WIAW Turns 100! [and the healthy holiday recipes continue!]

Seriously!? 100? One freaking hundred What I Ate Wednesday posts and parties… That kind of blows my mind a little.  Ok a lot.  It started out as me blogging my food dairy and has turned into such a fantastically supportive community of bloggers setting goals, sharing meals, recipes, and fitness routines and encouraging others along the way.  I love it fiercely.

No judgement… or comparison… or guilt.  Just good friends, and food, and some mindful reflection and sharing.  And the inspiration makes my heart happy.  So many of us use blog browsing as a means of inspiration for trying new food and flavor combos, new snacks and on-the-go options, and even as a means to help us write our grocery lists and mealplan for the week!  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  Also?  We clearly know how to party around here.  
Happy 100th WIAW darlings!
WIAW What I Ate Wedensday 100 and Healthy Holiday Recipes
I did so much recipe testing last week that I’ve practically been living on leftovers.  You’ll probably recognize a few of these bad boys from posts throughout the week.  I’m determined to clear out every last bit of the fridge and freezer leftovers before doing another major grocery shopping trip.  That means I still have to exhaust my freezer soup stash as well as my pile of frozen veggie burgers.  Ooh! And the small bucket of veggie patch sauce I made during one of my spinach escapades — that will also need to find its way into my face.  Yeah like that will be hard.  I love it all!

breakfast spinach egg white sriracha scramble and a big steamy mug of black coffee  snack a heaping cup of museli cereal [recycled photo] with unsweetened coconut milk and la handful of almonds lunch I had to use up the leftover salmon and tuna from the night before so I opted for short cut sushi –  I inhaled the Japanese Bagel Roll by myself but saved half of the other roll for the pilot to snack on after work.  snack another serving or two of almonds dinner the last bowl of Broccoli and Cheese Soup — I went a little overboard on the red pepper flakes the second time around and nearly breathed fire! dessert a Ghirardelli raspberry dark chocolate square and two mugs of peppermint tea.  There was also a metric ton of water throughout the day and an extra cup of coffee.  I have a hard time keeping track of my liquids!

Looking back?  I need to sneak in a bit of fruit!  I stocked up on bananas and tomatoes this week.  Though I still don’t fully consider tomato a fruit.  But if you slice it into sections and sprinkle it with salt I will eat it like a apple.  Don’t worry – I rarely do that =)  I also noticed that this particular day was beyond spicy! I had sriracha hot chili sauce drizzled over my breakfast and lunch and red pepper flakes all over my dinner!  I think I’m building up some major heat tolerance here!  Yowza!

Instead of flooding you with more of my recipes [let’s face it, I have a freaking vault full of em!] I wanted to share some of my favorite What I Ate Wednesday posts and holiday recipes from last week!  These ladies had me drooling.  Hard.
Meghan’s eats included Sliced Pears w/ Blue Cheese + Toasted Walnuts *swoon*
Heather shared her birthday eats and a recipe for Stuffed Acorn Squash
Kat put a delicious spin on Tortilla Soup with lots. of. beans. Yum!!!
Laura put together a fabulous round-up of 13 Homemade Edible Gifts
Ashley whipped up a thin crust Chicken Pot Pie Pizza.  Hello comfort food!
Brenda shared her eats and healthy No Bake Chocolate Coconut Balls
Amber posted a day of healthy eats + a Whole Wheat Butter Pecan Biscotti recipe
Our theme this month is healthy holiday recipes! 
Feel free to add a festive recipe or recipe roundup to your WIAW post =)

What I Ate Wednesday Healthy Holiday Recipes

New to the party?


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    The Centennial edition! Yeah…wait a centennial is a hundred right? Yes! I’m sure. I suppose I could google it, but that involves opening another tab, and it’s not even 7 a.m…. In any event, thank you for hosting this every week. The amount of link ups you get is just amazing, and people (I include myself here) really love and appreciate it.

    Thanks for the shout out as well! Truth be told, I didn’t know if you ever checked out my humble (or not so humble) little blog until you commented yesterday, and then I figured it’s just because I made your soups back to back weekends. Both delicious, but I want to bath in the broccoli cheddar. Ok, that’s gross, but I do want to make it again and again and again. You have brought panera’s broccoli cheddar soup back into my life and for that I am indebted.

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    Happy 100!!! I’m so glad I have finally become a part of it, and I absolutely agree that the posts make you want to try different food combinations and snackage options. Thanks so much for the shout out too! I truly, truly appreciate it :)

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    Your sushi always looks like its from a restaurant! I think my problem is i always try and use too much rice and fish and then i have these massive rolls that are too big to roll up or eat in one bite. We are going out to sushi tonight, my husbands one going out request after getting home on Monday from 9 months, works for me :)

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