Eating Well with Simply Balanced

I live in the middle of nowhere.  Really.  People chuckle and shake their heads when I tell them that, as if I’m being a tad dramatic.  [me? never!]  Then I tell them we lack a mall, and I see the sympathy wash across their face.  Luckily there’s a Target.  Without it I would have lost my mind by now!
So maybe I’m being a tad dramatic…  I do love me some Target though!  Those crazy kids are actually responsible for today’s post. which is perfecto because I need a high-chair for the chickpea as well as 500 other items that will magically find their way into my shopping cart.  Anyone who’s ever walked into Target for just one thing knows the drill by now.  Walk in on a mission; leave with nearly everything except the item you went in for.  Go back for the forgotten item.  Repeat.

Most overheard phrase? “I didn’t know I needed this ’til I saw it!”
Ohmygosh so back on the topic of the chickpea: can I tell you how over-the-moon excited I am to start feeding her actual food!?  I’ve been waiting for this moment since before she was born and now that she’s intently hanging on every bite I take, it’s only a matter of time before I get to teach her about food, glorious food!

There is so much I want to teach her when it comes to food, nutrition, health and wellness.  [right after I teach her that boys have cooties!]  Paul and I strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is centered around both balance and mindful choices, and I absolutely want the same for Mia.  No restriction… or fad dieting… or regret…  I want her to have a happy, positive relationship with food and a healthy outlook on life.  I already know we have a future of kitchen adventures playing with fruits and vegetables [I’m even prepared with a pinterest board full of ideas!] and I cannot wait to whip up a variety of healthy meals and snacks together.  Eating well doesn’t have to feel like a chore and can be downright fun with the right tools and outlook!  Target has a similar outlook and even created a Simply Balanced line of foods to help take the guesswork out of eating well.  Products in this line must all meet a set of nutritional standards and requirements including:

low sodium and fat
zero Trans Fat and no hydrogenated oils
no high fructose corn syrup
no synthetic colors
no artificial preservatives, flavors, or sweeteners
I can’t even convey how much I love this.  As a bonus?  They’re really stinkin’ good!
The second I saw these cracker crisps I had to have them.  Flax and sunflower seeds?  Done deal!
The nutrition facts are also pretty stellar:
I’m an avid label reader.  I can’t tell you how many times a package has boasted all sorts of healthy claims on the cover, only to utterly disappoint me when I flip the package over and scan the ingredients.  As you can see above, this was not the case!  So naturally the next suspicion is to wonder if this short and sweet ingredient list means the product tastes like cardboard…
No cardboard crackers here!  They were crunchy, nutty, and full of sunflower flavor.  The nuttiness inspired me to whip up my jar of natural peanut butter and dunk away.  Simply amazing!  I can see myself using them for dips, spreads, and on their own as a tasty snack!
Though I’m going to insist you try them with nut butter.  It’s a swoon-worthy combo!
I also picked up a bag of Simply Balanced organic white corn tortilla chips:
The timing was perfect considering I had a leftover bowl of tortilla soup to devour and noting to dunk in it!  These chips, like the flax crackers, boast a short and simple ingredient list: corn, sunflower oil, sea salt and lime.  That’s it!  Ooh!  And I have to point out that the bag design was a tad genius:
As someone who always breaks my chip clips, I love this bag to pieces.  Well played, Target!
Long story short, the line is awesome from concept to execution.  I’m really excited to try more from Simply Balanced.  The boxes of strawberry fruit leathers are calling my name!  Yum!
Take the guesswork out of eating well.
Introducing Simply Balanced, a new brand from Target that’s thoughtfully crafted for taste and goodness.
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.


  1. kim@hungryhealthygirl says

    Yum! I haven’t seen the crackers yet. I will definitely pick them up next time I’m at Target. And I so agree the resealable chip bags are genius.

  2. Heather says

    I’m a big Simply Balanced fan and my toddler loves the freeze-dried fruits and veggies especially. So glad that Target has started carrying such a wide variety of healthy products.

  3. K @ Finding a Skinnier Me says

    Um yeah, I need to try that brand now! And probably need to buy like new shirts and a whole bunch of junk at Target I don’t honestly really need but totally like want need!

  4. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets says

    One: Malls are overrated. For reals.
    Two: Little monkeys do as little monkeys see, so Ms. Mia is going to be just fine since your relationship with food is fabulous. I even look to it.
    Three: Target. The bane of my existence and the bringer of joy all at the same time.
    Four: Simply Balanced: clever marketing. Great ingredient list. I can’t wait to try them.

  5. Shashi Charles says

    I remember when my gal started eating real food – it was indeed a joyous moment! I, too, strived to feed her good, healthy clean food, but I withheld sugary stuff for as long as I could – she used to think yogurt was ice cream – till she was at a birthday party when she was around 4 and tasted the real thing! I was in trouble then! :)
    Simply balanced blue and yellow corn tortillas are dabomb!

  6. says

    I love your view on teaching Mia about food. I totally have the same views for Nia (can our girls be best friends purely on the fact of their rhyming names? haha). I want her to have a positive relationship with food and for her to enjoy fresh, delicious foods!

  7. jessica says

    Is there a recipe only or recipe card page for this? Would love to print it off for myself and some friends! So amazing! THANK YOU!

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