Baked Spinach and Portobello Flautas

“This is the remix edition; hot and fresh out the kitchen…” 

Baked Spinach and Portobello Flautas

I cannot for the life of me get that song out of my head. Inappropriately enough, the chickpea is LOVING it and dancing her face off every time I break into song.

Bounce. Bounce.

I’ve been making my Black Bean + Sweet Potato and Triple-Bean Flautas in such crazy heavy rotation that I couldn’t fathom adding a third musketeer to the mix.

Until now.… 

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Mexican Baked Tortellini [for two!]

Don’t let it’s name fool you, this fiesta-fied tortellini bake can be doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled to feed your crew without the slightest extra effort. After whipping it up on the fly for lunch one day I knew I had to deliver this bad boy to you guys ASAP! It’s easy to make, even easier to customize, and just plain delicious.

Easy, cheesy tortellini with a twist! :: This feisty Mexican Baked Tortellini is quick, easy, and utterly delicious piled high with all your favorite toppings!

I can’t deprive you of this recipe a second longer so, instead of rambling and making you wait for the goods, lets dive on into the dish and then chat after! You’re welcome…. 

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Greek Green Bean Salad

This gorgeous greek green bean salad is fresh, crisp, and bursting with flavor! Helloooo delicious!

Greek Green Bean Salad :: This gorgeous salad is fresh, flavorful, and ridiculously easy to make! As a tasty bonus, it's ready in just 15 minutes! Score!

Wildly popular, green beans are available nearly year-round, but they’re at their absolute best in the Spring and Summer Months. Peaking around May-September, you’re going to want to have this recipe on hand when the price drops and the farmers markets and produce aisles are busting with beans.

For the perfect texture, softened and tender with a crisp snap, I started by blanching the beans in boiling hot water, followed by an ice bath. This blanching technique gives you beans that are their absolute brightest, without the slightest bit of wrinkling or mushiness. The hot water brings out the vibrant green hue while the icy cold water shocks the beans and halts their cooking process. This method is quick, easy, and delivers delicious results. If you haven’t blanched veggies before, you’ve got to try it!… 

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Bacon Broccoli Mac and Cheese

Ooey gooey homemade mac and cheese has met it’s match. Loaded with gorgeous green broccoli and topped with crispy bacon, this cheesy comfort food is ready to rock your face off.

Bacon Broccoli Mac and Cheese

For a food blogger, I’m a bit hopeless. No matter how hard I try to be inventive for you guys, I usually wind up making the same few meals for the pilot, chickpea, and myself. It varies season to season, but  it’s essentially a lot of the same song and dance. When we buy broccoli, for instance, it’s usually with a set purpose in mind: as a dunker for ginger dressing and hummus, as the star of my soup, and to pimp my pizza.

Today I got sassy. It’s been far too long since I’ve made mac and cheese and the craving hit me like a mac truck.

Well, technically a mack truck full of mac, but in my book that makes it a mac truck. Tomatoes tomahhhhtoes.… 

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Go Green! 30 Tasty Recipes to Green Your Eating Routine

This is not a St. Patrick’s Day post. This is not a St. Patrick’s Day post. This is not a St. Patrick’s Day post. There, it’s official now.

I could never allow you to only eat green foods one day of the year just because a holiday made it socially acceptable. You need to eat your greens all day err day!

Kidding, I know that’s not always possible, but you do need to eat them. If not yesterday then today! You can do it! Pick a favorite and nosh away, then pick one thats new to you and tackle it like it’s your pillow at the end of a super long, super exhausting day.

Leave it to me to liken veggies to a pillow. I do love me some pillow!

Go Green! 30 Tasty Recipes to Green Your Eating Routine :: Healthy and delicious, these gorgeous green recipes are just what you need to jazz up your weekly meal plan and try something new!

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that most Americans celebrate for one of two reasons: 5Ks and green beer. Ok fine, some of you celebrate for 5Ks AND green beer. [I call that combo a win, by the way] Food bloggers break out the Baileys and the Guinness and dump it into everything in sight, college students bar hop until they blackout [ahhh… memories] and everyone else wears green and runs around pinching each other. As an Irish-Danish-Polish-Russian token white girl, I can easily get on board with all of the above, but this is totally not a St. Paddy’s post.

