatmeal or some sort of dessert without a single What I Ate Wednesday post to accompany it. There are still random posts from several weeks ago being linked up that have nothing to do with a day of eats or foodie inspiration of any sort. There are still links containing random phone dumps of mostly unrelated food photos with no rhyme or reason. I can’t do this, guys. It’s maddening at this point. Of course this is not the majority, but it’s such a large portion each week that I’m at a loss of what to do.

I love What I Ate Wednesday and really do hope to continue it, but today there will be no party. I’m at the point where if I have to spend one more day obsessing over “well this is almost a WIAW, do I let it slide?” and “well there are 10 random pictures of food in this one, if I let the almost-WIAW slide I have to accept this one too…” and “OMG WHAT IS THAT?!” then I’m going to lose my mind.

I need my sanity, folks. I have a tiny human to raise that deserves a momma that’s present, not glued to her computer and/or phone moderating links and agonizing over the consequences of my acceptance or denial of submissions. The thought of policing this party, which has proven necessary given the circumstances, has me so tightly wound that I’ve been bugging the living crap out of my friends trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

So yeah. There’s that. Has anyone seen the chocolate? I need a piece of chocolate.

What I Ate Wednesday #212

What I Ate Wednesday

So I’ve recently set a few goals for myself. Nothing major, I’m not giving up cheese or anything ludicrous like that, but I figured I could baby-step my way into a few healthy habits and be all the better for it.

First, I need to control my drinking. No, not the beer; that can stay. THE COFFEE! I’ve gotten in the habit of drinking it so freakishly fast first thing in the morning that by the afternoon I’m crashing and craving another fix. I’ve been limiting myself to one 12 oz mug a day and starting my day with warm lemon water before reaching for the java. So far so good! I also want to drink more water during the day and put a daily cup or two of tea back into rotation too. Holy cow that’s a lot of liquids!

Speaking of coffee, I take mine black then buttered. It’s life changing.

My other goal is to remember to take my doc-prescribed Vitamin D supplement daily. It’s a combo with calcium and magnesium and super essential to keep my levels in check. I placed the bottle right next to the beer so I would remember!

Gahhh I’m kidding! It’s by the coffee, duh.

Lastly, I need to step up my veggie game. I know I put those gems in everything but I still feel like I don’t quite get enough. I look back at certain WIAW posts and absolutely see room for improvement! I hate wasting food, so a good way for me to amp up my veggie consumption is to buy a boatload and then I’ll have no choice but to pac-man my way through the produce pile.

Remember how I stressed taking WIAW back to it’s roots… the above reflection is one of the reasons! I basically have a cheat sheet of my eating habits from the good [hooray veggies!] to the not so great [hello frozen pizza!] to the food jag-eriffic, so if my body feels off [or it feels great!] I can look back at my meals and see what could be contributing to this.

I’ve rambled way to much today, let’s get on with the eats!

What I Ate Wednesday

[breakfast] scrambled eggs and strawberries [lunch] takeout sushi and veggie rolls [dinner] Pan Roasted Salmon with Spicy Miso Broth and Wakame <— holy cow this was good! You can find the recipe over [here] through Blue Apron. I recently tried a week of meals from their subscription service an am mildly obsessed with them! Expect more details to come; I really enjoyed the experience and [duh!] the food!

I think it’s safe to say I got enough veggies and more than enough omegas that day! This winter I’ve been really lacking seafood in my diet for some reason and am excited to bring it back into the line-up!

Ready to get this party started?

[click here] for more info on WIAW

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What I Ate Wednesday #211 – Feed Me, Seymour!

Is it at all scientifically possible for the chickpea’s growth spurt to be rubbing off on me? Any at all? No? Well something has me scarfing everything in sigh like a bottomless pit and its not chickpea 2.0! It could be the post-flu appetite return that has me buzzing and I’m so happy for it. I want all the food ever, in my face, yesterday. Let’s make that happen! Starting with my WIAW!

What I ate yesterday, to be exact.

What I Ate Wednesday

 [breakfast] whole grain waffles with bacon and eggs

[lunch tease] I managed to throw back few forkfuls of pasta before the entire platter was thieved by the husband and taken with him to work. Technically it was his lunch that I made especially for him… but I totally regret not doubling the recipe to snag a bowl for myself! Looks like I’ll need to buy more broccoli this week! [cajun shrimp and broccoli pasta recipe here]

[lunch fail] Things got pretty crazy with the chickpea so I threw together a snack plate and grazed throughout the afternoon. I snagged some crinkle cut carrots, cabot cheddar, red bell pepper slices, ginger dressing for dipping, and some whole grain crackers that never quite made it onto the plate.

I wound up going back for more crackers and cheese and, without knowing it, scarfed half the block by myself. I blame Cabot… they sent a box of cheese along with their new cookbook [eeeeee!] that I have a small cameo in [eeeee!] and, well, let there be cheese! The book is currently available for pre-order and I may be able to score a copy to give away here on the blog too; stay tuned!

[dinner] Leftover vegetarian chili stuffed into a steamy sweet potato with a pile of spinach and some grated cheddar because apparently half a block of cheese in a day isn’t enough for this girl. Oops.

Let’s get this party started!

[click here] for more info on WTF is WIAW <3

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