Southwest Veggie Won-ton Cups

Quick, easy, and uber customizable, these Southwest Veggie Won-ton Cups are ready to take your snack game to the next level! Serve them up as a side dish, appetizer, or snack, or add your favorite protein and give them spotlight status at mealtime!

Southwest Veggie Won-ton Cups


I could come up with a fun intro to today’s recipe, or a story, or maybe a musing of sorts… Or I can simply shove veggies in your face and tell you to eat them.

I think I may do the latter today. Veggies: they’re healthy, they’re delicious, eat them.

Preferably in Southwest Veggie Won-ton Cup form.

Southwest Veggie Won-ton Cups

Eat. Yo. Veggies…. 

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Whole Grain Fluffy Flax and Zucchini Bread

This fluffy whole grain bread is spiked with a boatload of healthy goodness and a whole lot of YUM!

Whole Grain Fluffy Flax Zucchini Bread

Though I’m trying my best to space these bad boys out a bit, holy cow am I on a baking spree! As part of The Great Pantry Purge of 2015 I’ve been knee deep in whole grains, nuts, and dry goods galore so naturally, bakers gonna bake!

bake bake bake bake

Severe Banana Split Bread withdrawls led me to break out my loaf pan yet again and try something new. Well, sort of new. I took my Fluffy Flax Fruit and Veggie Bread recipe, a reader favorite from my days of food photography faux pas, and made a few tasty tweaks. Then I slathered each slice in soft, spreadable, sweet cream cinnamon butter because I’m a complete animal and it’s SO GOOD!

The combination of sweet, nutty zucchini bread with the buttery cinnamon flecked spread was positively fireworks-worthy. Good thing too, considering this was a delicious part of our 4th of July brunch.

God bless America.… 

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Creamy Cilantro Cucumber Dip

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Nut Thins. Aka the most delicious gluten-free crackers of my life!

Creamy Cilantro Cucumber Dip :: mayo-free and SO GOOD!

I’m a sucker for a good dip. It’s without-fail the first thing I beeline for at a party or potluck and my go-to snack on the regular. My tiny human shares my dip-thusiasim and will come running at the mere mention of dip at snack time.

Not just any dip though, in this case fresh is most definitely best!

Next time you start to eye one of those fancy dips or spreads at the grocery store, do yourself a favor and beeline to the produce section instead. Your wallet [and waistline] will thank you for it. It’s super simple to whip up a delicious dip that’s full of flavor and free of sketchy additives… 

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Chewy No-Bake Rainbow Chip Granola Bars

Skip the box and whip up a batch of delicious granola bars at home! These chewy rainbow chip granola bars are so quick and easy, they’re as much fun to make as they are to eat!

Homemade Chewy Rainbow Chip Granola Bars :: a childhood favorite!

I’m the kind of person who prefers chocolate chips to chocolate bars, rainbow sprinkles to boring chocolate brown sprinkles, and colorful eats of all kinds over dull monotone plates-o-food. So naturally rainbow chip sprinkles are MY FAVORITE!

While they’re certainly no match for the colorful veggies I’m always pandering on this little blog of mine, they scream celebration, nostalgia, and fun. They’re edible exclamation points! How could I not adore them!?

I love them so much, in fact, that the entire reason I made these granola bars was to have a delivery mechanism for my beloved candy-coated chocolate morsels. I spotted them online a few weeks ago while browsing baking supplies and I may or may not have squealed. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had seen them outside of their rainbow chip frosting and cosmic brownie partnerships and had. to. have. them.

Rainbow Chip Sprinkles

They arrived a few days later, tucked in a little brown box with my hippie unbleached parchment paper and all-natural magnesium supplements. Oh the hypocrisy of that purchase…. 

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One-Pot Spiralized Zucchini Noodle Soup

This super healthy one pot wonder comes together in record time. From stove top to table top in under 10 minutes, you’ll love this speedy veggie soup!

One-Pot Spiralized Zucchini Noodle Soup: Ready in under 10 minutes!

Well, it’s official: we’ve successfully eaten our way through nearly everything in the house! In preparation for this week’s move, we have nothing more than a few vegetables [four, to be exact], some fresh fruit [perfect for snacking!], and several pantry essentials left. Huzzah!

This soup, inspired by last week’s impromptu miso noodle bowl, was the perfect use for my lone zucchini. Though I normally beeline for rice noodles, zucchini noodles are equally gluten-free with the added bonus of dashing calories and upping my veggie count for the day. Aside from being oh so healthy, they’re also pretty darn tasty, super speedy to prepare, and don’t require any soaking or cooking like traditional noodles.

That, folks, is a win-win-win-win.

Maybe I missed a win there. There should be WAY more wins. While I take a victory lap around my near-empty kitchen, here’s how you make this bowl-o-yum:… 

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Sweet and Salty Homemade Trail Mix

This recipe is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. Step up your Summer snacking game with this tasty homemade trail mix!

Sweet + Salty Homemade Trail Mix :: Almonds, Pretzels, and Caramel Corn... oh my!

As most of you crazy kids already know, we’re gearing up for yet another move. I’ve been through quite a few over the course of this little blog of mine [a perk of mil-wife life!] but this one took an unexpected turn. We had planned on a certain date forever now, until the move coordinator happily exclaimed “See you Monday!