This is a post about veggies. Duh…. 

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Fresh Garlic + Lemon Ricotta Flatbread Pea-zza

Toasted to perfection, this garlicky flatbread is topped with a lemony ricotta, a delicious whipped pea puree, and a hearty handful of fresh arugula. Finish it off with a drizzle of sweet balsamic glaze and you have a yummy appetizer that jumps for joy screaming “SPRING IS HERE!

Pea-zza! Toasted Flatbreads Topped with Lemony Ricotta and Garlicky Pea Puree

It’s almost here, that is. I think NC has one more cold front in it before it calms the eff down. I’m all for faking it for a few more days until Spring has officially sprung. Until then, let’s make some pea-zza!

This feisty flatbread is fresh and flavorful and, though it looks ultra fancy, it’s oh-so-easy to assemble! Both fillings can be made ahead of time, making this perfect picnic and party food or simply and easy no-fuss lunch…. 

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Pesto Potato Soup

No cream is needed for this lusciously creamy potato soup swirled with pesto for extra oomph! Light and gluten-free, you’re free to splurge a little on your choice of toppings! Keep it vegetarian with chopped green onion, red pepper flakes, and melted cheese, or channel your inner T-rex with a little crispy bacon.

Pesto Potato Soup :: No cream is needed for this lusciously creamy potato soup swirled with pesto for extra oomph! Light and gluten-free, you're free to splurge a little on your choice of toppings!

Last time we spoke I promised you nothing but gloriously green recipes from now until St. Patrick’s Day. Naturally green, I might add, since the only food coloring we need here is the vibrant color from fruits and veggies. How super crunchy of me, I know. You may come here the food, but I have it on good authority that quite a few of you stick around so I can sass you over ditching the sketch and eating your veggies.

So far I’ve served up some serious green with a Three-Cheese Spinach + Pesto Flatbread Pizza and a Cilantro, Sweet Pea, + Pistachio Hummus. Ready for round three? 

Pesto Potato Soup

Pesto Potato Soup :: No cream is needed for this lusciously creamy potato soup swirled with pesto for extra oomph! Light and gluten-free, you're free to splurge a little on your choice of toppings!… 

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Cilantro, Pea, and Pistachio Hummus

Cilantro, Pea, and Pistachio Hummus

Hummina hummina HUMMUS! 

Every year when March rolls around I like to sneak in a little theme action onto the blog. It’s usually in the form of going green for What I Ate Wednesday and an excuse for me divert some of the attention away from the Shamrock Shakes and towards green fruit and veggies. This year I’m dying to take it a step further. What if all of my recipes this month were GREEN!?

Well you’d go absolutely crazy and run away, screaming, that’s what. But what if you didn’t? Meet me halfway and let’s go green from now until March 17th. Not only will this be a festive nod to St. Patrick’s Day but it will surely get a few more veggies on your plate, and that, my friends, is why I do this.

You can green your face and your beer all your want for St. Paddy’s but gosh darn it, let’s green our plates in the meantime. Deal? Deal!

You realize you had zero choice in the matter, right?

Let’s get GREEN!

Cilantro, Pea, and Pistachio Hummus


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Three Cheese Pesto Spinach Flatbread Pizza

alternate title: how to eat an entire 5oz box of spinach for lunch with out making a frickin’ salad.

Three Cheese Spinach and Pesto Flatbread Pizza for One

What happens when you top a garlicky flatbread with homemade creamed spinach, three kinds of cheeses, and pesto, glorious pesto?

Lunch; a really, really, ridiculously yummy who-needs-a-pizzaria lunch. Or dinner. Or a tasty snack for two if you have an particularly peckish significant other hovering over your shoulder. You know what? You could make this for breakfast and nobody would judge you. It’s just too good not to.





Sorry about that. The coffee made me do it. The BUTTERED coffee. Yes I’m still riding that bandwagon.  The conductor even let me blow the whistle. Hollaaaaa!

Three Cheese Spinach and Pesto Flatbread Pizza for One

Can we get back to the pizza before I embarrass myself any further? Thanks for understanding, let’s never speak of this again. Of the hashtags, that is. We MUST speak of pizza. Often.

Three Cheese Pesto Spinach Flatbread Pizza… for one!


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