Leftovers Schmeftorvers: What I Ate Wednesday #186

Today was seriously the day of leftovers! I tend to make my recipes over and over again [partially for quality assurance and partially because I’m butt-crazy in love with them!] so I raided my freezer for the soup and veggie burgers and my fridge for the yummy bean dip that I can’t seem to stop spreading on everything in sight!
Breakfast: Swiss Muesli with Coconut Almond Milk
Snack: The Laughing Cow white cheddar wedges with fresh veggies.
Snack: Avocado White Bean Dip with multigrain chips and watermelon
Lunch: Yet another bowl of Crock-pot Tortilla Soup topped with melted cheese and fresh avocado and a small army of chips! I made two slow cooker’s worth and froze it for “fast food” so you haven’t seen the last of this soup yet! I keep thinking I’ll get sick of it. I’m always wrong =)
Dinner: A savory stuffed sweet potato loaded with leftover crumbled Mexican Veggie Burgers

Peas and Crayons

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