Wait… what!? Monday!? That’s a week early!!! 

Panic set in pretty fast but was quickly replaced by sheer excitement.


Our adventure will be starting earlier than expected and I’m totally embracing it! Though the last-minute date change threw a teeny wrench in my plan to clean out the fridge, freezer, and pantry in time for the big day, I can totally spin this in my favor. Goodbye meal prep, helloooo road trip snack prep! I kicked things off with a big ole bowl of trail mix!

Step up your Summer snacking game with this tasty homemade trail mix!

I would thank my hand model husband, but he ate over half of this trail mix when I wasn’t looking. That man is trouble with a capital… 

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Honey Sriracha Lime Dressing

Quick, easy, and full of flavor, this Thai-inspired honey Sriracha lime vinaigrette is sure to be your new favorite salad dressing!

Honey Sriracha Lime Dressing

Your salad just did a backflip! It did! I swear! You just weren’t looking…

Though your salad may not flip in the literal sense, you’re sure to over this deliciously tasty dressing. The ingredient combo was inspired by my head over heels obsession with the sweet and sour dressing from my Sweet and Sour Thai Carrot and Cucumber Noodle Salad and the desire to spice things up a little!

In an effort to prevent excessive face-fanning from Sriracha-overload [does such a thing exist?] I limited myself to one manageable teaspoon. I think that’s the perfect starting point! The zing factor increases with each extra teaspoon added after the fist and I fully expect a few of you to go nuts with it! Add a little, or a lot! Taste as you go, and either way, you’re going to love this sassy salad dressing!

Honey Sriracha Lime Dressing

Ready to sass up you salad?… 

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Banana Split Banana Bread with Strawberries and Pecans

Looking for an excuse to eat a banana split for breakfast? Look no further!

This dreamy banana bread takes the soft, buttery deliciousness of banana bread and combines it with fresh strawberries and a super-sweet chocolate pecan topping. Snag a slice for breakfast and another for dessert!

Banana Split Banana Bread!!! :: Everything you love about banana splits packed into the most delicious whole grain banana bread!

Let’s put the veggies on hold for an afternoon and celebrate with a sweet treat, shall we? I know, I know… totally a twist-your-arm sort of ordeal isn’t it? Yes I baked. Pick your jaw up off the floor, will ya?

This one goes out to all the brown bananas on countertops everywhere. Once firm and green, you’ve really let yourselves go, haven’t you? Now spotted with age, freckled with sweetness, let’s face it – you’ve gone soft on us. There’s really no other way around it… you’re destined for banana bread. Ain’t life sweet like that?

I’m actually one of those weirdos who likes slightly green bananas, even more so when they’re chilled first. I grew up eating them that way and no matter how many looks of horror my friends may shoot me, I’m never stopping. There’s a moment of utter disappointment that washes over me when I trot into the kitchen for my morning banana, only to realize they’ve transformed. Now as freckled as my own skin, I can no longer eat them. Even the chickpea turns her nose at a spotted nana. There’s nothing more we can do besides put on our aprons and throw our hands up in the air…. 

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Sriracha Almond Crusted Salmon

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. SRIRACHA almonds. Cue confetti.

Sriracha Almond Salmon :: quick, easy, and loaded with nutrients! You're gonna love this healthy protein-packed recipe!

There’s a new nut in town, folks and it’s destined to take your snacking game to the next level! Allow me to introduce you to the new foodie love of my life. Full of garlicky sweet chili flavor with just the right amount of spice and zing, these extra BOLD Sriracha almonds are deeeelicious!

At one point, one of my twin jars went missing. I about lost my mind. While I may be accustomed to the pilot and chickpea running off with my food, there’s a line no one shall cross. That line is reserved for two things: my cheese stash and my almonds. Do not mess with a girl’s almonds. Especially when they’re doused in Sriracha.

Sriracha makes you happy. “Happy people don’t kill their husbands, they just don’t!”

Unless their husbands steal their almonds…. 

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Creamy Feta Dressing

This Creamy Feta Dressing is ready to rock your veggies! Uber easy and ready in under 6 minutes, you’ll want to slather this dressing on everything from salads to sandwiches.

Creamy Feta Dressing :: Would you believe me if I said I loved it more than Ranch!? SO GOOD!

As I type this, it’s 100 degrees outside. ONE HUNDRED!!! In June!!!

What the what!?

I don’t remember North Carolina being this sweltering this time of year but let me tell you, moving to Florida this Summer is scaring the pants off me! Well, assuming I can actually be found wearing pants, that is, because it’s too flipping hot for that! I shall never wear pants again!

Though the next three years of my life are due to be positively toasty, I can’t complain. I’m so head over heels excited for powdery white sand beaches, sensational seafood restaurants, reunions with friends and family, and new adventures galore. Heck yes! Is it July yet?


Since it truly is hotter than Hades outside, let’s celebrate with a big crisp salad topped with my new favorite dressing recipe!

This creamy feta dressing is EVERYTHING! Cool, creamy, tangy and downright delicious, it’s nothing short of magical. The taste is a cross between blue cheese dressing and ranch and begs to be poured generously over a bed of crisp green and veggies or slathered on your favorite burger fresh off the grill. I could toss a bajillion more adjectives your way or simply insist that you make it. Now. Yesterday. Two weeks ag– I think you catch my drift…. 

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