Raleigh Road Trip + WIAW # 157

Holy cow!  Is it seriously Wednesday?  Really!?  Last year might have been the slowest moving year of my life but this year has obviously taken a Jessie Spano sized dosage of no-doze and is SO EXCITED!
While I desperately want things to slow down a bit [I’m in no rush to thrust myself into another military deployment. YUCK!] I wouldn’t mind if the rest of this month to sped on by.  Two of my favorite people are getting hitched next month and I cannot wait to watch them tie the knot!  I’m also excited about Valentine’s Day for once in my life because I have a smooshy little cherub of a baby to celebrate it with!  She’s obviously MY Valentine.  Paul will have to find his own.  Unless he wants to bribe me… in which case I challenge him to bah-ring it.  Last year he was able to win me over with coffee and a bagel.  I seriously need to step up my standards a bit.
Though I still expect that bagel.
What I Ate Wednesday #157
What I ate… last Friday!
[breakfast] blueberry yogurt and a banana [lunch] lean cuisine’s butternut squash with veggies (holy cow these are good! I don’t eat frozen meals often but when I do, it’s this pasta veggie combo or veggie korma) [snack] the chickpea didn’t finish her mini avocado so I mashed the rest into guacamole for myself! Ole! [snack] two insanely addictive carrot cake muffins [recipe] …or maybe it was three? I lost count! [dinner] baked spaghetti — it’s somewhere under that obscene lake of cheese!
Totally different day… but I also managed to face plant into some sushi recently on a mini road trip to Raleigh with the fam.  Mia had her usual avocado while Paul and I split fried pickles [swoon!] and a platter of sushi.  I keep thinking the day will come that I’m thoroughly exhausted of sushi but surprisingly it’s downright impossible!  I can live with that!
The roll with the crazy traffic light-themed toppings is called the Tropical Storm.  It’s essentially cucumber, avocado, and imitation crab topped with salmon, yellowtail and tuna and with fancy flavored masago.  I’ll branch out and try a different roll eventually but until then, I keep ordering this one on repeat whenever I’m in town!
Raleigh road trips are our favorite! 
Like Jessie, Paul was also SO EXCITED!

Peas and Crayons

Your Turn!
Show us your eats! 

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  1. Becky@TheSavedRunner says

    I love love LOVE sushi! I hardly ever eat it though because the Hubs doesn’t like it. Actually, he has never had it! But my birthday is in February and I told him all I want for dinner is to go to a sushi place. :)

  2. says

    You guys are adorable!! And Um can we talk about how amazing you baked spaghetti looks! I love that Mia is eating avocado!! My mother would never had fed me that growing up so it always impresses me now πŸ˜‰

  3. says

    You guys are such a ridiculously good-looking couple (without that sounding creepy hahah). Hope your road trip was good. I’m not really a v-day lover, but I would totally make my girl my valentine too. Perhaps maybe I would like it a little more if I received bagels also haha

  4. Kadee Cramer says

    Fried pickles and sushi every day is my dream diet.

    PS Your chickpea has me squealing with excitement over having a baby girl. She’s just SO CUTE!!

  5. Tiffany F. says

    I seriously need to get back on board with WIAWs… Coincidentally, my absence from the festivities started when a certain little human that kinda looks like me entered the world…

  6. Melissa @ Bless this Mess says

    This is my second time linking up and it’s SO FUN! Thanks a million. And you can thank Cassie over at Back to Her Roots for getting me to do this… I love her WIAW posts :)

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