What I Ate Wednesday #184

My eats are all over the place this WIAW thanks to an impromptu trip to visit a friend and her ridiculously cute baby boy down near Wilmington. I tried to snap as many photos of our eating endeavors as I could but it’s hard to remember to take photos of a dreamy bowl of hummus when you’re three shots deep during a torrential thunderstorm. From what I remember, the hummus was spectacular. As was the tequila.
Here are a few randoms from last week:

Chipotle: shown in a lovely bowl of deliciousness and also on my darling chickpea’s face. It took me forever to dislodge all the guac from her nose. That’s my girl! 
Buffalo-ritos from Big Island Burritos with seasoned chips, classic salsa, salsa verde, and more guacamole [I’ll eat avocado for every meal; don’t challenge me!] // This place was absolutely stellar and I can’t wait to go back and try more from their menu!
Sushi from…. I have no effing clue what the restaurant was called. It was phenomenal! We also ordered a giant platter of fried rice for the kiddos which, luckily, did not make it into Mia’s nose.
Tequila: that one’s self explanatory.
Post pool tuna sandwiches loaded with avocado, arugula and mustard and eaten al fresco on my friend’s gorgeous patio. Perfecto!
Next week I’ll be back to the usual day-in-the-life eats but I couldn’t not share my travel eats! It’s tradition after all =) Until then, show me your plates!

Peas and Crayons

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Ohh thank you for reminding me I have leftover Chipotle in my fridge!!! I have no idea how one forgets about something like that though…I may need to seek medical attention.

Serious question: can I link up posts with just a recipe? I swear the past 10 blogs I’ve read who have linked up to WIAW only had a recipe….I thought we had to have lots of different eats to link! I have tons of recipes I would have shared over the past 2 years if I thought I could!! But clearly I don’t like breaking rules…what are your thoughts??

Gah I know exactly what you’re talking about too! It kind of defeats the entire purpose of why I started WIAW and what the party was/is all about. I’m not sure what’s going on anymore. I’ve addressed it but it’s promptly dismissed. Who knows… Maybe it’s time for a change around here.

Is that cheese over a California (or similar) roll?

Wow, that’s a concept… (Ideas… ideas…)

All pregnancy long I swore I would home brew once I had the baby but holy cow getting started has been difficult. It’s on my short-list of projects though and I hope to try my hand at it soon! Thanks for the encouragement! xo